Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1422 - Forbidden Land's Treasure

Chapter 1422 - Forbidden Land's Treasure

Chapter 1422: Forbidden Land’s Treasure


Exodus Tales


Exodus Tales

Chapter 1422 – Forbidden Land’s Treasure

“What’s going on?”

“Has Yan Tianxing lost his mind?”

“If I recall correctly, Stone Forest Town has a relatively effective Battle Arena. Some of the top ranking partic.i.p.ants in the previous compet.i.tion had gone there as well. But what’s so good about the town?”

“Does he really have to go this far? Isn’t it just a Guild town? FFF is one of the top five adventurer teams in our empire. Even first-rate Guilds would beg FFF to occupy their towns. I’m pretty sure FFF can gain access to Stone Forest Town just by asking.”

“What? Don’t you know? Many experts are trying to train in Stone Forest Town’s Battle Arena. I’ve heard that the advanced combat rooms are super amazing. They can create a perfect replica of the player that enters the room. The replica can even execute all of the player’s Skills and Spells at 100% Completion Rate. Those rooms are more effective than fighting an expert of the same caliber.”

“That’s right. Firecloud Fox’s Remnant Cloud and Graceful Moon visited Stone Forest Town’s Battle Arena and used the advanced combat rooms multiple times. Both managed to rank among the top 500 in this compet.i.tion. Their performance was significantly more impressive than last time. Remnant Cloud’s combat power has improved so much that he even beat his old rivals.”

“Stone Forest Town doesn’t only have its Battle Arena. It also has an Advanced Auction House with a built-in bartering function. Due to the Battle Arena and the Advanced Auction House, Stone Forest Town has become Star-Moon Kingdom’s undisputed number one Guild town.”

“I’ve heard about that, too. Many top and well-known adventurer teams in Star-Moon Kingdom and several neighboring kingdoms are trying to garrison in Stone Forest Town. Unfortunately, Zero Wing only plans to open five adventurer houses to the public. The various adventurer teams are frantically collecting funds. When the time comes, the compet.i.tion for those adventurer houses will be intense. Though, it is surprising that even an adventurer team like FFF is interested in the town.”


For a time, many people, both in and outside of the arena, discussed Zero Wing’s Stone Forest Town. Many of the empire’s players began to gain some understanding of the Guild town.

When the advanced combat rooms, in particular, came up in conversation, many expert players’ eyes shown with excitement.

Players were more interested in improving their Skill Completion Rates than fighting experts of the same caliber. Most layers of their standards plateaued around 80% Skill Completion Rates. Only after achieving an 85% Skill Completion Rate could they truly exert 100% of their Skill’s power and effects.

Now that they knew they had an opportunity to improve their Skill Completion Rates, why would they ignore it?

While the players in the spectator stands discussed Stone Forest Town, the various Guilds’ upper echelons in the VIP rooms glared at Yan Tianxing.

“Has Yan Tianxing lost his mind?! He’s using the Dragon’s Graveyard’s treasure map as a wager! Doesn’t he know what the Dragon’s Graveyard is?!” When the upper echelons heard the proposed bet, their eyes became bloodshot with anger.

While the majority of the Black Dragon Empire’s Guilds didn’t know about the Dragon’s Graveyard, first- and second-rate Guilds such as theirs had investigated the area. Naturally, they had some understanding of the treasure map.

One of the reasons for the Black Dragon Empire’s names was the Dragon’s Graveyard within its territory. According to legend, the Dragon’s Graveyard had been home to the Black Dragon tribe. However, for some unknown reason, that location had become a Dragon graveyard.

Dragons were known for their love of treasure. Needless to say, Dragons’ habitats would contain unimaginable treasures. Although the Black Dragon Empire had embarked on several expeditions into the Dragon’s Graveyard, the empire had eventually given up on the map and labeled it a forbidden land due to the severe losses it suffered during such expeditions.

If one had a treasure map for the area, they could gain frightening wealth. To solidify this a.s.sumption, their Guilds had secured an astonis.h.i.+ng bounty after exploring the Dragon’s Graveyard’s outer region.

Upon reaching Level 50, drop-rates from monsters decreased drastically. The quality of dropped weapons and equipment also decreased. When killing Level 50 Great Lords, players generally only obtained a single piece of Level 50 Mysterious-Iron Equipment. However, it was a different story in the Dragon’s Graveyard as its Level 50 Great Lords dropped Level 50 Secret-Silver Equipment.

Meanwhile, a treasure map was akin to a Treasure Chest, but unlike Treasure Chests, players had to hunt down their prize after obtaining the map. Fortunately, the extra step meant greater rewards. Treasure maps weren’t differentiated by rank, either. Rather, the value of a treasure map was based on the danger of its location.

As a forbidden land, the Dragon’s Graveyard’s treasure map would likely lead to more than one Epic item.

Why wouldn’t they be jealous?

The only problem was the graveyard’s severe environment. Upon entering the map, players’ combat power would fall below 10%. Players would also find it difficult to activate Tier 1 Skills and Spells. Generally, they were limited to Tier 0 abilities. Players had to pay a hefty price to deal with a Level 50 Great Lord. Furthermore, Great Lord ranked monsters were common in the Dragon’s Graveyard. There were also quite a few Grand Lords.



Yi Luofei, who watched from below the main stage, stared at Yan Tianxing with confusion.

Did you really have to expose that item just for an adventurer house?

The FFF adventurer team had been on many adventures. It had uncovered many opportunities as well. Among the various opportunities, the greatest had been their acquisition of an Epic ranked item called the True Orb from an ancient ruin. With this...o...b.. Yan Tianxing even had a high chance of defeating the Black Dragon Empire’s number one

They had obtained the Dragon’s Graveyard’s treasure map from a Dark Gold Treasure Chest in the same ruin. One could just imagine how valuable it was.

Yi Luofei couldn’t understand Yan Tianxing’s decision. Even if their adventurer team wanted to occupy Stone Forest Town, they could compete for the opportunity in the auction. With the FFF adventurer team’s financial strength, they were likely to win a slot. This gamble was just unnecessary.


“Guild Leader, the Dragon’s Graveyard is a super-large-scale map in the Black Dragon Empire with extremely abundant resources. The treasures in the area are extraordinary. However, due to the harsh environment, most large Guilds have struggled to pioneer the map,” Gentle Snow explained.

“Yan Tianxing is quite generous.” s.h.i.+ Feng could not help but laugh. “He must know that the compet.i.tion for the garrison slots is going to be intense. But by using the treasure map as bait to convince me to agree to the bet, isn’t he worried about losing it?”

Naturally, no one in G.o.d’s Domain understood the Dragon’s Graveyard better than him.

According to his memories, there were a total of three treasure maps for the Dragon’s Graveyard, which corresponded to the outer region, the inner region, and the map’s core, respectively. Meanwhile, the treasures in each of these areas were better than the last. The wealth one could gain in the outer region was the equivalent of several Dark-Gold Treasure Chests.

It was rumored that the items one could find in the inner region were the equivalent of two or three Epic Treasure Chests. As for the core, the treasures there were the equivalent of one or two Inferior Legendary Treasure Chests.

Although s.h.i.+ Feng had no idea of which treasure map Yan Tianxing possessed, the items in the outer region were already hard to come by, much less those in the inner and core regions.

“Since he wants to gamble, I have no reason to reject his offer.” s.h.i.+ Feng then contacted Zhao Yueru and ordered, “Agree to the bet.”

“Understood.” Zhao Yueru nodded.

“This match is very important. You don’t need to hold back,” s.h.i.+ Feng added.

“Can I really use that move?” Zhao Yueru was confused. However, a hint of antic.i.p.ation flashed in her eyes. Before the compet.i.tion had begun, s.h.i.+ Feng had forbidden her from using all of her strength in battle. His reasoning was very simple. Every additional trump card she had was an advantage. Their priorities in this compet.i.tion were to defeat Crimson Castle and earn enough points to rank among the top three Guilds in the Black Dragon Empire.

“Yes. He is very strong. If you hold back, you might lose,” s.h.i.+ Feng confirmed.

Hearing that she could go all-out, Zhao Yueru’s eyes sparkled with excitement as she s.h.i.+fted her gaze towards Yan Tianxing.

“My Guild Leader has agreed to your conditions so long as you don’t regret making them later on,” Zhao Yueru said, smiling.

“I have never gone back on my word before. Besides, I made the bet in front of so many people,” Yan Tianxing responded, smiling. “Since we have an agreement, let us begin.”

Saying so, Yan Tianxing activated his Berserk Skill and vanished as if he had never existed in the first place.