Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1361 - Ancient Orc Empire

Chapter 1361 - Ancient Orc Empire

Chapter 1361: Ancient Orc Empire


Exodus Tales


Exodus Tales

Chapter 1361 – Ancient Orc Empire

Inside a snow-dusted gorge in the Frozen Scar…

The air was cold enough to fog players’ breath. Ice-covered plants glittered like ice sculptures, littering the ground.

A 1,000-man legion advanced through the gorge with Level 42 and above Guardian Knights and s.h.i.+eld Warriors guarding the forefront, creating an iron wall that blocked the narrow path.

Level 46 and 47 Violent Frost Bears, Strength-type High Lords, crashed into this iron wall relentlessly.


[Violent Frost Bear] (Elemental Creature, High Lord)

Level 47

HP 31,000,000/31,000,000


Even with a successful block, ordinary MTs would lose over 10,000 HP with each of these Frost Bear’s normal attacks.

Not only did these attacks contain an immense amount of the Violent Frost Bears’ Strength, but their attacks also had the Freezing Penetration effect.

Freezing Penetration halved the target’s reaction speed, Attack Speed, and healing received. Moreover, s.h.i.+elds couldn’t completely block the effect. Factoring in the Violent Frost Bears’ high Attack Speed and their Tier 2 Skill, Snow Trample, the frontline’s MTs could die in an instant if the healers lost focus.

This was why so many teams had been stuck in this snowy gorge, unable to proceed into the Frozen Scar.

However, when this legion’s Guardian Knights and s.h.i.+eld Warriors received the Violent Snow Bears’ attacks, they never received more than -7,000 damage. Even when the High Lords used their Skills, the MTs didn’t sustain more than -20,000 damage. To these MTs, who had over 40,000 HP, these bears were little more than pests.

“Guild Leader, the Frozen Heart is quite impressive. It seems that Beast Emperor hadn’t lied. With the Frozen Heart, our chances of raiding the Frost King have increased by at least 20%,” Daybreak Fog commented as she looked at the pulsing crystal heart in her hand.

“This is only the beginning,” Singular Burial said, chuckling. “Each of the top three top adventurer teams working with us have their own specialties. Due to their partic.i.p.ation, our team is considerably stronger. It is only a matter of time before we kill the Frost King.”

Zero Wing had just experienced a great war. Although the monster army hadn’t damaged the Guild’s overall strength, it had made a mess of Stone Forest Town. Zero Wing had also lost nearly half of its main force and core members. It would take the Guild a considerable amount of time to recover to its peak.

Moreover, Zero Wing was currently expanding its influence on multiple fronts. Its enemies weren’t limited to Heaven’s Burial. The Black Dragon Empire’s various Guilds also eyed Zero Wing, waiting for an opportunity to strike. Based on the reports he had received, he knew that various minor conflicts had broken out between Zero Wing and the empire’s large Guilds. Furthermore, the shadow of a certain superpower seemed to loom behind many of these Guilds. If Zero Wing wanted to stabilize its position in the Black Dragon Empire, it would need a large number of experts to defend it.

Now that Zero Wing needed to recuperate, Heaven’s Burial had an opportunity to catch up.

With the Frozen Heart, their leveling efficiency in the Frozen Scar was exceptional. As an Asura Mode Regional Dungeon, these monsters provided far more EXP than monsters elsewhere. Once Heaven’s Burial’s core members reached Level 49, they could challenge Level 50 large-scale Team Dungeons before other Guilds and secure the Frost King’s first kill. At that time, Red Iron Town might even be on par with Stone Forest Town. Heaven’s Burial also had Beast Emperor’s secret support.

As Singular Burial sketched out his plan in his mind, Daybreak Fog suddenly paled.

“Guild Leader, this is bad! Apparently, Zero Wing had dispatched a legion of 1,000 experts. Every member of the legion has a Mount, and Black Flame himself is in command. Although we still don’t know their intentions, everyone suspects that the Guild has targeted someone. Guilds throughout the kingdom have begun to recall their main forces and ordered their other teams to spread out. Should we do the same?” Daybreak Fog asked worriedly after reading the message she had just received.

A 1,000-expert legion was no trivial matter.

Moreover, Black Flame himself led this group…

“Do our spies in Zero Wing know where the legion is going?” Singular Burial asked.

“Our spies’ ranks aren’t high enough for the Guild operation,” Daybreak Fog replied, shaking her head.

Although she had wanted to send experts into Zero Wing, the Guild’s management was incredibly strict. The Guild actively used the Main G.o.d System’s contracts to restrict members in ways they didn’t normally pay attention to. Daybreak Fog found it hard to imagine that Zero Wing had only established a few months ago. Not even first-rate Guilds could compare to Zero Wing’s set up.

The Guild investigated every expert they accepted, making it very difficult to spy on Zero Wing. They had been forced to send a few players with potential, having them gradually grow stronger.

However, what Daybreak Fog did not know was that s.h.i.+ Feng had been a Guild Leader in G.o.d’s domain for nearly a decade. Meanwhile, the Guild systems in ten years would be far more complex. He had various ways to deal with spies. Although he couldn’t eradicate all of the spies among the middle- and lower-echelon members, he could contain the Guild’s important secrets.

“As a precaution, scatter the Ghost Shadow Legion’s throughout the Frozen Scar. Have them report back as soon as they discover Zero Wing’s legion!” Singular Burial commanded after giving the matter some thought.

In reality, though, Singular Burial doubted that Zero Wing would pick a fight with Heaven’s Burial. After all, both Guilds had a neutral stance with each other on the surface, focusing on their own development.

Zero Wing had no reason to deal with Heaven’s Burial. Abandoned Wave had led the monster army against Stone Forest Town. Flame Blood had also reported that his ident.i.ty hadn’t been exposed. Moreover, if their Guilds fought, other Guilds would take advantage of the situation. After all, G.o.d’s Domain had already entered the era of Mounts. The various large Guilds were developing rapidly.

However, Singular Burial decided to be careful due to s.h.i.+ Feng’s penchant for the unexpected.


Meanwhile, in Dark Lake Town, which most players avoided, s.h.i.+ Feng configured his team and issued their tasks.

“Alright, let’s set out!”

Once the team was ready, they left the town.

“Big Sis Aqua, there aren’t any high-resource maps nearby. Since he’s gathered so many of us, does Guild Leader plan to raid one of the dark forces’ towns?” Blackie asked curiously as he gazed at the wilderness around him.

Dark Lake Town was located near Star-Moon Kingdom’s border. The town’s surroundings were bleak, without any resources to speak of. Even though the local maps were suitable for Level 40-plus players, no one was willing to go this far to level.

Only the nearby Dark Towns were worth any attention. The dark forces tended to operate in this area since it was so close to the kingdom’s border. Not only could a crusade against these Dark Towns increase the Guild’s Popularity, but they could also gain access to the treasure these Dark Towns hid.

Only, the Dark Towns in this area were extraordinary and would be very difficult to raid.

“I’m not sure. The Guild Leader has said that we’ll understand once we arrive,” Aqua Rose said, shaking her head. She didn’t know s.h.i.+ Feng’s intentions either.

Based on what she knew, Level 65 to 40 NPCs guarded these Dark Towns. Raiding such a town was still beyond their abilities.

However, as everyone considered the possibilities, s.h.i.+ Feng led the legion across Star-Moon Kingdom’s border and into the neutral map, Mourning Battlefield.

For the most part, everyone was familiar with Star-Moon Kingdom’s maps, but they knew very little about the maps outside of the kingdom. However, that did not prevent them from sensing the danger in their surroundings.

“What…is this place?”

When the legion entered the Mourning Battlefield, many shuddered involuntarily as they felt a dense killing intent wash over them, their minds alerting them to the danger.

Suddenly, they noticed three- to four-meter-tall, green Orcs. These Orcs wielded spears, bows and arrows, and wore simple armor. Around 500 Orcs patrolled a short rampart. Although far fewer, some Orcs wielded ma.s.sive war axes, wearing slightly better equipment. Even so, everyone on the team felt a ma.s.sive pressure radiating from the war axe-wielding Orcs.


[Orc Sentinel] (Humanoid Creature, Chieftain)

Level 75

HP 8,400,000/8,400,000

[Orc Captain] (Humanoid Creature, Great Lord)

Level 77

HP 78,000,000/78,000,000


Humanoid Creatures possessed considerably high intellect. Escaping these monsters’ pursuit along would be challenging, not to mention killing them.

“Guild Leader, are we here to grind these monsters” Sweat dripped down Shadow Sword’s forehead as he stared at the Orc Captains on the ramparts.

From where he stood, he counted at least 20 Orc Captains, and this wasn’t Stone Forest Town; they didn’t have the a.s.sistance of the Magic Towers and NPC guards. Charging at these monsters would be suicidal.


s.h.i.+ Feng smiled nonchalantly. He then removed Miniature Ballistas and Exploding Arrows from his bag, one after another.

The Mourning Battlefield was an excellent grinding map. Unfortunately, it wasn’t suitable for ordinary player teams. These Orcs moved in large groups and were incredibly strong individually. In general, only Tier 2, 100-man teams had any hope of safely grinding here.

Although his players hadn’t reached Tier 2 yet, they could compensate with the Miniature Ballistas.