Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1420 - Overwhelming Power

Chapter 1420 - Overwhelming Power

Chapter 1420: Overwhelming Power


Exodus Tales


Exodus Tales

Chapter 1420 – Overwhelming Power

The tall and mighty Frostflame Cheetah’s appearance stupefied everyone in the arena.

“What? Aren’t Magic Scrolls banned? How did she summon such a powerful monster?”

“That’s not right. The system should’ve imposed the correct restrictions on the stage. She must have summoned the monster with an item’s Skill.”

“c.r.a.p! Even an Elementalist can summon such a powerful monster?! How is this supposed to be a fair fight?!”


The Mount Frostflame’s Wrath summoned was one tier higher than the player that summoned it. Since Zhao Yueru was a Tier 1 player, the Frostflame Cheetah she had summoned was a Tier 2 Lord.

Normally, soloing a Lord ranked monster of the same level wasn’t a problem for peak experts like Yi Luofei, but if one summoned a Lord ranked monster during a one-on-one, PvP battle, their opponent would be at an overwhelming disadvantage if they couldn’t do the same.

Furthermore, Zhao Yueru had already proven that she had an advantage over Yi Luofei. Now that she had gone a step further and summoned the Frostflame Cheetah, Yi Luofei’s chances of winning were nonexistent.

However, Yi Luofei had no intentions of giving up just yet. She immediately responded by casting the Tier 1 Curse, Extreme Frost Waterfall and the tier 1 Spell, Frost Barrier.

Walls of solid ice began to form around Zhao Yueru, trapping her within. Meanwhile, a ma.s.sive, blue magic array appeared above her, gusts of cold air blasting down from the array.

Zhao Yueru didn’t attempt to dodge the incoming cold air. Instead, she waved Frostflame’s Wrath and used the Tier 1 Spell, Flame Dragon’s Dance.

Immediately, a crimson magic array formed beneath Zhao Yueru’s feet. Two serpentine dragons of fire then emerged, intertwining as they flew to meet the frost gusts of air.

Boom… Boom… Boom…

When ice and fire tangled, white mist filled the s.p.a.ce above Zhao Yueru. Not only did Flame Dragon’s Dance crushed Yi Luofei’s Extreme Frost Waterfall, but the high temperature also melted the ice walls trapping Zhao Yueru. In the end, Yi Luofei’s Spells failed to deal even a single point of damage.

Even a Tier 1 Curse is useless?

Yi Luofei was dazed for a brief moment after watching her Extreme Frost Waterfall fail.

A Tier 1 Curse rivaled Tier 2 Spells. Such a Spell could even injure Lord ranked monsters, yet such a powerful attack had been utterly useless against Zhao Yueru’s Tier 1 Spell…


The various Guilds’ upper echelons in their VIP rooms were stunned.

“A Tier 1 Spell crushed a Tier 1 Curse? Just how wide is the Attribute gap between these two?” Blue Phoenix stared at Zhao Yueru incredulously.

There was only one possible explanation; the gap between the women’s Attributes was just ma.s.sive, enough to make up for the difference in tiers.

Yet, based on the reports, Yi Luofei should have at least three Epic items on her. With her high level, the woman’s Basic Attributes should be near the peak of G.o.d’s Domain. Even if some players had higher Attributes, there should be a limit to how high those Attributes could go. After all, Epic items were not cabbages that could be purchased at the local market.


Sure enough, weapons provide a higher buff than a piece of equipment.

Gentle Snow could not help but sigh as she watched her friend’s incredible performance.

If it were up to her, she’d have a difficult time defeating Yi Luofei without activating Twofold Berserk, yet Zhao Yueru easily triumphed despite having a single Berserk Skill. Of course, the fact that both women were Elementalists was part of the reason.

When both combatants were of the same cla.s.s, the difference between their strength depended on the individuals’ combat standards, Attributes, and Skills.

However, the main reason for such a gap was the ma.s.sive difference between their equipment quality.

Moreover, Zhao Yueru currently had three Epic items on her. Among the players in this ranking compet.i.tion, one could count the number who had three Epic items on one hand.

Hence, Yi Luofei’s defeat was natural.


As everyone recovered from their shock of seeing Zhao Yueru’s attack, the Zero Wing representative commanded her Frostflame Cheetah to pounce on Yi Luofei.

Although the Frostflame Cheetah was only a Lord ranked monster, it still posed a significant threat to Tier 1 experts. This was especially true for magical, who were not fond of speed-type monsters.

Yi Luofei was forced to turn her spells against the Frostflame Cheetah while keeping an eye on Zhao Yueru’s movements.

Seeing the cheetah distract Yi Luofei, Zhao Yueru revealed a smile and waved Frostflame’s Wrath before pointing it to the sky. A large magic array then covered over half of the stage as it manifested above the fighters.

The waiting partic.i.p.ants gasped.

Despite being below the stage and knowing that they were safe from the current battle, the partic.i.p.ants felt the threat of death loom over them.

Even a fool could tell that Zhao Yueru had cast a large-scale destruction Spell.

“Die!” Zhao Yueru abruptly swung down her staff.

Immediately, the entire stage trembled as the area’s ice- and fire-type Mana went berserk.

This move was none other than Frostflame h.e.l.l, one of Frostflame’s Wrath’s Activatable Skills. When activated, it dealt a combination of ice- and fire-type damage to all enemies within a 50-yard radius every second for 10 seconds.

With the Frostflame Cheetah keeping her busy, Yi Luofei had no hope of escaping the AOE in time.

Noticing the wave of fire and cold air surge towards her, Yi Luofei activated Frost Barrier, becoming invulnerable to all attacks for a short time.

However, despite having upgraded the Spell to Tier 1, it would only last for eight seconds.

She was simply delaying the inevitable.

The seconds ticked by quickly. When the eight seconds were finally up, the Frost Barrier shattered, and the rampaging ice- and fire-type Mana killed Yi Luofei instantly.

As Frostflame h.e.l.l dissipated, the spectators could see how miserable a large portion of the stage looked. Silence filled the waiting area below the stage.

Although the system had announced the victor, none of the waiting partic.i.p.ants cheered.

Watching this match had inspired a deep despair in every one of them.

They all thought that Zhao Yueru had simply been too cruel.

First, Zhao Yueru had summoned a Tier 2 Lord to distract her opponent. Then she used a large-scale destruction Spell to end the match. Even with a Skill that provided invulnerability, Zhao Yueru’s Spell would eliminate any opponent unless their Lifesaving Skill lasted for more than 10 seconds.

As for closing in on Zhao Yueru and facing her in close quarters, such a strategy would be suicidal with the woman’s ability to triple-speed-cast.

The closer one was to the spellcaster, the harder Spells were to dodge. Players would also have to deal with a Lord ranked monster hara.s.sing them.

Who could possibly beat Zhao Yueru in a one-on-one?

Her power was overwhelming!

To deal with someone like Zhao Yueru, one would need an ally or the ability to summon a powerful monster with their weapons or equipment. Otherwise, the woman was nearly invincible.

“She lost?” Yan Tianxing could not help his bitter smile as he watched Zhao Yueru on the stage.

He had never imagined that a monster like Zhao Yueru occupied the Black Dragon Empire. When she got serious, she could even render a peak expert like Yi Luofei utterly powerless.

When Yi Luofei resurrected below the stage, her gaze s.h.i.+fted to her previous opponent.

Her declaration to challenge Black Flame was nothing more than a joke now. She still found it hard to believe that she had been defeated so easily.

Now, she more or less understood why the Flower of Seven Sins’ second condition was long-term. She had a.s.sumed that the second condition would be easier to fulfill than the first, but looking at it now, it was obvious that the second condition was, by far, the more challenging.

In the Flower of Seven Sins’ opinion, she wouldn’t be capable of defeating Black Flame for some time. Hence, the organization had set this condition.