Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 550 - Exceeding Expectations

Chapter 550 - Exceeding Expectations

Chapter 550 - Exceeding Expectations

Under Nine Dragons Emperor’s command, the members of the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion charged towards Zero Wing’s Guild Residence.

The Pavilion’s army’s attack was organized. A majority of the Pavilion’s elite players were positioned in the front of the army, whereas the War Dragon Legion occupied the middle, and the remaining elite players took up the rear.

These players were further separated into groups. However, unlike Guild wars that usually involved thousands of players, the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion had grouped its members into parties of six. Each party consisted of MTs, healers, and ranged and melee damage dealers: the standard compositions of a Dungeon party.

Although this militaristic configuration was not suited for a large battlefield, it was perfect for battles in narrow terrains such as a city. The army could react to all sorts of problems in a timely manner.

“It has finally begun. Purple, did you order those under you to record this battle?” Galaxy Past, who sat comfortably in a third-floor private room of the high-cla.s.s bar, asked. Smiling, he stated, “This is a good opportunity to collect data on the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion, particularly the experts from the War Dragon Legion. Every member of the legion is worth noting. It might come in handy in the future.”

This high-cla.s.s bar offered an excellent vantage point. He could see practically everything that occurred around Zero Wing’s Residence. However, Galaxy Past was still not satisfied with this. He had positioned under his command in several other buildings in order to record the battle from the closest distance possible.

Just how strong was the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion?

Particularly, how was the Pavilion’s strength after joining G.o.d’s Domain?

Other than a few upper managers of the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion, n.o.body knew the answer to these questions.

Now that the Pavilion launched an a.s.sault on Zero Wing’s Residence, it was clear to see that their strength was nothing to scoff at. Otherwise, every large Guild would have already attacked Guild Residences that they found to be an eyesore instead of letting those Guilds with little strength live this long.

Just the patrolling guards were enough trouble. The hired guards were no trivial matter either; they all were Level 50 NPCs. To current players, these Level 50 NPCs were still too powerful to handle.

However, the truly troublesome issue was the players of the Guild itself.

Zero Wing had definitely taken some precautionary measures. It was normal for around twenty to thirty thousand players to defend the Guild Residence at all times.

Even if the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion had deployed the War Dragon Legion, Zero Wing’s Guild Residence would not be so easily destroyed.

The Pavilion would have to reveal some of its true capabilities, and this was precisely what Galaxy Past, and all of the other large Guilds watching, wanted to witness.

As G.o.d’s Domain was still in its early stages, there had yet to be any major conflicts between the various first-rate Guilds, Super Guilds, and the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion. However, that would not necessarily remain the case in the future. It was better to prepare ahead of time.

Hence, the Star Alliance wasn’t the only Guild to send a large group of to record the battle. Many other Guilds had also dispatched their, all of them hoping to uncover even the smallest detail about the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s background.


Meanwhile, inside Zero Wing’s Residence, the Guild’s members had long since prepared for the upcoming war. Every one of them stood, waiting, inside the Guild Residence.

“Guild Leader, they’ve arrived. Initial estimates put their number somewhere over 10,000, with the weakest among them being elite players. Their equipment is also a match for our elite members’,” Aqua Rose reported.

Everyone’s heart skipped a beat upon hearing Aqua Rose’s report.

Although Zero Wing had 50,000 members, they only had around 14,500 elites. Yet, the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion had casually mustered a force of 10,000 elite players. This was simply too frightening…

“Sure enough, the Pavilion is both rich and powerful,” s.h.i.+ Feng laughed. This situation did not surprise him. After all, the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion was a super-first-rate Guild. Even though White River City was not the Pavilion’s home ground, it would still be child’s play for it to obliterate a second-rate Guild. “Move out, then. Coordinate your attacks with the NPCs. Core members, your main goal is to fend off the Pavilion’s War Dragon Legion. As for the enemy elites, they are just cannon fodder. Don’t worry about them.”

“Yes, sir!”

Everyone from Zero Wing unsheathed their weapons as a single unit, preparing to meet the oncoming threat.

This time, s.h.i.+ Feng did not bother to send for many members to defend the Guild Residence. The defending players consisted only of Zero Wing’s elite and core members with a total just over 14,000 players. It was not because s.h.i.+ Feng did not want more people defending the Residence. Only, having more people was not necessarily a good thing.

A normal member of the Guild would only find their death by joining this battle. Moreover, the battlefield was very cramped. There was simply no way to display the advantage of numbers here. On the contrary, having too many members in the battle would only obstruct the elite members.

As the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s army was about to charge through the Residence’s entrance, the ranged of Zero Wing got ready to launch their spells and arrows.

If an outsider barged into the Residence without explicit permission, Guild members were allowed to kill said outsider without needing to fear any repercussions. The city guards would not take action against the Guild members. On the contrary, if an outsider attacked people inside the Residence, the city guards would rush towards the Residence to apprehend them.

As elemental mana began to gather above Zero Wing’s Residence and patrolling city guards began to charge over…

Nine Dragons Emperor suddenly shouted, “Activate the scrolls!”

Suddenly, several MTs at the forefront of the army revealed black magic scrolls that they had kept hidden for quite some time now. The MTs immediately unfurled the scrolls and activated them.

In the next moment, the elemental mana filing the s.p.a.ce above Zero Wing’s Residence started going berserk.

“Curse Scroll?” s.h.i.+ Feng was genuinely surprised when he saw the magic scrolls in his enemies’ hands.

Magic scrolls fit into various categories. However, the rarest had to be ones that carried Curses. This was a type of forbidden spell. All Curses possessed an astonis.h.i.+ng might, and it was not easy to turn it into a magic scroll. Hence, it was extremely difficult to obtain even one Curse Scroll.

Yet, the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion had actually managed to reveal four such scrolls. It was simply inconceivable.

At this moment, however, even Nine Dragons Emperor’s face twitched slightly.

Four Curse Scrolls... He had only managed to obtain these four scrolls after gathering the entirety of the Heavenly Dragon Pavilion’s power. Now that he was using all of them in one go, and on a small, nameless Guild no less, even he felt the sting of the loss.

“Four Curse Scrolls. Consider this your burial, Zero Wing,” Nine Dragons Emperor smiled faintly at the dark clouds gathering in the sky.

Suddenly, black rain began to fall. As if these black raindrops had lives of their own, they attached themselves to all players caught within the spell’s vicinity.

“Dark G.o.d’s Descent!” s.h.i.+ Feng paled instantly.

Although he wanted to defend against this spell, Dark G.o.d’s Descent was unblockable. Even if he had magic immunity, it wouldn’t change a thing. Dark G.o.d’s Descent was a Silencing Curse. With four of these Curse Scrolls being used simultaneously, the forbidden spell’s effective radius and duration increased significantly. It was definitely an efficient weapon for team battles.

At this moment, a Dark G.o.d status imperceptibly appeared in everyone’s status window, the duration lasting for one full hour.

In other words, within the next hour, any players within the Curse’s effective radius were unable to use any of their spells. They could not even use the tools they had inside their bags. To put it simply, players could only partic.i.p.ate in melee combat.

The Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion had obviously prepared these Curses as a countermeasure for large-scale destruction spells and NPCs.

“Blood Dragon, lead some elites to pin down the patrolling guards and let Martial Dragon handle the rest,” Nine Dragons Emperor ordered. He then turned to look at Chaos Dancer, saying, “Let’s go; we’ll watch the show from upstairs.”

After receiving the command, Blood Dragon led the elite players, who were positioned at the rear line and remained unaffected by the Dark G.o.d, and charged towards the ten Level 150 patrolling guards.

At the same time, Martial Dragon shouted, “Kill! Annihilate Zero Wing! Leave not a single player alive!”

The War Dragon Legion suddenly charged into Zero Wing’s Residence. As for the other elite players, they were tasked to delay the Residence’s NPC guards.

When Silenced, an expert’s strength stepped into the spotlight.

When the War Dragon Legion’s 1,000 members charged into Zero Wing’s 10,000-plus elite members, they were like wolves among a flock of sheep. Immediately, the members of the War Dragon Legion started a slaughter.

At this point, Zero Wing possessed more than 400 Tier 1 players. It had more Tier 1 players than every Guild in White River City combined.

Naturally, all those capable of becoming Tier 1 at this stage of the game employed powerful techniques. Even if they were not yet experts, they were not far from that hurdle. Zero Wing’s members were also famed for having amazing equipment. Even if their techniques were lacking, they could make up the gap with their equipment.

In front of absolute strength, all manner of tricks were useless.

Even so, Zero Wing possessed far fewer experts than the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion. Not to mention, the members of the War Dragon Legion were experts who had undergone careful screening.

“Do you think we’re that easily bullied? All guards, to the lines!” s.h.i.+ Feng commanded.

Suddenly, an additional two hundred Tier 1 NPCs emerged from the Guild Hall. Moreover, these Tier 1 NPCs were all melee