Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 548 - War Dragon Legion

Chapter 548 - War Dragon Legion

Chapter 548 - War Dragon Legion

“The War Dragon Legion?” Blood Dragon could not help but suck in a breath of cold air when he heard this name.

The Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion was divided into two Pavilions: the Heavenly Dragon Pavilion and the Phoenix Pavilion. Both Pavilions had their own strongest legions.

The Heavenly Dragon Pavilion’s strongest force was the War Dragon Legion.

The Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion nurtured its own experts internally. Among these experts, only the best of the best were allowed into the War Dragon Legion.

One could say that the War Dragon Legion was the strongest legion specially established to contend with Super Guilds.

Blood Dragon had also come from the War Dragon Legion.

Who wouldn’t be shocked by the Nine Dragons Emperor summoning the War Dragon Legion?

“Pavilion Master, aren’t we just dealing with a small Guild? Is there really a need for such a commotion?” Chaos Dancer, the beautiful woman seated beside Nine Dragons Emperor, advised, “In fact, we can rely on the Blood Legion to get rid of Zero Wing. If we expose the strength of the War Dragon Legion right now, won’t we waste a trump card that we could use against those Super Guilds in the future?”

“It doesn’t matter. Since joining G.o.d’s Domain, the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion has yet to achieve anything significant. Now that everyone is watching the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion, it is a good opportunity for an excellent performance,” Nine Dragons Emperor said, smiling playfully. “Moreover, Zero Wing’s reputation is not insignificant. If we can finish off Zero Wing swiftly, it will serve as a shock to some of those weaklings and let everyone know that the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion is no longer a super-first-rate Guild, but a true Super Guild.”

“Understood. This subordinate will notify the War Dragon Legion immediately.” Chaos Dance then began contacting the War Dragon Legion.


Time pa.s.sed little by little.

While the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion prepared to deal with Zero Wing, other Guilds did not idle and do nothing. Every one of them gathered their members in White River City.

For a time, experts swarmed White River City.

Despite it obviously being daytime, the number of players filling the streets surpa.s.sed even night-time. Among all these players, aside from those that large Guilds had sent, there were plenty of ordinary players who had hurried over from other cities.

Players throughout G.o.d’s Domain knew about the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s intentions to take out Zero Wing.

Although this was clearly a one-sided battle, many players still wanted to witness the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s strength. Hence, many ordinary players had hurried to White River City to watch the show.

However, it was also this reason that boosted the Candlelight Trading Firm’s business. Among the items sold by the Firm, Light Stones were the most popular. The Candlelight Trading Firm’s income had practically recovered to its peak, earning nearly a thousand Gold in one hour.

As a result, Melancholic Smile and the others at the Candlelight Trading Firm focused fully on their work.

“Old Five, I heard that Black Flame defeated you and Old Six even after you two cooperated. This incident has not impressed the higher-ups, and they’ve started to look down on our Seven Ghosts. When the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion deals with Zero Wing, we need to deal with this matter properly,” a thin, middle-aged man with bronze skin said seriously.

“Brother Three, rest a.s.sured; I will not damage our reputation,” Fifth Ghost said, killing intent flas.h.i.+ng in his eyes.

Previously, even though he had worked with Sixth Ghost, Black Flame still defeated them. Moreover, they had even lost all of their equipment they upon dying and had been barred from entering the game for two whole days. By now, they had both become laughingstocks in Underworld.

This time, in order to restore the Seven Ghosts’ reputation, they needed to avenge themselves properly and complete the tasks the higher-ups had given them.

“All is well as long as you know it. Our task is very simple this time: a.s.sist Young Master Feng in obtaining 300 Intermediate Mana Armor Kits. It will be even better if we can obtain even more equipment and kits. However, since the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion is spearheading this matter, it is best if we keep a low-profile. So, first, let’s focus on getting the 300 Intermediate Mana Armor Kits,” the thin man, Third Ghost, said. “This time, to ensure we complete our task, I have even called Old Four and Old Seven to help us. With the five of us, we should be able to take down Black Flame easily. The only thing we have to worry about is the Pavilion itself. It is best if we form a proper plan.”

“On this point, Brother Third Ghost, please rest a.s.sured. Based on my investigations, the Blood Dragon’s subordinates, the Blood Legion, will not be involved this time; the Nine Dragons Emperor has called in the War Dragon Legion instead. Every member of the War Dragon Legion is proud and arrogant, and they usually look down on everyone else. They should not pay any attention to us should we move against Zero Wing,” Feng Xuanyang explained, smiling faintly. “As insurance, I have even had a large group of elites come over from Maple City. With such a powerful force, Black Flame will have no hope of survival.”

“Having the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion deal with Zero Wing is already overkill. Adding us into the mix, Black Flame will die with a 100% certainty. Even if he is even more powerful than we suspect, he will have to consider his options carefully. At that time, he will willingly hand over the 300 Intermediate Mana Armor Kits,” Fifth Ghost laughed coldly. “If he refuses, then I’ll give him a taste of what it feels like to wish for death.”

All of White River City’s various large Guilds, including Overwhelming Smile, considered and prepared to strike against Zero Wing while it was down, taking the opportunity to benefit from the Guild’s downfall.


Meanwhile, in a high-cla.s.s bar a short distance from Zero Wing’s Guild Residence, many upper managers of Guilds had gathered.

The entire three-story building was packed full of players. Among them, first-rate Guilds fully occupied all of the private rooms on the third floor. From these rooms, one could clearly see every movement around Zero Wing’s Guild Residence.

“Guild Leader, don’t you think that Zero Wing is acting strangely? Even now, they are still so carefree. They have not taken any precautionary measures at all. Is this Black Flame pretending to be a fool, or is he actually one?” Purple Eye frowned as she watched Zero Wing’s Guild Residence through the window.

“There’s nothing surprising about this. Black Flame simply does not understand the Nine Dragons Emperor’s character. Look at the people inside the bar for example. Aren’t most of them members of first-rate Guilds? Meanwhile, a newly-established Guild like Zero Wing and a newcomer to the virtual gaming world like Black Flame don’t know Nine Dragons’ style of conduct. Thus, he continues with his carefree manner,” Galaxy Past said, laughing. Downing a mouthful of Flame Beer, he continued, “The Nine Dragons Emperor is someone who conducts himself with a lofty tone and does not play his cards according to common sense. This time, he has even secretly mobilized the War Dragon Legion to deal with Zero Wing, making a fuss over a minor incident. Naturally, the only reason why he would mobilize such a powerful legion is to destroy Zero Wing’s Guild Residence.

“A Guild Residence is different from a private Shop. While inside the Shop, the manager is invincible. However, it is a different story for a Guild Residence. It is slightly troublesome to deal with the Residence’s hired guards, and there are also the city guards who patrol the streets. With current players’ Levels and equipment, it is still impossible to resist the patrolling guards. Hence, no sane Guild would attempt to attack another Guild’s Residence.

“However, the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion is no trivial existence. One cannot measure by the strength of an ordinary Guild. Moreover, the Nine Dragons Emperor is no fool. I keep getting the feeling that he has some sort of trick up his sleeve. Otherwise, he would not have sent the War Dragon Legion, a trump card that he had prepared for facing Super Guilds!

“What we need to do now is wait for the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion to make its move. Once they take action and Zero Wing falls, we can begin our operation as well.”

Purple Eye nodded silently.

This time, the Star Alliance had sent quite a number of elites and experts. They were not afraid that Zero Wing would not fall today. Instead, it was only a matter of how much profit they could gain.

However, the various large Guilds, including the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion, was ignorant of one point.

s.h.i.+ Feng was a reincarnator. Moreover, he had also been the Guild Leader of a second-rate Guild in the past. In order to survive in G.o.d’s Domain’s harsh conditions, he had endured relentless pain and suffering.

As far as understanding ma.s.sive existences like the Nine Dragons Emperor…

The Nine Dragons Emperor, most likely, did not have a better understanding than s.h.i.+ Feng.