Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1359 - Pioneering the Ancient Empire

Chapter 1359 - Pioneering the Ancient Empire

Chapter 1359: Pioneering the Ancient Empire


Exodus Tales


Exodus Tales

Chapter 1359 – Pioneering the Ancient Empire

“Top adventurer teams have occupied Heaven’s Burial’s town?” The report confused s.h.i.+ Feng.

In G.o.d’s Domain, adventurer teams fell into various ranks, just like Guilds. When referring to Star-Moon Kingdom’s adventurer teams, the well-known teams’ overall strength could compare to a first-rate Guild’s elite teams. As for the kingdom’s top adventurer teams, every one possessed several dozens of experts. Among these expert players, a small portion could rival first-rate Guilds’ peak experts. When it came to raiding Team Dungeons, they were even stronger than some large Guilds’ main forces.

Normally, these top adventurer teams ventured to dangerous maps that even Guild elite teams avoided. Their leveling speed was no slower than Guild elite players’ that occupied high-resource maps.

This was also why these top adventurer teams paid no attention to the benefits most Guild towns offered, so much so that they even ignored invitations from large Guilds.

Based on Aqua Rose’s report, however, it seemed that more than one top adventurer team had set up a base in Heaven’s Burial’s town. Why wouldn’t s.h.i.+ Feng be surprised?

He immediately checked the official forums, getting a detailed idea of the situation.

Heaven’s Burial and three top adventurer teams have reached an agreement! These adventurer teams will occupy Red Iron Town and will explore the Frozen Scar alongside the Guild’s forces!

Good news! Red Iron Town will soon open the Red Iron Mine to the public! Players will gain access to the mind for a 30% harvesting fee!

These two messages caused an uproar on the Star-Moon Kingdom forums as everyone talked about the town.

“This is going to be awesome! I’ve heard that the Red Iron Mine is a small-scale Regional Dungeon. Not only do the mine’s monsters have higher drop-rates, but you can also harvest all sorts of ores! We’ll make a killing! Why is Heaven’s Burial being so generous?”

“Three of Star-Moon Kingdom’s top adventurer teams and many well-known teams have garrisoned in Red Iron Town! The town’s security will likely only be second to Stone Forest Town. And there are so many high-resource maps nearby. There is even a teleportation array very close to the town. Developing in Red Iron Town might not be a bad idea.”

“It seems Heaven’s Burial has finally gotten serious. This is going to be interesting. I wonder which town will take the position of Star-Moon Kingdom’s number-one Guild Town? Stone Forest Town or Red Iron Town?”

“Stone Forest Town is definitely the number one town right now, but it might not stay that way. After all, Heaven’s Burial is quite powerful. With the a.s.sistance of three top adventurer teams, it won’t be long before they explore the Frozen Scar’s entire map. Red Iron Town’s players will be able to teleport to any of Heaven’s Burial’s towns from Evernight City. Transportation to and from Red Iron Town will become far more convenient than traveling to and from Stone Forest Town.”

“I guess that’s true. There really aren’t any Level 50-plus high-resource maps near Stone Forest Town, either. It’s only suitable to players below Level 50. Considering long-term development, Red Iron Town is the better option. Moreover, with three top adventurer teams based in the town, it’ll be easier for adventurer teams to contact each other in the future.”


The new changes in Red Iron Town tempted many players. While it was important to increase one’s individual strength, leveling and upgrading equipment was more so. More players were reaching Level 40, yet despite having met the level requirement to gain a Mount, most were too poor to purchase one and had to continue their travels on foot. Red Iron Town was also attractive due to how easy it would be to earn Coins.

“Heaven’s Burial is even willing to part with such a goldmine?” s.h.i.+ Feng was astonished as he read the forum posts.

It was not easy to open a mine. First, a team needed to defeat the mine’s Boss. Otherwise, the monsters inside would continue to resp.a.w.n quickly. The monsters would also scale to the highest-leveled player that entered the mine. As the Boss resp.a.w.ned periodically, players were also required to defeat it each time they encountered it.

Furthermore, the mine’s ore deposits were limited and would only resp.a.w.n when the Boss did.

When a Guild occupied a mine, they generally only allowed their own people inside.

Yet, Heaven’s Burial was generous enough to open the mine to the general public after clearing its monsters and Boss.

Although Iron Ore wasn’t particularly valuable, not many towns in G.o.d’s Domain had access to an ore vein. Hence, the various large Guilds would prioritize towns with the most common ore veins as they offered a plethora of riches.

“Guild Leader, once it secured the adventurer teams’ a.s.sistance, Heaven’s Burial dispatched a 1,000-man elite team to pioneer the Frozen Scar. They also sent their 100-man main force. Even the main force’s weakest player is Level 42. They’ll clear the map much faster than their previous exploration,” Aqua Rose said helplessly. “On the other hand, we just survived a ma.s.sive war. Although we didn’t have many casualties, we had lost many of our experts and main force members. During the final stand at the Guild Residence, in particular, we lost a significant number of our main force members and core members.

“While weapons and equipment aren’t a problem, the players who were killed by Evil Demons suffered double the usual penalty. Our main force and core members that had died lost two levels a piece. This has significantly slowed our progress in the Blizzard Fortress and with the Frost King.

“Moreover, the Dark Guilds around White River City are growing bolder. We’ve had to dispatch our experts to deal with them from time to time.

“Guild Leader, should we recall Snow’s forces and prioritize killing the Frost King?”

It had never been wise to underestimate Heaven’s Burial’s main force. And now that so many top and well-known adventurer teams had joined Heaven’s Burial’s exploration team, the team’s overall strength had increased.

In contrast, Zero Wing had been forced to dispatch its main force and experts to various locations to expand the Guild’s influence. As a result, their exploration team’s strength had fallen.

If they let Heaven’s Burial get the Frost King’s first kill, Heaven’s Burial’s position in Evernight City would become unshakable. Meanwhile, Zero Wing would lose the best opportunity to gain access to Evernight City. If that happened, Stone Forest Town’s popularity would plummet by the time mainstream players reached Level 50.

In fact, Red Iron Town had nearly caught up to Stone Forest Town.

“Forget it. We can’t recall Snow. If we don’t have a team of experts there to defend the Branch Guild in the Black Dragon Empire, the empire’s large Guilds will take the opportunity to strike,” s.h.i.+ Feng said, shaking his head. This was why he had refused to ask Gentle Snow for help to protect Stone Forest Town. He then said, “This is a golden opportunity! It’s been a while since Zero Wing had a large-scale Guild operation. Aqua, see to the necessary preparations. Round up 1,000 people. Aside from the main force members and core members, do not select any elite players below Level 40. After you’ve finished, have them gather in Dark Lake Town. We’re going to pioneer the Ancient Orc Empire!”

“Guild Leader, you’re going to lead the operation?” Aqua Rose’s excitement grew as her Guild Leader issued orders.

Normally, the Guild Leader would organize Guild operations as their main purpose was to increase the Guild’s prestige and motivation. However, s.h.i.+ Feng was usually too busy. Normally, he was impossible to find. Hence, Zero Wing’s Vice Guild Leaders, such as herself and Gentle Snow, organized these events. Although n.o.body in the Guild had complained, practically every player that joined Zero Wing knew of Black Flame, and they were all dying to meet him.

The Guild’s main force and core members were particularly eager to quest and raid Dungeons with their Guild Leader.

“Mhm. I’ll take command this time.” s.h.i.+ Feng nodded. He had initially intended to head to the Frozen Scar, but the environment was simply too harsh. Without sufficient preparation, the Frost King was impossible to raid. Moreover, his current goal was to help his people level up. Naturally, they had to travel to a higher-level map.

“The Guild members will go crazy when they hear this!” Aqua Rose responded, smiling. She immediately disconnected the call and began to address the necessary arrangements.