Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1360 - Shocking Everyone

Chapter 1360 - Shocking Everyone

Chapter 1360: Shocking Everyone


Exodus Tales


Exodus Tales

Chapter 1360 – Shocking Everyone

White River City, Zero Wing’s Residence…

After disconnecting her call with s.h.i.+ Feng, Aqua Rose published an announcement in the Guild chat.

The Guild Leader will be leading a Guild operation personally. All main force members and core members in Star-Moon Kingdom, gather in White River City immediately. Elite members Level 40 and above may apply to join by contacting me. Priority will be given to those with Guild Mounts.

The instant the announcement published, the Guild chat exploded with comments.

“Vice Guild Leader, this isn’t a trick, right?! Boss Black Flame is really going to lead us?!”

“What?! The Guild Leader is leading a Guild op himself?! Are we going after some Guild?! This is awesome! I need to apply!”

“Big Sis Aqua, can’t you relax the requirements a little bit? I’ve just reached Level 40 after many difficulties. I can’t afford a Guild Mount right now.”

“Hahaha! This is great! I’ve been saving up and bought a Guild Mount as soon as they were available!”

For a time, Zero Wing’s members were frenzied. This was especially true for the main force and core members. They were all fully aware of what benefits a Guild Leader-led operation would offer. Not only could they level up incredibly fast, but they’d also get to see the Guild Leader in action up close as they gained combat experience.

Less than a minute after the announcement, Aqua Rose received over a thousand applications. At the same time, plenty of members had were disappointed. After all, despite such a rare opportunity to join a large-scale operation, led by their Guild Leader himself, they didn’t qualify to join because they had already spent their GCP and Coins on upgrading their weapons and equipment. They did not have any money to purchase a Guild Mount.

While Aqua Rose selected partic.i.p.ants from her elite members, the various Guild experts scattered across Star-Moon Kingdom returned to the Residence in White River City. Very quickly, the overall mood in the Residence lifted considerably as the Guild members’ excitement grew.

Meanwhile, the players lined up outside the Residence’s entrance hoping to join Zero Wing were stunned as they watched Zero Wing’s experts return.

Not only were these experts above Level 40, but they were also ridiculously well-geared, with even the most inferior piece of equipment being Level 40 Fine-Gold rank. Many of these experts even wielded Level 40 Dark-Gold Weapons. Meanwhile, the number of such experts returning continued to increase.

The most incredible sight was the tall, mighty Thunder Wolves traveling next to these experts. After entering the Guild Residence, these experts lined up outside of the Guild Hall, yet despite their quiet stances, they all radiated an indescribably heavy pressure.

“What’s Zero Wing planning?”

“Their Guild Mounts are so cool!”

“Why do I get the feeling that I couldn’t even defeat one of those Guild Mounts in a fight?”

Everyone was utterly stupefied.

Although many players had already reached Level 40, very few had Mounts, yet hundreds of Thunder Wolves stood before them. Players who didn’t know any better might a.s.sume that this was an NPC army.

Moreover, everyone could see around 50 different types of mounts aside from the Thunder Wolves. Every Mount was Bronze rank or above.

Not everyone had a clear grasp of Zero Wing’s power, but after this display, they finally understood why Zero Wing was Star-Moon Kingdom’s number one Guild. While other Guilds struggled to get Common Mounts, Zero Wing had already popularized the Thunder Wolf.

Shortly after Zero Wing’s 1,000-man legion had gathered, with Aqua Rose in the lead, the legion departed for White River City’s Teleportation Hall.

As the 1,000-man legion rode their Mounts across White River City, players unconsciously made way as the legion’s imposing momentum swept over them.

When Zero Wing’s legion stopped in front of the Teleportation Hall, the adventurer teams and Guild teams visiting from other kingdoms, confused and curious about what was happening.

A thousand Mounted players stood before the Teleportation Hall’s entrance. The various Guild teams, who had stopped in White River City on their way to the Twin Towers Kingdom to level, were afraid of leaving the Teleportation hall, concerned that their lives might be at stake if they did.

“Which Guild are these players from?” a burly man with silver hair in the Teleportation Hall asked in shock.

“You don’t know? Are you new to G.o.d’s Domain?” a Level 31, simple-looking Swordsman asked.

“I am new, actually. I’ve just reached Level 10 today and came to White River City.” The silver-haired man nodded.

“No wonder,” the Swordsman said as he took a look at the level of the silver-haired man and his companions. Indeed, they were all Level 10 players. “They are all Zero Wing members. Zero Wing is Star-Moon Kingdom’s bona fide number one Guild. It’s a pity that I’m not strong enough. Otherwise, I’d join Zero Wing as well.”

“Zero Wing?” The name was somewhat familiar to this silver-haired.

“Big Brother Tian Ji, isn’t Zero Wing the Guild that Hall Master Jiang wanted to work with?” a bald man asked quietly.

“What?! That’s the Guild that kind belonged to?!” Tian Ji was stunned. “How is that possible?!”

Before he led the White Tiger Dojo’s disciples into G.o.d’s Domain, he had to establish a firm understanding of the game. After all, they had learned that competent fighters would have an edge in G.o.d’s Domain. To fighting experts like himself, combat was commonplace. Hence, battles in a virtual world would be trivial.

However, as he encountered the game’s virtual combat, he quickly realized that the combat in G.o.d’s Domain wasn’t very different from combat in reality. Although he and his subordinates had an advantage, there were some slight differences between virtual combat and real-life combat. Their advantage was limited.

After playing the game for some time, he also gained a general understanding of various NPC towns’ Guilds. Surprisingly, these Guilds were far more impressive than he had a.s.sumed. At one point, he had dueled an expert from a small Guild. Even with his skills, the expert had defeated him. The experience had taught him how impressive G.o.d’s Domain truly was. Of course, he was confident of surpa.s.sing these small Guild experts sooner or later. After all, he had only begun playing the game a few days ago.

With the White Tiger Dojo’s strength and enough disciples, he was confident that they could establish a Guild and raise it to third-rate status quickly. If they wanted to contest with second-rate Guilds, the dojo would be required to invest a large amount of resources and time.

As for contesting against first-rate Guilds, it was too soon for the dojo to aim so high. After all, first-rate Guilds were backed by major corporations. They also had dozens of years’ worth of history in the virtual gaming world and had long since established their own training systems. The White Tiger Dojo had no hope of catching up to first-rate Guilds in a short time unless they annexed second-rate Guilds or purchased shares of a particular first-rate Guild.

Investing in a first-rate Guild would depend on whether or not the Guild was willing to sell shares. After all, these Guilds didn’t lack willing investors.

Tian Ji never thought that s.h.i.+ Feng, some no-name dojo’s Head Instructor, directed such a power…

Meanwhile, as Zero Wing’s members left White River City through the teleportation arrays, news of the legion’s mobilization reached Star-Moon Kingdom’s various major powers.

“Why is Zero Wing dispatching such a ma.s.sive force?”

“With so many experts, has Zero Wing targeted some Guild?!”

“Could Zero Wing be planning to exterminate the Dark Guilds?”

Normally, these major powers ignored a 1,000-man elite team. However, they couldn’t ignore such a legion from Zero Wing. After all, every one of those players was an expert.

If Zero Wing had targeted a particular Guild, even a 10,000-man elite army would not be able to stop this legion.

For a time, the various major powers discussed their guesses about Zero Wing’s intentions. They also recalled their own members to their respective cities.