Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 812 - Siege

Chapter 812 - Siege

Chapter 812 - Siege

"How can a monster be so ma.s.sive?!"

Every member of the party was flabbergasted as the watched the ma.s.sive figure in the sky.

This was a Bone Dragon with a body that stretched over a hundred meters and a wingspan that covered over two hundred meters. As its name suggested, its entire body was made of bone. Its ma.s.sive skeletal head loomed like a small mountain. Smoldering green fire danced in its hollow eye sockets. The Bone Dragon created storms with every flap of its skeletal wings.

[Frost Bone Dragon] (Undead, Grand Lord)

Level 45

HP 64,000,000/64,000,000

This was the first time Autumn Goose and her companions had ever seen a Grand Lord, and they stared, struggling to breathe.

The Frost Bone Dragon had a staggering 64,000,000 HP.

However, this was not the Bone Dragon's biggest threat.

At the rank of Grand Lord, a monster could inflict a powerful mental pressure, preventing players from exerting their full strength.

"That thing can probably instant-kill me with its breath attack." Gunfire involuntarily gulped as he watched the Bone Dragon circle above the city.

"Are we really going to kill monsters here? There are too many!" Blue Bamboo asked worriedly as she glanced at the sea of Abyssal monsters within the city walls.

[Skeleton Soldier] (Undead, Elite)

Level 42

HP 140,000/140,000

These Skeleton Soldiers bore a s.h.i.+eld and weapon in each hand. They also stood together in large groups with over a hundred other Skeleton Soldiers. If they fought one of those skeleton squads, it was highly likely that they would attract even more Skeleton Soldiers. Skeleton Captains also roamed the city.

[Skeleton Captain] (Undead, Chieftain)

Level 42

HP 1,300,000/1,300,000

If they fought here, an endless stream of monsters could easily surround them. Their chances of survival would plummet.

"Why don't we check somewhere else?" Autumn Goose suggested.

They could deal with these numbers if they were merely Common monsters. However, the weakest monster in the city was an Elite. Chieftains even called this city home. Even a 20-man team had little hope of surviving this place.

Although they knew s.h.i.+ Feng and the others were quite strong, the Skeleton Captains were not isolated. From where they stood, they could spot as many as six Captains. Who knew how many more would appear once they started fighting?

It was simply too dangerous to fight here.

"Relax. You guys just need to watch from the sidelines." s.h.i.+ Feng laughed, not bothering to explain.

After stabilizing their mental states, Fire Dance and the others burst into action.

Ordinary experts might struggle against this sea of monsters. To Zero Wing's core members, however, this wasn't even a challenge. This was a paradise!

Fire Dance and Flying Shadow charged into the crowd of Skeleton Soldiers, luring the Elite monsters. Meanwhile, Minor Wind and the other ranged launched their bombardment from a distance.

Immediately, they had attracted the attention of nearly 800 Skeleton Soldiers and three Skeleton Captains.

Autumn Goose and her friends' anxiety mounted.

The army of Skeleton Soldiers and the three-meter-tall Skeleton Captains that wore black, th.o.r.n.y armor, seemed to have an unstoppable momentum as they charged to meet Zero Wing's group.

Death Wind, who stood between his team and the monsters, felt a ma.s.sive pressure weigh him down.

Just as the Skeleton Soldiers were about to reach the team, Cola, Ye Wumian, and Turtledove made their move.

Justice Roar!

Angry Howl!

The three MTs tore the aggro from the small team and forced the monsters to focus on them.

"Take this!" Cola raised his flaming Divine Bluefire s.h.i.+eld and bashed it into the approaching crowd.


With one hit, the MT sent the leading Skeleton Soldiers into a backward tumble. Cola then used Devotion, and a golden glow blossomed over an area of 15*15 yards, a damage of around -500 points appearing above the head of every Skeleton Soldier.

As for Turtledove and Ye Wumian, they also dominated over their opponents. With each crash, they knocked down a group of Skeleton Soldiers. When they used an AOE Skill, they devoured hundreds of HP from several dozen Soldiers.

The three MTs stood like an iron wall as they blocked the undead's advance.

The three Skeleton Captains had just as much trouble. Even against the Chieftains' attacks, Cola and the others did not retreat by a single step. They dodged the majority of the attacks sent at them, launching counterattacks and dealing over -2,000 damage to each Chieftain.

"So strong!" Gunfire could not help his shock.

Not only could these three MTs hold back the hundreds of Elite monsters and three Chieftains, but they also dodged most of the incoming attacks, barely losing any HP.

"They should've stabilized the aggro by now. Let's start attacking as well," Blackie said excitedly.

As Blackie spoke, he activated Stars of Light.

Aqua Rose also used the Tier 1 Spell, Death and Decay.

Meanwhile, s.h.i.+ Feng had switched to the Aura of Fire and activated Firestorm.

At this time, Cola and the others suddenly stomped the three Skeleton Captains, causing all three to lose their balance and fall to the ground. Immediately after, the three MTs retreated.

In the next moment, the area before Cola and the others transformed into h.e.l.l itself. Huge stars fell from the sky, black smoke emerged from the ground, and fire erupted into the air. The ground shook as if the end of the world had arrived.

Boom… Boom… Boom…

After several seconds, most of the 800 or so Skeleton Soldiers had been annihilated. The three Skeleton Captains had lost close to half of their HP.

Everyone's level bars exploded with EXP. Blue Bamboo even leveled up on the spot, climbing from Level 34 to Level 35.

At this time, Cola and the others slammed their s.h.i.+elds into the three Skeleton Captains and began building their aggro once more.

Meanwhile, Shadow Sword and Rampant Blade used Charge and appeared before a Skeleton Captain. They then swung their greatswords at the Chieftain's joints, momentarily freezing the Captain's movement. Two critical damages of over -5,000 points appeared above the Chieftain's head.

As for Fire Dance, she appeared behind another Skeleton Captain and used Absolute Strike.


Fire Dance immediately followed up with a Backstab, her attack triggering Thousand Transformations' Critical Point effect. The Fragmented Legendary Weapon then transformed into a streak of silver light as it pierced and shattered the Skeleton Captain's st.u.r.dy armor.

A frightening damage of -19,482 points appeared above the Skeleton Captain's head.

"Is she even human?"

Fire Dance's damage shocked Autumn Goose and her team.

Thoughtful Rain and Blue Bamboo were also shocked into silence. This was their first time they had seen their Guild's upper echelons grind monsters. The difference between the way they normally grinded was like the difference between heaven and earth.

In a Party Dungeon, a Chieftain ranked monster was a Boss. In front of Fire Dance, however, it was no different than a Common monster.

Not a single one of Fire Dance's attacks dealt less than -10,000 damage…

Under the continuous bombardment of Zero Wing's core members, the three Skeleton Captains had not even had a chance to land a finger on Cola and the other two MTs. Meanwhile, Violet Cloud, one of the team's healers, had become one of the main damage dealers. Each of her numerous Mana b.a.l.l.s dealt over -600 damage to the Skeleton Captains. As a result, the Chieftain's HPs fell at a rate visible to the naked eye.

After just 20 seconds, the three Skeleton Captains and the remaining Skeleton Soldiers crumbled to the ground, transforming into piles of bones and dropping several pieces of equipment. They also granted every player with a significant amount of EXP.