Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 551 - Fleeting Scene

Chapter 551 - Fleeting Scene

Chapter 551 - Fleeting Scene

The originally imposing Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion members were immediately shocked by the appearance of the two hundred Level 50 Tier 1 NPCs.

Nine Dragons Emperor, who watched the battle from afar, also wore a grim expression.

“Didn’t the reports say that they only had around 50-plus NPCs?” Nine Dragons Emperor turned to the intelligence agent beside him. Snapping, he yelled, “Just what have you all been doing?! You failed to report on two hundred Tier 1 NPCs! Tell me! What is going on here?!”

A single Level 50 Tier 1 NPC was very difficult to deal with. Each one required a team of elite members to pin down. Now that there was an additional two hundred, this would greatly affect his plans.

Suddenly, cold sweat appeared on the forehead of the reconnaissance unit’s leader. He was so frightened he could not utter a single word. Originally, he had tried to think of an excuse to save himself. However, he knew full well what kind of personality the Nine Dragons Emperor had. The more he tried to justify himself, the graver the consequences would be.

“Forget it. You won’t have to do your job anymore. Someone will replace you in the future.”

Nine Dragons Emperor waved his hand, having his subordinates escort the recon leader out of the building and dismissing him from the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion.

“Chaos, instruct the Blood Legion to send help. With the Blood Legion’s strength, they should be able to hold back two hundred NPCs.” At this moment, Nine Dragons couldn’t care less about how Zero Wing had managed to obtain all of these NPCs. He had no choice but to involve the originally inactive Blood Legion in the battle.

“Understood. This subordinate will lead them over now,” Chaos Dancer nodded and smiled.

A short moment later, the thousand-strong Blood Legion, which had been on standby, charged into Zero Wing’s Guild Residence.


Meanwhile, the various large Guilds watching the battle from afar were also shocked by the sudden change.

“Sure enough, Zero Wing is quite capable. With so many Tier 1 NPCs, even the Blood Legion will not be able to hold them off for long. After all, each Level 50 Tier 1 NPC is the equivalent of a Level 50 Special Elite!” Galaxy Past sighed.

If any other first-rate Guild stood in the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s place right now, they would have no chance against Zero Wing.

Particularly, that large-scale Silencing spell the Pavilion had used before the battle began significantly restricted the NPCs’ combat power and had even sealed Zero Wing’s large-scale destruction spells. Zero Wing had lost all their advantages with just this single move.


Meanwhile, inside Zero Wing’s Residence, a melee battle had broken out. The scene in the Residence looked just like a battlefield from ancient times.

Currently, the magical, who boasted the highest power, could only fight using their staffs…

The magical in G.o.d’s Domain were different from other virtual reality games. They were not completely incapable of partic.i.p.ating in melee combat, but they were not specialized in it. They possessed very few skills that could be used in a melee battle. In addition, their mainly focused on Intelligence and Vitality, making them even more inferior in melee combat.

At this moment, however, n.o.body could care less. Even the healers of either side fought each other, not to mention the other magical

Compared to the one-on-one fights between the magical, the battles between the physical were intense.

Currently, none of them could use any skills or tools and had to rely solely on their combat techniques.

It was especially true for the War Dragon Legion. A majority of the War Dragon Legion members consisted of physical, and every one was an expert among experts. Normally, they were capable of soloing a Special Elite of the same level, and some were even capable of putting up a good fight against a Chieftain of the same level.

Elite players could become elites in the first place not solely because of their Levels being above average; it was more due to the fact that they could solo an Elite monster of the same level. Hence, they were called elite players. Meanwhile, in the eyes of G.o.d’s Domain’s ordinary players, experts were individuals capable of soloing a Special Elite of the same level.

As for top-tier experts, in the eyes of ordinary players, they were individuals who could contend with a Chieftain of the same level. Chieftains were normally Bosses in Party Dungeons.

Every member of the War Dragon Legion, at the barest minimum, was capable of confronting a Chieftain of the same level by themselves. Some were even capable of killing a Chieftain of the same level.

Having these experts deal with four or five elite players simultaneously was a trivial matter.

They might even be able to defeat four or five elite players without losing a single HP. It was just like how a Chieftain could easily defeat four or five Elite monsters.

In the blink of an eye, the 1,000 members of the War Dragon Legion had already killed close to 3,000 Zero Wing members without suffering even a single fatality.

If not for many of the War Dragon Legion’s members and the Blood Legion holding back the Tier 1 NPC guards, Zero Wing’s death count would have been much higher by now.

However, compared to the War Dragon Legion’s captain, Martial Dragon, these ordinary members of the War Dragon Legion were nothing.

Martial Dragon was like a silver storm. Everywhere he pa.s.sed, a rain of blood would follow. When half a dozen elite members of Zero Wing dashed up to Martial Dragon, they were instantly struck by Martial Dragon’s bone-chilling and immeasurably heavy aura, their complexions turning pale and movements becoming extraordinarily sluggish. Immediately after, multiple red streaks of light weaved across their bodies, sending them flying into the air. In the next moment, blood poured out like a fountain from multiple wounds. When these elites returned to the ground, a piece of equipment dropped beside them. Their bodies were no longer capable of movement.

“The War Dragon Legion is truly frightening. There are many among them who are even stronger than I am. That Martial Dragon is especially impressive! If I fought him, I’m not confident that I could even block a handful of moves before he defeated me. It is no wonder why people are saying that the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s strength is the closest to a Super Guild. This Martial Dragon can indeed put up a fight against those old fellows,” Galaxy Past stated incredulously.

Super Guilds had not become such because of their ma.s.sive financial prowess or their large army of experts. The true reason was those inhuman experts that stood at the very top of the virtual gaming world.

Martial Dragon had precisely the potential to become such an expert.

“I heard that Martial Dragon is a talent that only appears once every ten years in the Heavenly Dragon Pavilion. It seems that this was not an exaggeration.” Purple Eye watched Martial Dragon’s figure that resembled a G.o.d of war, awe and antic.i.p.ation, as well as some hints of jealousy, filling her eyes.

To experts like herself, it was an instinct to revere the strong. At the same time, she also wished to challenge those powerhouses who stood at the summit.

Martial Dragon was someone who had already obtained the right to challenge such individuals, so how could she not be jealous?

Purple Eye even considered exchanging a few moves with Martial Dragon right this instant. Even though she knew she was no match for the man, the exchange would still benefit her immensely.

If an expert wished to improve themselves quickly, they could not just rely on self-research and experimenting. They needed to fight various other experts, using the experience to learn and improve their own shortcomings. Only then could they improve quickly.

While Purple Eye focused on Martial Dragon’s every move, hoping to learn something through his actions, she suddenly noticed Martial Dragon’s gaze s.h.i.+ft to another location, his eyes revealing both traces of shock and excitement.

Turning to look where Martial Dragon had s.h.i.+fted his attention to, Purple Eye similarly found herself shocked.

“Who is that person?” Purple Eye’s small mouth widened as if she had just seen a ghost.

She had just watched three War Dragon Legion members die instantly!.

That’s right. All three of them were killed in the blink of an eye. Moreover, they were the experts of the War Dragon Legion, not some noobs that could be found on the streets.

Against multiple of such experts, not even Purple Eye was confident that she could emerge victorious. Yet, that person had succeeded. Moreover, she had done so with ease.

After a moment of shock, Purple Eye was finally able to get a clear view of that player.

Possessing an alluring appearance, she wore form-fitting black leather armor that fully displayed the graceful and mesmerizing curves of her body. She also wielded two blood-red short swords that emitted dazzling flames. At this moment, it was as if she stood at the center of Zero Wing’s Residence.

“That is Fire Dance?” Purple Eye dared not even believe her own eyes right now.