Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1341 - Trump Card Appears

Chapter 1341 - Trump Card Appears

Chapter 1341: Trump Card Appears


Exodus Tales


Exodus Tales

Chapter 1341 – Trump Card Appears

“The barrier managed to block Mythic monsters?!”

“Impossible! What kind of barrier is this?!”

“How much strength has Zero Wing kept hidden!?”

Everyone’s jaws dropped when they saw the beasts halted.

Every large Guild in Star-Moon Kingdom had a few trump cards. They obviously had something as important as a defensive magic array. However, it was unheard of for a player-owned magic array to stop a Mythic monster attack.

The combined attacks of all five Evil Earth Dragon’s claws barely shook the crystal-like barrier. There wasn’t a single crack on the barrier. The array’s strength rivaled those used in NPC cities.

In G.o.d’s Domain, even the most ordinary NPC city had a magic array that could stop Tier 4 monsters. Every major NPC city like White River City had a defensive magic array that could even hold off Tier 5 monsters.

This was also the reason that, aside from special circ.u.mstances, monster sieges against the NPC cities were almost certain to fail. Monsters could only successfully siege NPC towns.

Why wouldn’t they be surprised to see that Stone Forest Town had an array that could rival an NPC city’s?

The Zero Wing members breathed a sigh of relief when the magic barrier appeared. If they faced these Evil Beasts head-on, they would die instantly.

“All members, prioritize killing Great Lord rank monsters and below!” Aqua Rose barked out commands through the Guild chat.

When she read the description of the movement-type defensive magic array, she thought it could only block the Great Lords’ attacks. She had never thought that it could hold off a Tier 4 Mythic monster.

Due to the presence of the defensive magic array, Zero Wing’s members started to regain their confidence. They began to bombard the Evil Beasts before them.

Level 40 players might not normally pose a threat to Level 65 Great Lords, but the three Magic Towers boosted their Basic Attributes by 30%. G.o.d’s Domain’s recent system upgrades also continuously weakened the effects of level suppression. Zero Wing’s members still managed to deal several hundred damage to the Level 65 plus Great Lords even with a gap of over 20 Levels. Those with equipment with the Ignore Levels Attribute dealt -1,000 damage on average.

Several hundred damage might not be much to the Great Lords, which had over 60,000,000 HP. The acc.u.mulated damage of hundreds, or even thousands, of players attacking at once was frightening. The Great Lords were taking hundreds of thousands of damage every second, greatly exceeding their battle recovery. It was definitely possible to kill all the Evil Beasts attacking Stone Forest Town, given enough time.

There were also the Miniature Ballistas and Tier 2 NPC guards pitching in from the sides.

All these factors combined reduced the Great Lord ranked Evil Beasts’ HPs at a rate visible to the naked eye. Evil Beasts below Great Lord rank were even easier to deal with. They could be finished off with a brief burst of concentrated fire.

“d.a.m.n it! How did Zero Wing get such a powerful defensive magic array!?” Abandoned Wave gnashed his teeth as he looked at the scene. The magic barrier remained completely intact even after numerous attacks from so many Evil Beasts. At this rate, the Evil Beasts he nurtured were simply EXP for Zero Wing. He reluctantly manipulated the dark-gray crystal ball in his hands once again. “You might be able to block normal Tier 4 attacks, but what about Tier 4 destructive Spells?!”

The five Evil Earth Dragons abruptly stopped attacking the magic barrier as the crystal ball glowed. Then they widened their mouths.

The Mana around the Evil Earth Dragons started rampaging as it gathered in front of their mouths.

Five black beams shot out of the Evil Earth Dragons’ mouths shortly later.

Tier 4 Spell, Evil Energy Roar!

The blacks beams shook the barrier violently. The other Evil Beasts attacking the barrier backed away from the powerful impact momentarily.

“It blocked the attacks?” Abandoned Wave was shocked by what he saw.

The Evil Energy Roar rivaled the Intermediate Mana Pulse Cannon’s might. Its AOE was much small, though.

“Hm? No, there are cracks on the barrier.”

Once the Evil Energy Roars ended, Abandoned Wave could clearly spot numerous cracks on Stone Forest Town’s barrier. But the cracks were being repaired quickly enough to see with the naked eye.

“As expected of a Tier 4 Spell. Its might is truly frightening.” s.h.i.+ Feng took a look at the movement-type defensive magic array beside him. The five Evil Energy Roars had depleted its energy by more than half. That was only one wave of attacks.

All defensive magic arrays needed to be supplied energy. The more damage the magic array absorbed, the more energy it consumed.

The magic array’s endurance limit was the other important factor affecting the energy depletion rate.

The movement-type defensive magic array he had obtained from the Fallen Ark had a Tier 3 endurance limit. As long as an attack’s standard exceeded Tier 3, the energy depleted from such an attack would increase exponentially. Each of the Evil Earth Dragons’ normal attacks had already depleted the magic array’s energy by a frightening rate of 1%. This 1% was enough to hold off the combined attacks of the 200-plus Great Lords for a considerable amount of time. After the Evil Energy Roars, the magic array’s energy had decreased by nearly 70%…

Restoring the magic array’s energy cost 5,000 Magic Crystals each time. Currently, he only had around 60,000 crystals on hand, and that was including the 50,000 crystals Phoenix Rain had returned. In addition, firing the Intermediate Mana Pulse Cannons cost 2,000 Magic Crystals per shot, while the Basic Mana Pulse Cannons cost 1,000 crystals per shot.

He could only restore the magic array’s energy a limited number of times.

“Sure enough, it isn’t invincible! I want to see just how long you last!” Seeing the cracks on the magic barrier, a sinister smile appeared on Abandoned Wave’s face. He then controlled the Grand Lords to a.s.sault the magic barrier with their most powerful Skills.

Although he did not have a good understanding of Stone Forest Town’s magic barrier, he could guess the barrier’s limit based on the cracks. Normally, a barrier would only show signs of damage when an attack exceeded its limit. When that happened, the defensive magic array would lose a significant amount of energy.

Once the magic barrier’s energy had been depleted, his Evil Beast army would storm Stone Forest Town and slaughter the players in it.

As Abandoned Wave controlled his Grand Lords, they rampaged, hurling one high-tiered Skill after another at the barrier before them. The magic array lost energy with each hit. For a moment, it even began to show signs of shattering.

Seeing this, the Zero Wing members on the ramparts grew increasingly nervous.

Once the magic barrier broke, their lives would be on the line.

“Sure enough, using such a method to fight Mythic monsters is a little far-fetched.” s.h.i.+ Feng sighed when he saw the magic array’s energy levels fall below 10%. He then contacted Blackie and asked, “Blackie, how are the preparations on your side?”

“We’re ready! We’re just waiting for your command!” Blackie said, grinning.

“Although it is a little wasteful to use them here, it’s about time we show our enemy that they aren’t the only ones with Tier 4 forces!” s.h.i.+ Feng then commanded, “Summon the Divine Beasts! It’s about time we refresh their memory!”

Following s.h.i.+ Feng’s command, three ma.s.sive, golden magic arrays appeared above Zero Wing’s Residence, each array enveloping nearly half of the town.

Immediately, three golden Dragons that were over a hundred meters tall emerged from these magic arrays. The Divine Dragons hovered in the sky as they flapped their ma.s.sive wings. They released deafening roars that echoed throughout Stone Forest Town and its surrounding area as they overlooked all lifeforms like kings.