Spirit Vessel - Chapter 978: Against A Heaven’s Emergence

Chapter 978: Against A Heaven’s Emergence

‘What a cruel woman, it’s as if she’s dealing with her father’s killer, not a sister.’ Feiyun thought with a smirk on his face.

He had no intention of getting dragged into this mess and said: “Keep on chatting, everyone, I’ll be going ahead.”

He thought that the situation looked dire for Liu Suzi. Being on her side wouldn’t be good.

A fourth-level Nirvana standing on the peak stared at Feiyun and realized something. He blurted out: “We can’t let him leave, that’s the half-demon who killed the young lord.”

He had participated in the banquet at Void Paradise and saw Feiyun’s face from a distance.

“You’re right, that’s him!” A pretty girl also recognized Feiyun.

She had fair skin with a touch of pink by the cheeks. Her eyes were round, clearly looking like a pampered noble. Her cultivation was decent.

Feiyun found her familiar and finally remembered - this girl had fought him twice back in the grave. She was Xiao Tianyue’s niece, Xiao Xiaochan.

She was captured by him but eventually saved by Xuanyuan Yiyi.

“Miss Xiao, did you see me kill the young lord with your own eyes? I was the victim then with everyone ganging up on me.” Feiyun pretended to be indignant.

“I saw how my Third Uncle and the successors of twelve domains lay dead next to the red lake. Aquamoon Saintess saw it too, don’t try to deny this.” Xiaochan’s eyes turned red.

Liu Suzi and Liu Sulu stared curiously at Feiyun. Was the rumor true? This half-demon actually killed Xiao Tianyue?

The guy was talented enough to be a lord in the future, not to mention the other geniuses.

Feiyun slightly frowned. He thought that Xuanyuan Yiyi was the one who exposed this to the public since he forgot about this girl. It looked like he had misplaced his blame.

He turned a bit red and felt embarrassed, but then again, even a saint could make mistakes.

‘Looks like I’m too prejudiced against Aquamoon.’ He thought. Xuanyuan Yiyi was a much better person than Sui Yueting.

“Good, so you’re Feng Feiyun! The road is indeed narrow for enemies!” An elder of Firmaments uttered coldly.

He had gray hair and beard. He wore a golden belt with lightning flashing in his eyes. His skin glowed as well.

He was a family member of Xiao Tianyue, only half a step away from being a Heaven’s Emergence. He started cultivating this level of energy as well.

He didn’t waste time and immediately attacked. Black clouds gathered above his palm and created numerous boulders.

They formed a white five-fingered mountain and came crashing down on Feiyun.

“Boom!” Feiyun wasn’t afraid and summoned his beast souls. They were ferocious and massive, capable of raising the mountain and pushing it back.

This mountain was actually made of precious metals. Its weight was comparable to a mountain range and it was just as hard as a tenth-ranked treasure. 

Feiyun, the master of beasts, stomped on the mountain and forced it down on the ground.

“Boom!” The ground cracked into numerous lines.

He sent out a palm strike and caused the elder to vomit blood, reducing his arm to dust.

“Boom!” The third strike crushed the old man’s spine, dantian, and meridians.

An elder-level character lay in a puddle of his own blood, dead.

Feiyun looked wild in his bestial state. The entire ruin shook from his display of power. He glared at his enemies and said: “I do not wish to be bothered. Provoke me again and you’ll never leave this place.”

Liu Suzi and Liu Sulu couldn’t believe it. Though they were at the top of the young generation, they couldn’t kill an elder in three moves.

The difference between the two was Liu Suzi’s eyes. They lit up and saw hope of escaping thanks to Feiyun.

She laughed and said: “Congratulations, Brother Feng, you are indeed the number one genius of the half-demon alliance. You can slaughter members of Firmaments like pigs.” 

Feiyun chuckled, realizing that this woman would never miss an opportunity.

Sure enough, those from Firmament were enraged after hearing this. Another old man snorted: “Like pigs, I see. How dare you, a mere half-demon, provoke us again and again? I will kill you first then take care of the seventh princess.” 

He waved his hand and two death soldiers from Firmaments stepped forward. They were completely covered in black armor, looking like two metal reapers.

Their armor plates were refined from the blood of a Heaven’s Emergence cultivator. They have fused with their masters and couldn’t be taken off. 

Their toughness was immense, not to mention the aura of the Heaven’s Emergence cultivator and numerous formations.

Liu Sulu watched and didn’t stop them. She was merely working together with Firmaments and couldn’t care less about its feud. She kept her eyes on Liu Suzi, not wanting her true target to run away.

“Seventh Princess, if I save you again today, you need to bestow more land to me.” Feiyun laughed and rushed forward with his beast souls.

In reality, he was eager to fight after his recent cultivation improvement. Plus, Firmaments wouldn’t let go anyway.

“Prove yourself and I’ll invite you to be my main strategist.” Liu Suzi stroked her long hair and smirked.

“Boom!” Feiyun fought the two armored combatants and sent them flying dozens of meters away.

However, their armor remained intact. They got up and took out a thick spear.

Death soldiers were naturally not afraid of death. Nether energy erupted from them.

Feiyun summoned his weapon essence and turned it into a spear as well.

“Whoosh!” He successfully pierced through the armor and crushed the flesh inside.

The other became wild and attacked ferociously. Feiyun grabbed his spear and kicked him away.

The weapon essence turned into a rain of swords and cut the guy and his armor into a thousand pieces.

The old man from Firmaments decided to join the battle. His name was Xiao Baiming, a paragon at the first level.

He slowly spread his palm and created a massive palm of energy above Feiyun. Even the sky seemed to be dragged down from the attack.

Feiyun used Swift Samsara and decided to attack the youths from Firmaments. He swung his hand and sent two of them flying.

Xiao Baiming had to stop his attack, not wanting to injure his juniors.

“Hmph, attack together! Whoever kills this half-demon will be rewarded with a sword embryo!” He ordered.

The copy of the divine sword named Firmaments was comparable to a tenth-ranked treasure. The members of Firmaments regained their morale and attacked Feiyun.

Meanwhile, Liu Sulu’s camp launched their attack against Liu Suzi as well.

Feiyun only needed one second to kill more than twenty young disciples due to his new power.

“Die, brat!” Seven old men attacked Feiyun at the same time with ninth-ranked treasure.