Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1488 - Struggle for Thunder Island

Chapter 1488 - Struggle for Thunder Island

Chapter 1488: Struggle for Thunder Island


Exodus Tales


Exodus Tales

Chapter 1488 – Struggle for Thunder Island

When everyone saw the One-horned Sailboat park beside the fleet Phoenix Rain commanded, they couldn’t help their wariness of the woman.

It was true that the struggle for Thunder Island relied on players’ strengths, with external tools being prohibited. However, one had to obtain Thunder to partic.i.p.ate, and to do so, they needed to kill the Sea of Death’s Bosses.

With a sailboat, Phoenix Rain would have an easier time defeating those Bosses. In turn, she could collect more

The more Thunder one possessed, the more players they bring to the contest.

Although each Guild was allowed a fixed number of Thunder, the same couldn’t be said for future contests. Now that Phoenix Rain had a sailboat, she would pose a huge threat during the next contest.

“Zero Wing sure has a lot of secrets.” Quiet Melody, who stood on the deck of one of the Sacred Temple’s speedboats, turned to look at Phoenix Rain, envy gripping her heart.

The various superpowers had struggled to recruit naval powers, trying to bolster their forces so they could obtain more Thunder

Yet, despite Phoenix Rain only recently focusing on her navy, she had recruited a powerful ally like Zero Wing, which had its own sailboat.

Phoenix Rain had cooperated with Zero Wing before it had risen to greatness. Needless to say, Zero Wing would help her grind for Thunder if she asked.

However, unlike Quiet Melody, who had a strong friends.h.i.+p with Phoenix Rain, the other superpowers’ upper echelons had far more nefarious thoughts.

The various superpowers were preparing to aim their spearheads for the threat known as Phoenix Rain.

“d.a.m.n it! How did Zero Wing get that sailboat?!” Nine Dragons Emperor glared at the One-horned Sailboat with intense jealousy.

Although it was a single sailboat, its combat power was far beyond any speedboat.

While they had explored G.o.d’s Domain’s oceans, the various superpowers had learned one thing: s.h.i.+ps were more important than players in naval combat. If a s.h.i.+p weren’t of a certain quality, it wouldn’t be able to contend with the Boss sea monsters. Needless to say, these powerful Bosses would drop weapons, equipment, and various tools that could help improve one’s naval strength.

With these tools, a team could explore farther and more dangerous regions, obtaining even better equipment and tools, creating an endless, positive cycle.

As for Nine Dragons Emperor, he had spent a lot of money and resources to recruit rising naval powers. He had only ama.s.sed a sizable fleet after many challenges. This fleet was why he was confident in surpa.s.sing Phoenix Rain.

However, the appearance of Zero Wing’s One-horned Sailboat had instantly made a joke of his effort…

“Pavilion Master, if Phoenix Rain has the help of a sailboat, she’ll be a huge challenge in future struggles over Thunder Island,” Blood Dragon worriedly commented.

There was no doubting that neither Phoenix Rain nor Nine Dragons Emperor would dominate Thunder Island this time. At most, each side would occupy a small corner of the island, slowing growing their navies until they could dominate the island as a whole. Now that Phoenix Rain had a sailboat on her side, there was no doubt that she had a ma.s.sive advantage of Nine Dragons Emperor in future contests.

“Phoenix Rain will be a problem during future struggles for Thunder Island. However, she has to last until the next contest, first,” Nine Dragons Emperor hissed once he calmed down. Sneering, he continued, “Contact the other Guilds. Tell them that I’d like to discuss cooperation. I’m sure they’ll be willing to work with us to annihilate Phoenix Rain!”

The various superpowers had been wary of each other thus far. They’d be fortunate not to make more enemies, let alone partic.i.p.ate. However, now that they all faced a future threat like Phoenix Rain, they would be willing to cooperate.

“Understood. I’ll contact them right away.” Realization dawned upon Blood Dragon. He then turned towards Phoenix Rain’s group, smirking.

“How are things coming along on Sun’s side?” Nine Dragons Emperor asked.

“Pavilion Master, rest a.s.sured; everything has been dealt with. All you need to do is sit back and watch the show,” Blood Dragon reported with a smile.

“Excellent. I want to see Phoenix Rain’s expression when she finds out.” Nine Dragons Emperor nodded in satisfaction.

Meanwhile, Phoenix Rain was shocked to learn that Zero Wing had its own sailboat.

“Team Leader Ye Feng, Zero Wing’s entrance was certainly grand,” Phoenix Rain said, smiling bitterly as she sensed malice from all directions. “Once we enter Thunder Island, I’m afraid many parties will target our team.”

“Phoenix Pavilion Master, don’t you see the opportunity?” s.h.i.+ Feng retorted, chuckling.

While Zero Wing’s frightening potential was a threat to their compet.i.tors, it also made the Guild the best choice for an alliance.

It was impossible for a single superpower to monopolize Thunder Island. Everyone understood this, and it was precisely why the various superpowers sought allies.

After all, the profits one could gain with a single supporter versus two or more differed greatly.

The various superpowers might’ve looked down on Phoenix Rain, thinking themselves above cooperating with her, previously, but now that her side had such potential, she could be a formidable ally.

When the Phoenix Pavilion’s members heard s.h.i.+ Feng’s reasoning, realization dawned. They were in awe of the Swordsman’s foresight.

In reality, Phoenix Rain had considered seeking an alliance with a few other superpowers and had sent Blue Phoenix to negotiate.

Unfortunately, although the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion was a super-first-rate Guild, the Guild’s strength was split three ways. Among them, the Great Pavilion Master was the strongest within the Pavilion. As a result, she couldn’t convince the other superpowers to cooperate with her in the contest. As expected, every one of them had refused her offer.

However, with the addition of Zero Wing’s sailboat, the other superpowers might reconsider.

“Big Sis Rain, both the Battle Wolves and Sacred Temple have stated that they are willing to cooperate. However, we will only get 20% of the profits while their Guilds will share the remaining 80%,” Blue Phoenix reported angrily.

“Those despicable, old foxes.” Phoenix Rain frowned. “They know that I’m competing with Nine Dragons Emperor, so they’re using the opportunity to hike up their prices!”

“I have a suggestion. Would you be interested in hearing it, Phoenix Pavilion Master?” s.h.i.+ Feng suddenly asked.

“A suggestion?” Phoenix Rain gave the man a curious look. “May I know what sort of plan Team Leader Ye Feng has in mind?”

“I’ll represent Zero Wing in this alliance. Negotiate with the Battle Wolves and the Sacred Temple for 40% of Thunder Island’s profits,” s.h.i.+ Feng said.

“Forty percent?!” Blue Phoenix was astonished. She thought that s.h.i.+ Feng had completely lost his mind.

It was obvious that the Battle Wolves and Sacred Temple had discussed the situation beforehand and only intended to offer Phoenix Rain 20%, yet s.h.i.+ Feng wanted to ask for twice that. If the two Guilds heard this, they’d laugh themselves to death.

“Team Leader Ye Feng, are you serious?” Phoenix Rain asked earnestly.