Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1421 - Dragon's Graveyard

Chapter 1421 - Dragon's Graveyard

Chapter 1421: Dragon’s Graveyard


Exodus Tales


Exodus Tales

Chapter 1421 – Dragon’s Graveyard

As Zhao Yueru descended from the stage, the waiting partic.i.p.ants instinctively stepped aside, opening a path for her.

They had heard that she had killed a Dark Player twice after some Dark Guild had provoked her, dealing a heavy blow to the Guild.

While experts like themselves had a.s.sumed that had been a joke, they’d have to rein in their courage to stop trembling if Zhao Yueru even glanced their way. They had to be careful around her. Should they accidentally annoy the woman, they might die the moment they left the city.


“The Flame Witch is too awesome! She might even secure one of the top ten spots!”

“Top ten? More like top five! The combination of that Lord ranked monster and the large-scale destruction Spell is invincible in a duel! Only a handful of partic.i.p.ants may be able to close in on the Flame Witch before she activates the combination attack. Aside from those few, she can likely blast everyone to smithereens.”

“The Frost Empress was pretty unlucky this time. If she hadn’t come across the Flame Witch, she might’ve ranked among the top 15, yet now she won’t even stand among the top 50…”

“With the Flame Witch on Zero Wing’s side, Zero Wing should get a spot among the top five Guild rankings.”

Unlike the partic.i.p.ants below the stage, the audience in the stands fell into a heated discussion about Zhao Yueru. They were all curious to see what the woman’s rank would be in this compet.i.tion. As for Yi Luofei, who had been defeated, they couldn’t help but lament for her misfortune.


“d.a.m.n it! Why did things end up like this?!” Crimson Fox cursed as he watched Zhao Yueru step down from the main stage. “To think they’ve hidden a trump card like Zhao Yueru all this time! Zero Wing is quite cunning!”

“Guild Leader, what should we do now?” Lonely Castle, the s.h.i.+eld Warrior beside Crimson Fox, asked anxiously.

The higher one ranked in the compet.i.tion, the more points they would receive. Moreover, the point scale was steep.

Players that ranked between 1,000th and 501st would receive 5 points. Players’ points would double if they ranked between 500th and 249th, increasing to 10 points.

Meanwhile, players that made it to the third round would be awarded 20 points, 50 points if they reached the fourth round and 100 points for the fifth round.

Although both experts Nine Dragons Emperor had sent to a.s.sist Crimson Castle had made it to the fifth round, Nine Dragons Emperor had stated that the two players would be lucky to make it into the top 16, the seventh round. Reaching the seventh round only awarded 300 points, yet if Zhao Yueru ranked among the top four players, she would receive 600 points. Her points alone were more than the total those two experts could earn. If Zhao Yueru were lucky and made it into the finals, she would be awarded 1,000 points. She could earn more points than Crimson Castle’s five representatives together…

“For now, hand the Epic items Nine Dragons Emperor loaned us to those two experts. Our priority is to ensure that both reach the seventh round. As for Zero Wing, it is still unknown whether or not Zhao Yueru makes it to the semi-finals. If she encounters one of those few melee experts, she could lose. If she faces Yan Tianxing, her success will immediately come to a halt,” Crimson Fox said as he glanced at Yan Tianxing, FFF’s commander.

Before Yi Luofei had risen to prominence, the FFF adventurer team had stood at the top in the Black Dragon Empire due to Yan Tianxing. Even before G.o.d’s Domain launched, Yan Tianxing had been a famous peak expert in the virtual gaming world for many years. Now, he was the number two in the Black Dragon Empire.

h.e.l.l Prison, who had attempted to Yi Luofei, only ranked fourth on the Black Dragon Empire’s ranking list.

h.e.l.l Prison alone was capable of rendering the empire’s various large Guilds helpless. Meanwhile, Yan Tianxing was even more powerful than the Hence, the empire’s Guilds feared and respected the FFF adventurer team.

“Understood.” Lonely Castle saw the reasoning in Crimson Fox’s words. Although it was possible that Zhao Yueur could rank among the top five, it was only a possibility. If she were unlucky, she might encounter an expert that could counter her combat method in the next round and eliminate her.

Unfortunately, while Crimson Fox’s hope was nice, the reality was far from it. As the compet.i.tion progressed, Zhao Yueru secured impressive victories during her sixth and seventh matches, making her way into the quarter-finals. She was only one round away from ranking among the top four compet.i.tors.

In contrast, Crimson Castle’s progress halted in the seventh round. In the end, the Guild only racked up 630 points.

With that score, Crimson Castle could easily rank among the Black Dragon Empire’s top ten Guilds. To Crimson Castle, it was a result worth celebrating. However, Crimson Fox, Crimson Castle’s Guild Leader, felt no joy. After all, as long as Zhao Yueru won her next match, Crimson Castle’s fate in Hidden Fog Town would meet its end.

If Crimson Castle couldn’t take control of Hidden Fog Town, the threat it posed to Zero Wing would decrease drastically. If that happened, Nine Dragons Emperor would turn away from the Guild. Without Nine Dragons Emperor’s support, Crimson Castle’s dream of becoming a first-rate Guild would remain a dream. After all, Crimson Castle was relatively weak among the second-rate Guilds. A t.i.tan like the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion only offered support due to its threat to Zero Wing.

Please, don’t let her pa.s.s!

Crimson Fox silently prayed as he watched the screen above the stage.

At the end of each round, the system would randomly generate pairings for the new fight.

Seeing the player IDs flicker on the virtual screen, Crimson Fox’s heart began to pound.

Once the quarter-finals’ pairings were determined, he was ecstatic.

“Wonderful! The heavens haven’t forsaken Crimson Castle!” Crimson Fox was overjoyed when he saw that the first match was a fight between Zhao Yueru and Yan Tianxing.

As long as Crimson Castle won its bet with Zero Wing, its status as a first-rate Guild was guaranteed.

A first-rate Guild! Countless Guilds dreamed of achieving such glory.


“The Flame Witch is in danger now. Yan Tianxing ranks second among and is known for his speed. The Flame Witch won’t be able to execute her combination attack so easily against him.”

“Even if the Flame Witch loses, she’ll have nothing to be ashamed of. After all, she has a cla.s.s disadvantage.”

“But Yan Tianxing’s win isn’t certain. It isn’t so easy to close in on an Elementalist who can triple-casting. If his timing isn’t right when he closes in on the Flame Witch, he might die instantly. The Flame Witch’s damage is no laughing matter. She even instant-killed a s.h.i.+eld Warrior will full HP and s.h.i.+eld Wall active. Killing a gla.s.s cannon like Yan Tianxing would be a piece of cake for her.”

Everyone cheered and chatted as they watched Zhao Yueru and Yan Tianxing approach to the main stage.

As the timer above the main stage began to count down, Yan Tianxing turned towards Zero Wing’s VIP room and announced, “Guild Leader Black Flame, this humble man has heard that your Guild intends to auction adventure houses in Stone Forest Town! If I win this match, would you allocate a slot for the FFF adventurer team? Of course, if I lose, I will hand over 10,000 Magic Crystals and a treasure map for the Dragon’s Graveyard!”

When Yan Tianxing finished speaking, the venue fell silent, dumbfounded by his bet.

Everyone’s first reaction was to question his intentions.

Shouldn’t he be trying to avenge Yi Luofei? Shouldn’t he have made some valiant remark about defeating Zhao Yueru?

Yet, the FFF’s commander, one of the Black Dragon Empire’s famous top adventurer teams, had just publicly declared his intention of garrisoning in Stone Forest Town…

Garrisoning in Stone Forest Town wouldn’t have been overly surprising. A top adventurer team occupying a Guild Town was always good news for the Guild, yet based on Yan Tianxing’s request, it seemed as if the right to garrison in Stone Forest Town was extremely precious. He had even bet 10,000 Magic Crystals and a treasure map for the right!. The treasure map he had gambled was even related to the Dragon’s Graveyard! This was just ludicrous!