Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1490 - Bloodhand Yama

Chapter 1490 - Bloodhand Yama

Chapter 1490: Bloodhand Yama


Exodus Tales


Exodus Tales

Chapter 1490 – Bloodhand Yama

As soon as Nine Dragons Emperor gave the command, his experts marched forward in formation.

With Martial Dragon and Blood Dragon on the frontline, the melee players charged at Phoenix Rain’s team. Meanwhile, the ranged players spread out to encircle her players, providing their melee teammates cover fire. The healers in the back began their incantations immediately.

With Firmament’s members behind them, Phoenix Rain’s team had nowhere to go.

“Everyone, concentrate your attacks on Firmament’s members! We’re breaking through! Avoid prolonged fights!” Although Phoenix Rain was furious about Lonely Heaven’s betrayal, wanting nothing more than to murder the b.a.s.t.a.r.d herself, she quickly recovered her calm and decided to save as much of her team’s strength as possible.

After all, the contest for Thunder Island had just begun.

Both sides had plenty of Refinement Realm and above experts. If Refinement Realm experts worked together, their overall combat power would increase tremendously. When fighting foes of the same level, even at a numerical disadvantage, they’d be impossible to annihilate quickly.

Unfortunately, defeating Nine Dragons Emperor’s team was impossible. Although she had s.h.i.+ Feng and Zero Wing’s other peak experts, Nine Dragons Emperor had his own. The Shadow Dragon Legion’s Shadowtooth and Martial Dragon were the best examples. Both were Domain Realm experts and more than capable of posing a problem for her team. In addition, Nine Dragons Emperor had other experts under his command and the help of b.l.o.o.d.y Paradise.

Although the Phoenix Pavilion and Heavenly Dragon Pavilion on part in overall strength, the trump card legions under each banner weren’t under the full control of their respective Pavilion Master. Rather, these trump card legions prioritized the Great Pavilion Master’s commands. Meanwhile, Phoenix Rain had only been the Phoenix Pavilion’s Master for a short time, and as a result, the Phoenix Pavilion’s trump card legions still maintained their loyalty to the previous Master. Like Shadowtooth’s case, she wasn’t allowed to order them around and had to result to persuasion.

This was why her powerbase was significantly weaker than Nine Dragons Emperor’s.

Now that he had persuaded Shadowtooth to fight for him, and Martial Dragon, whom Nine Dragons Emperor had nurtured, had become a Domain Realm expert, the gap between them had widened.

With fewer players on her team, she had no chance of victory. She could only avoid a clash with Nine Dragons Emperor.

Like in other maps, players that died on Thunder Island would lose a level and drop a piece of equipment. This gave her even more of a reason to avoid a fight with Nine Dragons Emperor. If her team were weakened further, she’d have no hope of capturing the ancient towers and monster encampments.

“You wish to break through?” Nine Dragons Emperor sneered as he watched Phoenix Rain lead her team towards Firmament’s group. “Lonely! It’s about time we give our lady Pavilion Master a taste of despair!”

Hearing this, the distant Lonely Heaven grinned and nodded. He then turned to one of his cloaked Guild members and said, “I’ve done my part. I’ll leave the rest to you.”

“Relax. We’ve accepted your payment and will complete the mission.” At this time, a robust man emerged from Firmament’s team. The man removed his Black Cloak, revealing a ma.s.s of muscle. With the Black Cloak gone, his horrific bloodl.u.s.t was no longer contained, and even players standing over 30 yards away could sense it radiating off of him.

This robust man wasn’t the only one to remove his cloak. The 40-plus members Lonely Heaven had brought with him discarded the items as well, every one of them emanating a dense bloodl.u.s.t. Every player’s ID was pitch-black, revealing their statuses as Dark Players.

With one look at these players, Phoenix Rain’s teammates shuddered.

“Bloodhand Yama!” Phoenix Rain was shocked when she realized who the robust man was.

Bloodhand Yama might be a foreign name among ordinary players, but it was very well-known among the various superpowers. The man was one of the Flower of Seven Sins’ representatives. He had killed numerous superpowers’ upper echelons in the past.

“Phoenix Pavilion Master, your life is mine!”

Saying so, Bloodhand Yama gestured with a hand. Immediately, the Flower of Seven Sins members around him split into multiple parties and dashed towards Phoenix Rain and the others. He then raised his gray, diamond s.h.i.+eld and tightened his grip on his double-headed, one-handed axe before charging like a berserk beast.

Although Bloodhand Yama’s team had very few members, the majority of them were s.h.i.+eld Warriors and Berserkers. His team only had five healers. Because of the narrow canyon they occupied, the Flower of Seven Sins’ members easily formed a human wall that prevented anyone from pa.s.sing.

Meanwhile, the spectators watched the battle from the waters around Thunder Island. As a result, news of the battle spread quickly to the various superpowers on the island.


“Nine Dragons Emperor really is ruthless. Despite being from the same Guild, he is trying to annihilate Phoenix Rain’s forces.” Eternal Dead, who currently commanded the Sacred Temple’s members as they captured an ancient tower, couldn’t help but chuckle when he saw the video. “Fortunately, after this battle, Phoenix Rain should realize that without our help, she won’t accomplish anything on Thunder Island.”


“How rich. In addition to b.l.o.o.d.y Paradise, he invited the Flower of Seven Sins to help him? He’ll likely put Phoenix Rain down for good this time.” When the Battle Wolves’ Sirius watched the video his subordinate had transmitted, he could not help his rueful sigh.

In the virtual gaming world, both the Flower of Seven Sins and b.l.o.o.d.y Paradise were organizations that were moved by money. The Flower of Seven Sins, in particular, was famous for its high prices. Even Super Guilds would lament the cost of a Vice Guild Leader-level player.

However, Sirius had to admit that the Flower of Seven Sins’ services were worth every penny. As long as one could afford their prices, the organization would guarantee any player’s death.


Meanwhile, back on the battlefield, the Flower of Seven Sins’ members slammed into Phoenix Rain’s group.

Bloodhand Yama easily made his way through the blockade of Phoenix Pavilion members. As if he could predict the future, he dodged or blocked every attack sent his way. When his double-headed axe descended, it always found its mark.

As a result, Bloodhand Yama slaughtered the Phoenix Pavilion’s Refinement Realm experts and slowly, but surely made his way towards Phoenix Rain.

“So strong!” Solitary Nine, who was also a s.h.i.+eld warrior, was shocked by Bloodhand Yama’s strength.

The man’s display was completely different from s.h.i.+ Feng’s in Cold Wind City. s.h.i.+ Feng had relied on overwhelming Attributes to defeat his enemies, whereas Bloodhand Yama used techniques. It seemed as if the s.h.i.+eld Warrior could block every attack and break every defense before him.

However, Phoenix Rain was no ordinary player, either. Although her performance in the Sunset Forest hadn’t been jaw-dropping, she was by no means weak. In fact, it seemed as if the Phoenix Pavilion Master had become an entirely different person as Solitary Nine watched her fight. Every one of her Spells seemed to have a life of their own, avoiding s.h.i.+elds and landing solid blows. Her attack method had plenty of variations. Sometimes, her Spells descended from the sky, while other Spells seemed to manifest from their surroundings. When some of her Spells missed their mark, they seemed to make an abrupt U-turn, striking at the target’s back. Due to her varied attack patterns, Phoenix Rain’s targets struggled to defend themselves.

The Flower of Seven Sins suffered numerous casualties at Phoenix Rain’s hand. She had even killed two party-leader-level experts.

Meanwhile, Blue Phoenix seamlessly executed triple-casting, using her powerful Spells to disperse the attacking formation.

The level of combat dumbfounded the players watching from safety. Countless players used a variety of combat techniques, which they rarely got to see. Moreover, they watched as players used Skills in unheard-of ways.

At the end of the day, however, Phoenix Rain’s team was wedged between two forces. In addition, Nine Dragons Emperor’s side had an absolute advantage in numbers. It was only a matter of time before the Phoenix Pavilion Master’s team fell.

“It seems we have no choice but to expose our trump card.” s.h.i.+ Feng, who was fended off the Heavenly Dragon Pavilion’s members, could not help but sigh. He then commanded through the team chat, “Cola, Summer, open a path! Aqua and I will bring up the rear!”


Cola and Alluring Summer nodded before das.h.i.+ng towards Bloodhand Yama.