Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 811 - Giant Beast

Chapter 811 - Giant Beast

Chapter 811 - Giant Beast

White River City, War G.o.d's Temple:

For a long time, players had seldom visited this place. However, due to the appearance of the Abyss Battlefield, it had become a popular hub for players.

"Independent team recruiting members! Those who want the Double EXP buff, come on over!"

"Town reclamation team recruiting! Minimum requirement of Level 30! Equipment must be at least Mysterious-Iron rank! Must have reached the Trial Tower's second floor! Noobs, do not disturb!"

"Looking for players to carry me through the Abyss Battlefield! Five Silver for 100 Honor Points! Limited spots available! First come, first served!"

Shortly after the new expansion pack launched, everyone had adapted to the new changes. Many players had already gained some experience of the playstyle in the Abyss Battlefield.

s.h.i.+ Feng was very surprised when he arrived.

He had not expected everyone to adapt to the Abyss Battlefield so quickly.

The Abyss Battlefield was a paradise for experts, particularly solo experts. Due to the Abyss Battlefield's appearance, many solo experts had been able to s.h.i.+ne brilliantly in the past, creating countless legends in G.o.d's Domain. The Abyss Battlefield back then had also shortened the gap between independent players and Guild players.

One of the main reasons for this was the EXP gain.

Guild members could acc.u.mulate the Double EXP buff in their Guild Residences. Although the acc.u.mulated Double EXP buff did not seem like much, ordinary players could not fight for long periods. All players needed a break at some point, whether it was to repair their weapons and equipment or to recover their Concentration and Stamina. Overall, a large part of a player's time in the game was spent resting. Hence, the difference the Double EXP buff created became significant.

However, it was extremely difficult for independent players to acc.u.mulate the Double EXP buff.

Aside from purchasing a house of their own in NPC cities, the only other option was to rest in a player-built city.

This further highlighted the importance of the Abyss Battlefield.

Players would earn Honor Points corresponding to their performance on the battlefield. They could trade those Honor Points for the Double EXP buff or potions. Powerful solo experts could easily earn a large number of Honor Points, and the Double EXP buff they could purchase was far more than Guild players. In addition, these solo experts were strong enough to kill monsters of a higher Level. Overall, solo experts were able to level only slightly slower than Guild experts.

Aside from the EXP buff, Honor Points could also be traded for top-tier equipment. Although the equipment's Attributes leaned more towards PvP, it was still valuable.

The various large Guilds also took advantage of the Abyss Battlefield to grind for top-tier equipment.

There were many Bosses in the Abyss Battlefield. Every town that monsters conquered would contain multiple Bosses. The weakest among these Bosses were Lords, while most were Great Lords. Some towns were even protected by High Lords or Mythic monsters. Guilds didn't need to look far to find Field Bosses.

However, although there were many advantages to the Abyss Battlefield, it had its downsides as well. Every player who entered the Battlefield was allotted one life each day. In addition, the monsters dropped neither materials nor money; they only dropped weapons and equipment. If one's goal was purely to obtain top-tier equipment, the Abyss Battlefield was the perfect place for them.

s.h.i.+ Feng led his team into the Abyss Battlefield.

After entering the Abyss Battlefield, players were transported to the human race's campsite.

As soon as s.h.i.+ Feng and the others arrived, they were greeted by a sea of players. White River City's players weren't the only ones who had gathered at this campsite. Players had arrived from every city in Star-Moon Kingdom. They were all gearing up and preparing to set out.

However, as this was a battlefield, one could see wandering Abyssal monsters in every direction. Players generally formed 100-man groups in the Abyss Battlefield. That way, they had a higher chance of survival. After all, the longer they remained alive, the more opportunities they would have to earn Honor Points.

"This run has been the best! I earned 500 points during this run! I can afford a Basic Double EXP Potion! I'll get 10% of the Double EXP buff with that. I might be able to reach Level 32 by the end of the day!"

"That's nothing. I heard that the players in Heaven's Burial's main army have conquered a town. With the Honor Points they earned, they can purchase three Basic Double EXP Potions! For those that perform well, they might even earn enough points to buy a Basic Body Strengthening Potion!"

"Wow! That much?! One of those potions could improve my Attributes by 10% and reduce my Stamina consumption by 15% for two hours. The Basic Body Strengthening Potion costs five times as much as the Basic Double EXP potion!"

"What did you think? They cleared out the Abyssal monsters of an entire town! Naturally, they received a ton of Honor Points. The various Guilds are dispatching their armies to clear out these monster towns. With enough Basic Body Strengthening Potions, raiding Dungeons will be a breeze. It's a pity that my Guild is so small. We are nowhere near strong enough to clear out a town."

The players around the campsite chatted as they stood in line to repair their weapons and equipment. They envied the players who had joined large Guilds. Unlike those players, they had to acc.u.mulate Honor Points slowly by killing wandering Abyssal monsters in the Abyss Battlefield's outermost regions.

"Let's go."

s.h.i.+ Feng opened the Battlefield's map. After examining it for a moment, he headed towards the nearest small, ruined city.

"Wow, those guys got guts. They are leaving the campsite with just a 20-man team. Are they tired of living?"

"I think they're experts."

"So what if they're experts? Once they start fighting, they'll learn that even experts are useless here. Moreover, didn't you see which direction they went? They are heading towards South Lake City. None of the players who have gone there have returned alive."

The players resting at the campsite fell into a heated discussion when they saw s.h.i.+ Feng's group of cloaked figures.

The Abyss Battlefield was comprised of various regions. Different regions had different threat levels.

The outermost region was the safest. However, there were far fewer monsters here. Players could not earn many Honor Points with so few targets.

More monsters wandered around the outer region of towns, most being Elites with a few Chieftains thrown in the mix. Ordinary players who ventured into these areas quickly lost their lives. However, one could earn quite a sum of Honor Points if they survived.

Monsters were abundant inside a town. There were also plenty of Lord ranked monsters present. Sometimes, even Great Lords would appear in towns. A party of players would find it very difficult to survive.

As for small cities, these were considered monster nests. When players entered the city, their Attributes were suppressed immediately. Generally, Great Lords guarded these small cities. Sometimes, one even encountered a Mythic monster. Even a 100-man elite team would find it very difficult to survive here.

Grand Lords generally ruled over medium cities, and players had a very high possibility of encountering a Mythic monster.

In large-sized cities, players were guaranteed to find a Mythic monster waiting for them. Even a Guild-organized 1,000-man army risked a one-way trip by attempting to challenge these locations.

Naturally, s.h.i.+ Feng understood the Battlefield's layout. He was far more familiar with the Battlefield's rules than any other player.

To grind for Great Lords, towns were the safest choice. However, s.h.i.+ Feng had a time limit. Hence, he had no choice but to pick a small city.

After traveling for over two hours, s.h.i.+ Feng and the others finally arrived at South Lake City.

The entire city had become a nest for Abyssal monsters. One could smell the rich scent of blood from the city's edge.

"Is that a Grand Lord?" Autumn Goose's heart pounded when she saw the giant monster, which was over 100 meters long, hovering above the city.