Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 813 - Frightening Leveling Speed

Chapter 813 - Frightening Leveling Speed

Chapter 813 - Frightening Leveling Speed

Seeing the scattered bones and their rapidly rising experience bars, Autumn Goose and the others were at a loss for words.

Facing hundreds of Level 42 Elites and three Level 42 Chieftains would be a challenge even for a 100-man team of Level 40 elite players. Now, however, a dozen or so players had easily defeated these monsters…

Although they had realized that there was a gap between them and Zero Wing's core members, this battle made it clear just how wide that gap was.

"This grinding and leveling speed is amazing. I wish we could level like this every day." Blue Bamboo sighed as she looked at her experience bar.

She had gained more EXP in less than a minute than she usually obtained after two hours of grinding.

They were leveling faster than a rocket.

Moreover, the speed at which they were earning money was simply ridiculous.

In less than one minute, they had gained six pieces of equipment.

Nowadays, in G.o.d's Domain, the higher a monster's level was, the lower its drop-rate for equipment would be. They had killed many Level 40 monsters before. Even when they killed Level 40 Elites, they rarely obtained any equipment. Only Level 40 Chieftains were certain to drop equipment. Even then, they usually only dropped one or two pieces.

Among the six pieces of equipment they had obtained, four were Level 40 Bronze Equipment, and two were Level 40 Mysterious-Iron Equipment. Although they were not pieces of top-tier equipment, they could sell for quite a bit of money. Even after splitting the profits among the team, they would earn more than what an ordinary player earned in a single day.

s.h.i.+ Feng had intended to split the loot equally. However, Autumn Goose and the others rejected the offer. After all, they had not done anything; they also were not members of Zero Wing. They already felt uncomfortable about receiving a share of such a lucrative amount of EXP despite not contributing. As for Thoughtful Rain and Blue Bamboo, the two girls similarly rejected the offer. In the end, s.h.i.+ Feng had no choice but to pa.s.s the equipment to Aqua Rose to store in the Guild Warehouse.

"Fire Dance, Flying Shadow, Minor Wind, lure the monsters. We'll clear the city's borders before we enter the city itself," s.h.i.+ Feng commanded after he finished collecting the drops.

In the Abyss Battlefield, the basic strategy to capture a city was to eliminate the monsters in the outer edge. If they did not take care of the minions outside the city, once they started fighting in the city, a single roar from a Boss could very well attract every single minion. The monsters would surround them, greatly increasing their chances of wiping.

Hence, it was important to annihilate the monsters outside the city first.

Moreover, in the Abyss Battlefield, monsters in towns and cities had long resp.a.w.n times. They didn't have to worry about endless resp.a.w.ning. They also wouldn't have to waste a lot of time getting out of the city.

Following which, Fire Dance, Flying Shadow, and Minor Wind lured wave after wave of monsters towards Cola and the others.

After the MTs had built up their aggro with the Skeleton Captains, s.h.i.+ Feng would use Firestorm. Anyone else who possessed AOE Skills would join him with their own attacks, finis.h.i.+ng off the Skeleton Soldiers quickly. Afterward, everyone would focus their attacks on the Chieftain ranked Skeleton Captains.

The team finished off a wave of monsters every five minutes, rapidly filling their experience bars.

After three hours of hard work, Autumn Goose and the others reached Level 35, whereas Blue Bamboo reached Level 36. The five felt as if they were dreaming as they watched their absurd leveling speed.

"We're leveling so fast. I'm the same level as the boss now." Gunfire was flabbergasted by his own Level.

Autumn Goose and Death Wind had similar reactions.

Even expert players needed to grind for two or three days just to reach their Level. It should be known that there were 48 hours in a single day in G.o.d's Domain. Now, however, they had only taken three hours to level up. Their leveling speed was ridiculous.

Furthermore, the monsters outside the city were no threat to Zero Wing's members at all.

Finally, after grinding for over nine hours, the team had managed to kill all the Abyssal monsters in South Lake City's outer region. Meanwhile, Thoughtful Rain and the others had reached Level 37, whereas Fire Dance, Aqua Rose, and the other members of Zero Wing had reached Level 39. As for s.h.i.+ Feng, he had reached 81% of Level 39. He was only 19% away from the Level 40 threshold.

After clearing out the monsters from the city's north side, s.h.i.+ Feng led everyone into the city.

South Lake City was far more dangerous inside its walls than it was outside.

Abyssal monsters had a hierarchy. The lowest monsters generally lived in the outermost regions. As players ventured deeper into a city, they would encounter higher ranked and stronger monsters.

Rather than increasing inside the city, the concentration of monsters decreased significantly. However, it was not difficult to spot the Skeleton Warriors that roamed the city streets.

[Skeleton Warrior] (Undead, Special Elite)

Level 42

HP 550,000/550,000

The city was also home to plenty of Skeleton Captains.

Even a Level 40, 100-man elite team would have to be extremely careful upon arriving here. One mistake could attract hundreds of Skeleton Warriors and seven or eight Skeleton Captains, leaving the team surrounded.

Fortunately, Zero Wing's core members would have little trouble handling such a situation. They could defeat a monster army of such size with relative ease.

However, s.h.i.+ Feng's goal was not to level up, but to kill Great Lords. Hence, he prioritized scouting the city over grinding.

"I've discovered a Great Lord over here!" Flying Shadow, who used Stealth to scout the city, reported through the team chat. "I'm in the city plaza. Only, there is another team of players fighting the Great Lord right now."

"Who are they?" s.h.i.+ Feng asked, surprised.

The others were surprised and curious as well.

South Lake City was many times more dangerous than monster towns in the Abyss Battlefield. Even a Level 40, 100-man elite team had to be extremely careful here. Their team had spent so much time clearing out the monsters around the city, yet someone had gotten ahead of them and had already begun killing a Great Lord…

"They're a 100-man team. These people are wearing a Guild Emblem, so they should be the main force of some Guild," Flying Shadow reported as he observed the situation. "The lowest leveled player is Level 34, while the commander is level 36. Currently, they've dropped the Great Lord's HP by a third and have yet to suffer any losses."

Field Great Lords were different from Dungeon Great Lords. They were a lot stronger. However, they did have a little less HP. The fact that the team had taken one-third of a Level 40-plus Great Lord's HP without losing a single member showed that the team was extraordinarily strong.

"Hold on; I'll send you their battle video." Flying Shadow then started recording a short video before sharing it with the team. "I've never seen their Guild Emblem before. I don't think that it's a Star-Moon Kingdom Guild. However, the fact that they can handle a Great Lord this well shows that the Guild is certainly not ordinary."

Upon receiving the video, they watched the short clip of this Guild in battle.

In the video, the corpses of Abyssal monsters filled the wide fountain plaza. Meanwhile, a group of players faced a giant skeleton. The giant skeleton stood over ten meters tall. The skeleton wore black, heavy armor and wielded two ma.s.sive war axes.

[Skeleton General] (Undead, Great Lord)

Level 43

HP 18,000,000/18,000,000

The Skeleton General brandished its war axes madly, each swing causing the earth to tremble. However, the players fighting the Skeleton General were very coordinated. Their MTs guided the Skeleton General's attacks to an area void of other people. Meanwhile, the healers and ranged damage dealers responded when and how they needed to, decreasing the Great Lord's HP continuously. Overall, the players were quite organized.

This is interesting. I hadn't expected to meet them in a place like this. s.h.i.+ Feng's lips curled up into a faint smile after seeing the players in the video.