Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 549 - Leave None Alive

Chapter 549 - Leave None Alive

Chapter 549 - Leave None Alive

Inside the meeting room in Zero Wing’s Guild Residence…

Zero Wing’s core members filled the large meeting room; everyone could feel the tension in the air.

War was imminent.

Although Zero Wing had succeeded in suppressing Overwhelming Smile in White River City, their current enemy, the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion, was a lot stronger than Overwhelming Smile. The two Guilds were on entirely different levels.

Every player present fully understood how severe of a situation they were in. They also knew that it was highly unlikely that they would overcome this hurdle.

Seated on the Guild Leader’s throne, s.h.i.+ Feng suddenly asked, “You must think that I am a fool, right?”

However, the only answer he received was silence.

Not a single person answered his question. Everyone only stared at their Guild Leader, who was shrouded in mystery, quietly.

“I know the answer even without you saying a word,” s.h.i.+ Feng laughed. Casual and relaxed, he said, “Everyone must think that I have gone insane, that I overestimate myself by challenging a super-first-rate Guild like the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion.

“Until now, aside from Super Guilds, not a single Guild dares to make an enemy of the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion. Do you know why?

“The reason is very simple: they are simply too strong. They are strong enough that other Guilds despair at the thought of them as an enemy!

“I believe that you should know all that, at this time, many Guilds have already begun to prepare to take advantage of our misfortune. Every one of them is closely eyeing us like prey. There is not a single Guild out there that thinks we might come out of this on top. They all believe that we will lose without a doubt and that our names will soon be wiped from G.o.d’s Domain.

“Do you know why?

“I’ll tell you why! Since the very beginning, whether it is the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion or the various other first-rate Guilds, none of these people have seen us as equals. Since the very beginning, they have thought of us as weak. So, they have come to bully us, to drink our blood and eat our flesh, to destroy us!

“However, I will warn them now. They will be disappointed.

“Since there has never been a Guild courageous enough to challenge the Dragon-Phoenix Pavillion, then, today, we will be the first to make history! We will show everyone that Zero Wing is not a Guild they can afford to provoke! If they wish to plunder our corpses, they’ll have to seek permission from the swords in our hands first!

“The battle is to the strong! Today, let us teach the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion a lesson!”

The moment s.h.i.+ Feng finished his speech, everyone suddenly felt their blood boil.

None of them had ever thought that such a day would come.

Throughout the virtual gaming world, other than Super Guilds, there had never been a Guild daring enough to provoke and challenge the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion. However, Zero Wing dared.

Moreover, Zero Wing’s Guild Leader himself led this challenge.

“Isn’t it just a super-first-rate Guild? I’ve long since grown tired of looking at their faces. Today, I’ll use them to release some stress!” Cola laughed excitedly.

“Hahaha! Guild Leader, I’ve been waiting for you to say that! I’m bored of battling Overwhelming Smile constantly. The Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion has arrived at just the right time. It just so happens that I can use them to test my recent improvement!” Blackie licked his lips, revealing an eager grin.

“Guild Leader, tell us how we should deal with the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion! I want to be the first one to have a go at them!” Flying Shadow said excitedly.

“This is seriously insane.” Aqua Rose shook her head helplessly. In the next moment, however, she smiled and said, “But I like it!”

For a time, every Zero Wing member the meeting room talked and laughed with each other, the heavy atmosphere from before vanis.h.i.+ng.

The Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion was indeed strong. However, they were not a bunch of weak and powerless noobs, either. Since the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion dared to oppress them using force, they would show the Pavilion that it had chosen a wrong opponent. They would let the Pavilion know that the opponent it was about to face was not a weak, little cub, but rather, it was a ferocious beast with sharp fangs and claws.

“If I am not mistaken, it is highly possible that the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion will strike once the sun sets. Fire Dance, how are the preparations going on your side?” s.h.i.+ Feng asked as he turned to the sharp and mesmerizing Fire Dance.

Based on s.h.i.+ Feng’s understanding of Nine Dragons Emperor, there was an 80% chance that he intended to destroy Zero Wing’s Guild Residence.

If a Guild Residence were destroyed, it could not be repaired within ten days’ time. Moreover, if a Guild Residence were destroyed, all members of the corresponding Guild within the city would receive a penalty.

Not only would all members lose a Level, but their EXP gain would also be halved for the following ten days. The Guild’s Popularity would drop by 50,000 points as well. Moreover, after the destroyed Guild Residence was reconstructed, the quality of the Guild Quests the Guild would receive would be significantly affected.

The best time to destroy a Guild Residence was at night.

Players’ greatest foe when trying to destroy an enemy Guild Residence was not other players, but the patrolling NPC city guards. These city guards were no trivial matter; they were all Level 150 NPCs. To players, they were nightmares. These NPCs only needed one hit to finish off the current players of G.o.d’s Domain.

However, the number of patrolling city guards would change depending on the time of day.

During the day, these NPCs always patrolled in groups of twenty. By the time night arrived, however, that number would decrease to ten. If a Guild attacked an enemy Guild Residence at night, it could notably lessen its losses. That way, the Guild would have more combat power to spare for destroying the enemy Guild Residence.

Meanwhile, since s.h.i.+ Feng dared to provoke the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion, he had naturally prepared.

If one wished to destroy a Guild Residence, aside from the city guards, there were also the hired guards inside the Guild Residence to contend with. Although the hired guards were not as powerful as the Level 150 city guards, they were still genuine Level 50 NPCs.

Meanwhile, depending on the employed NPC’s strength, the asking price of said NPC would vary. Tier 0 guards cost 5 Silver per day, whereas Tier 1 guards cost 30 Silver per day. When hiring these guards, one had to prepay ten days of their services.

s.h.i.+ Feng was a Viscount, and all this time, he had been hiring a mix of 50 Tier 1 and Tier 0 guards to defend Zero Wing’s Guild Residence. However, seeing as the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion led this a.s.sault, he had not hesitated to replace all of his guards with Tier 1 NPCs. In any case, what he had was money.

In addition, since early on, s.h.i.+ Feng had told everyone in the Guild to focus on raising their Reputation. Hence, at this moment in time, there were also many people within the Guild who had high Reputation.

For example, Fire Dance, Aqua Rose, Blackie, and several other core members of Zero Wing did not lack Reputation Points Although they had yet to become Viscounts like s.h.i.+ Feng, they were Barons, and every one of them was capable of hiring ten Level 50 Tier 1 NPCs.

In total, they had over 200 Tier 1 NPCs employed right now. This was a very powerful force.

“It’s done. They all are hiding and lying in wait.” Fire Dance nodded, a playful smile appearing on her face.


Time slowly ticked by.

While everyone waited for the start of the battle, night arrived in G.o.d’s Domain.

Currently, players clogged the streets neighboring Zero Wing’s Guild Residence.

“Pavilion Master, all 1,000 men from the War Dragon Legion are in position,” a valiant and extraordinary-looking youth reported to Nine Dragons Emperor.

The War Dragon Legion was the strongest force in the Heavenly Dragon Pavilion’s a.r.s.enal. As of today, it had never been used to deal with any Guild less than a Super Guild. The legion consisted of 1,000 players, and every one of these players wore Level 25 Fine-Gold Equipment. A few even had Level 25 Dark-Gold Equipment. These legionnaires’ Levels also ranged from Level 27 to Level 28. These players were definitely at the peak of G.o.d’s Domain in terms of levels. Every member also radiated a sharp and penetrating aura.

Although the War Dragon Legion consisted of 1,000 members, they felt like an army of tens of thousands that was capable of ma.s.s destruction.

Meanwhile, among these players, the man reporting to Nine Dragons Emperor was even more extraordinary. He was the War Dragon Legion’s Commander, Martial Dragon. He was a Level 28 Berserker, and the majority of his equipment consisted of Level 25 Dark-Gold Equipment. The greatsword he wielded was also of indiscernible quality. However, judging by the blade’s capability of even tearing apart air, one could tell that it was an exceptional item with a single glance.

Aside from the War Dragon Legion’s 1,000 players, the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion had also dispatched close to 10,000 elite players. These elite players were all Level 25 and above. It was a truly shocking sight. Only a first-rate Guild would be capable of dispatching so many elite players. Were it not for the transportation fees, this number would have most likely been several times higher.

Many players involuntarily trembled when they saw the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s war formation from afar.

This was the power of the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion. Regarding both financial prowess and manpower, ordinary first-rate Guilds simply could not compare to the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion.

“Hahaha! Zero Wing is truly finished this time!” Sitting in a third-floor private room of a high-cla.s.s bar, Feng Xuanyang felt indescribable joy well up in his heart when he saw the Pavilion’s army.

“It’s as expected of Martial Dragon, the Commander of the War Dragon Legion. I can feel that terrifying aura of his even from such a distance.” Fear filled Fifth Ghost’s heart when he looked at the valiant Martial Dragon.

“Martial Dragon is a true mutant. He is not human at all. Even our Boss has said so. Otherwise, he would not be capable of becoming the War Dragon Legion’s Commander. If we encounter him, it is best that we avoid provoking him,” Third Ghost reminded his brothers in arms.

Meanwhile, standing on the street, Nine Dragons Emperor swept a glance over the army before him. In the next moment, he waved his hand and pointed at Zero Wing’s Guild Residence. Very calmly, he said, “Go! Leave none alive!”