Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1489 - Terrifying Potential

Chapter 1489 - Terrifying Potential

Chapter 1489: Terrifying Potential


Exodus Tales


Exodus Tales

Chapter 1489 – Terrifying Potential

“Guild Leader?”

s.h.i.+ Feng’s proposal surprised both Gentle Snow and Aqua Rose. Both women thought the idea was ludicrous.

The 20% the Battle Wolves and Sacred Temple had proposed included Zero Wing’s cut, yet he wanted to double the price. Neither Guild would ever agree. After all, both were bona fide Super Guilds.

“Phoenix Pavilion Master, do you really think that our two Guilds aren’t worth 40% of Thunder Island’s profits?” s.h.i.+ Feng asked, smiling.

“This…” For a time, Phoenix Rain did not know how to answer s.h.i.+ Feng’s question.

Her forces were, in no way, inferior to Battle Wolves and Sacred Temple’s. She just didn’t have as many people. However, it was a different story if she included Zero Wing’s sailboat.

Zero Wing’s sailboat could make up for the naval combat power the Phoenix Pavilion lacked. If both Guilds worked together in the future, they’d be able to secure far more Thunder than the Battle Wolves and Sacred Temple.

Hence, asking for 40% of the profits was in no way excessive. Only, the Battle Wolves and Sacred Temple knew that other Guilds would target her if she didn’t cooperate with them. All sides might even turn against her as soon as they entered Thunder Island.

“If you don’t feel that we’re worth that much, then you should see this.” s.h.i.+ Feng understood Phoenix Rain’s concerns. He sent her a trade request, placing one of the crystal bottles from his bag into the trade window.

This is…a Small Sailboat! How?!

Phoenix Rain shot s.h.i.+ Feng an astounded look when she saw the item.

In G.o.d’s Domain, items currently in use couldn’t be placed in a trade window. The fact that she was staring at a Small Sailboat proved that Zero Wing had more than one.

She found it truly hard to believe that, while the various superpowers frantically searched for sailboats, Zero Wing had acquired at least two without anyone noticing…

She even wondered if her eyes were playing a trick on her, but when she clicked on the gla.s.s bottle, the Attribute Panel that appeared proved its existence.

“Phoenix Pavilion Master, what do you think of my proposal now?” s.h.i.+ Feng asked, smiling.

The Small Sailboat he had just revealed was none other than the ordinary Small Sailboat he had liberated from the Freedom Alliance’s Identical Summer. Although it was only an ordinary Small Sailboat, its combat power far surpa.s.sed any speedboat. He also had the Mysterious-Iron ranked Storm Sailboat, which he had yet to repair.

Unfortunately, the Storm Sailboat wasn’t usable combat power right now. Hence, he had only decided to reveal the ordinary Small Sailboat.

“I understand. I’ll notify the Battle Wolves and Sacred Temple about your proposal,” Phoenix Rain said after taking a deep breath. When she looked at s.h.i.+ Feng, she felt as if the man were foreign to her.

“Big Sis Rain?” Blue Phoenix gave her friend a confused look. She could not figure out what s.h.i.+ Feng had shown Phoenix Rain to change her mind about such a huge risk so quickly.

“Don’t try to persuade me. Just do as he says,” Phoenix Rain commanded.

With no other choice, Blue Phoenix transmitted the new offer to the Battle Wolves and Sacred Temple’s upper echelons. She no longer dared to think of what their reply would be.


“Interesting. Phoenix Rain is bold enough to make such an offer despite her current predicament?” Eternal Dead, the Sacred Temple’s Guild Leader, could not help but laugh when he saw Phoenix Rain’s counteroffer.

On the other hand, Quiet Melody was dazed for a moment when she read the new message.

Only one thought came to her mind.

Has Phoenix Rain lost her mind?

If Phoenix Rain had the authority to mobilize all of the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s forces and Zero Wing’s sailboat, she might have a chance of convincing the Battle Wolves and Sacred Pavilion to agree with her conditions. Unfortunately, with her current strength, the Super Guilds would never agree.

Based on Quiet Melody’s knowledge, Phoenix Rain had only obtained 270 slots for the contest. That was barely on par with Nine Dragons Emperor’s slots, but the Sacred Temple had 710. Ignoring the standards of the Guilds’ experts, the severe difference in numbers put Phoenix Rain at an overwhelming disadvantage.

“Melody, tell Phoenix Rain that her condition lacks sincerity, and the Sacred Temple will need time to consider her offer properly,” Eternal Dead said, smiling.

“Understood.” Quiet Melody nodded.

Elsewhere, the Battle Wolves’ upper echelons prepared a similar answer.


“Big Sis Rain, both Guilds gave the same reply. They have said that they need more time to consider,” Blue Phoenix helplessly reported.

Obviously, the Battle Wolves and the Sacred Temple wanted to watch them make a fool of themselves and take advantage when the other superpowers targeted their forces on Thunder Island. If they went crawling to the two Guilds then, they’d be lucky to get 20%, much less 40% of the islands’ profits.

“As expected… It seems that we can only take this one step at a time.” The outcome didn’t surprise Phoenix Rain whatsoever. All she could do was try her best in the contest. As long as she could occupy a spot on the island, nothing could stop her in the future.

While the various superpowers had negotiated alliances, the magic barrier around Thunder Island turned from blue to crimson. Furious roars echoed from the island, and despite being so far away, everyone heard them clearly.

“Has the contest begun?”

As more of the island’s monsters voiced their rage, the spectating adventurer teams took out their Intermediate Magic Mirrors and began to observe the landma.s.s.

“Move out!”

In response, the various superpowers stored their s.h.i.+ps and retrieved their Thunder They used the to leave a Thunder Mark on their members, each pa.s.s imparting ten marks. Any player with a Thunder Mark could teleport to Thunder Island at any time.

Shortly after, the various superpowers’ members disappeared almost simultaneously as they teleported to Thunder Island to contest for the ancient towers.

During the contest, players were prohibited from using any tools. They could only rely on their own power to compete. In addition, all of the island’s monsters had frighteningly high Magic Resistance and Defense. Players had to occupy as many ancient towers as they could, reducing these monsters’ Magic Resistance and Defense, or raiding the encampments would be very difficult.

Meanwhile, teleportation to Thunder Island wasn’t completely random. Generally, players who were close to each other would teleport to the same location. As long as they gathered before teleporting to the island, they could take action as a team as soon as they arrived.

“It seems that we got a good location.”

After arriving on the island, s.h.i.+ Feng inspected the system map. Currently, their group was north of Thunder Island’s outer region, very close to a monster encampment and three ancient towers. As long as they secured these ancient towers, they could clear out the monster encampment.

Following which, Phoenix Rain and s.h.i.+ Feng began to rearrange the team. They were prepared to split into three groups, prioritizing the ancient towers. Only after they solidified their hold would they head towards the nearest encampment.

However, as s.h.i.+ Feng and the others prepared to head out, a group of nearly 300 players approached. Leading this group was none other than Nine Dragons Emperor.

“Nine, what is the meaning of this?” Phoenix Rain demanded in a chilling tone as she glared at the Heavenly Dragon Pavilion Master.

“What else could this be? We’re here to eliminate a future problem,” Nine Dragons Emperor said, sneering.

“We have nearly the same number of players. You know that a fight between us will only benefit our mutual enemies.” Although Phoenix Rain had suspected that Nine Dragons Emperor might attempt to take action, she hadn’t expected him to do so this quickly, even neglecting the contest for the ancient towers.

“Equal numbers, huh?” Nine Dragons Emperor responded playfully. “I don’t think so.”

As soon as Nine Dragons Emperor finished speaking, she heard an anguished scream from behind her.

Turning around, she discovered that the 50 Firmament members on her team had turned traitor, attacking her other team members. In seconds, over 20 players had died. By the time she reacted, Firmament’s members had pulled away from her team.

“Lonely Heaven!” Phoenix Rain bellowed, dense killing intent lacing her gaze as she glared daggers at Firmament’s smiling Guild Leader.

“Phoenix Pavilion Master, if you have to blame someone, blame yourself for making the wrong decision. You actually invested so much into a no-name Guild like Zero Wing,” Lonely Heaven paid no attention to Phoenix Rain’s killing intent. “Now, prepare to pay the price for your mistake!”

“Well said! Rain, since you made a wrong decision, you should pay the corresponding price!” Nine Dragons Emperor then commanded, “Everyone, attack! Leave none of them alive!”

Initially, both his team and Phoenix Rain’s had about the same number of players, but now that Firmament had mutinied and killed 20 of Phoenix Rain’s players, she had less than 200. On the other hand, he now had 350. With nearly double the numbers, he could easily eliminate Phoenix Rain’s team.