Spirit Vessel - Chapter 980: Ferocious Fruit

Chapter 980: Ferocious Fruit

The inertial force from the sudden stop nearly sent Liu Suzi flying.

“It’s not the time to be mad, I’m merely telling the truth about you being weaker. We need to run before they catch up or we’ll be finished.” She said.

Feiyun looked ahead and had an awkward smile: “Big Sis, I’m not mad. The road ahead is sealed.”

Liu Suzi got out from his embrace and rubbed her aching shoulder before looking forward.

Sure enough, there was a barrier in the form of a mountain. She sensed powerful auras as well.

There was a girl wearing a blue dress standing in the center. She had a tasseled belt, hair tied up in a daoist bun by a white dragonfly pin.

She looked similar to Liu Suzi and was close in age: “Seventh Sister, I didn’t expect you to get out of Fourth Sister’s trap. I’ve underestimated you.”

She was none other than the sixth princess - Liu Sulan.

The three old daoists and the geniuses from Lifeless Palace were also present.

Liu Sulan had entered Lifeless to learn daoist arts and became a disciple there. If she were to become the territory lord, this would greatly benefit Lifeless Palace. They would have another powerful ally.

Thus, they decided to aid her in the competition.

“You must be disappointed since I’m still alive, Sixth Sister.” Liu Suzi seemed nonchalant before this perilous situation.

Feng Feiyun found her composure to be commendable. Even some paragons haven’t reached such a solid mental state.

“Isn’t that the half-demon Feng Feiyun? Why is he with the seventh princess?” You Zilin was surprised. 

He was curious about Feiyun - the number one genius of the half-demon alliance. A fight between them would be nice.

A strange glimmer flashed in You Ziling’s eyes as well. She had a good idea of Feiyun’s cultivation - brilliant but not matchless. However, he had many strange techniques which made him a difficult opponent.

Moreover, he had saved her twice so she couldn’t quite attack him.

Liu Sulan observed Feiyun and said: “That’s the half-demon who defeated Eighth? The number one of our territory?”

You Zilin wanted to answer but his sister glared at him. The latter spoke instead: “Feng Feiyun is someone summoned by the deity, it’s best if we leave him alone.”

Liu Sulan and You Ziing were both top female disciples in Lifeless. However, Ziling was slightly more gifted, being at the sixth level already.

Moreover, Ziling had a strong background as well. Since she spoke up for Feiyun, Liu Sulan needed to give her face.

“Feng Feiyun, this is our internal competition, not something a half-demon like you can interfere with. Leave and we’ll spare you.” Liu Sulan coldly said.

Liu Suzi sent a message telepathically to Feiyun: “Liu Sulan is a two-faced liar, extremely cruel. She knows that she has violated the lord’s order by using Heaven’s Emergence cultivators against me. She’ll absolutely kill you later to keep this a secret, you won’t leave this ruin alive.”

Feiyun himself started judging the situation. He didn’t believe Liu Sulan and didn’t trust Liu Suzi either.

“Seniors from Lifeless, if you would be so kind to give me the three spirit veins, I will think about not interfering.” Feiyun pinned his saber into the ground and rested both hands on the hilt. He had a smirk on his face.

Liu Suzi’s expression soured. If Feiyun were to give up, today would be her last day alive.

‘Damn this opportunistic half-demon!’ She cursed.

“Feng Feiyun, you want to go back on your words?” She frowned.

“The truth is that it is too difficult helping you in this competition, I would rather get some treasures now. Seventh Princess, if you want my help, it’s time to add some cards.”

“You opportunistic brat!” She glared angrily at him, thinking that he was shameless and crafty.

“Damn right. Don’t tell me you have no treasures on you despite being a princess.” He smiled.

She found his smile to be treacherous and despicable. Alas, she had no other choice right now since he was somehow faster than paragons. This was her only way out of the perilous ruins.

“Say the words, I’ll satisfy you to the limit of my ability.” She decisively said.

He purposely stared at her body in a lecherous manner until he saw the fear in her eyes before smiling: “I haven’t thought of it yet, I’ll let you know later.”

Liu Suzi took a deep breath, disliking the shift in the dynamic of their relationship. How can this be? I’m a princess while he’s only a lowly half-demon. Damn it!

The three old daoists naturally couldn’t accept Feiyun’s rude request. Plus, these spirit veins were comparable to three mines.

“Haughty half-demon, let us see if you’re as strong as the rumors.” A youth from Lifeless darted through the air, resulting in a beautiful crescent beam. He landed in front of Feiyun and unleashed a trigram seal.

His name was Zhuo Yue, only second to the celestial child and the celestial maiden. His movement speed was as fast as lightning.

Alas, Feiyun was even faster and somehow appeared behind him, ready to smack his head.

“Boom!” Five talismans flew out of Zhuo Yue’s body and created five fortresses.

However, Feiyun’s hand easily obliterated them.

“How can this be?! They were created by paragons!” Zhuo Yue was frightened by Feiyun’s speed and power.

He suddenly felt himself being lifted up in the air. His left leg had been caught.

Feiyun threw him away as if he was a helpless duck.

“Bam!” He smashed a wall and created a human-shaped indentation, becoming unconscious.

Feiyun patted his palms and laughed: “This is my power, I will beat you into submission if you get in my way.”

His power exceeded all expectations. Even a fifth-level cultivator was so easily beaten.

A half-demon can be this strong?

“Feng Feiyun, I’ve been itching for a fight with you, let’s do this, Haha!” You Zilin as far stronger than Zhuo Yue. He was a peak historical genius on top of being at the peak fifth level.

Feiyun witnessed him killing thousands of demons with just several moves. However, he was undeterred and his aura erupted.

“Whoosh!” He took out a black fruit from his pocket and threw it towards his opponent.

“Bam!” The fruit was too fast and Zilin couldn’t dodge in time, leaving him with a bloody nose.

“Ow! What the hell?!” Zilin lost his balance and nearly fell from the clouds.

The fruit returned to Feiyun’s hand. It was as big as a peach and had thorns everywhere.

Feiyun did the same thing again and struck Zilin’s forehead, nearly breaking the youth’s skull.

“Fuck! What is this throwing weapon?!” Zilin panicked and summoned a tenth-ranked treasure, Trigram Seal, for protection.

Alas, this was still not enough to stop the black fruit. It struck his belly and shook his dantian violently.

“Ugh…” He vomited a mouthful of blood.

“Feng Feiyun, fight like a man instead of throwing this rock!” Zilin wanted to have a fair contest with this half-demon genius. Alas, he was suffering heavy injuries even before the start of the fight.

“I’m a fruit, not a rock.” The sacred fruit complained.

“I advise your sect to not interfere with this competition. Don’t make this mistake.” Feiyun said.

“Hmph, such impudence!” Earthgrand Daoist had a fiery temperament and had enough of this half-demon, daring to run his mouth before three paragons from Lifeless.