Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1342 - Divine Dragon's Power

Chapter 1342 - Divine Dragon's Power

Chapter 1342: Divine Dragon’s Power


Exodus Tales


Exodus Tales

Chapter 1342 – Divine Dragon’s Power

As the three Divine Dragons appeared, silence descended on the battlefield.

Any who bathed in the Divine Dragons’ aura, including both Stone Forest Town’s players and the Evil Beasts attacking the magic barrier, looked up at the creatures as if they were staring at Kings.

“Impossible!” This definitely can’t be real!”

“Three golden Dragons? How much power has Zero Wing hidden?”

“Zero Wing is too strong! It seems that the dragon summonings during the previous war hadn’t just been due to luck after all.

“Sure enough, Zero Wing isn’t Star-Moon Kingdom’s number one Guild for nothing. Which Guild in Star-Moon Kingdom could possibly be a match for Zero Wing’s foundations?”

“d.a.m.n it! Why did I leave Stone Forest Town so quickly?! I threw away the chance to watch such an interesting battle!”

Although the players who watched the live-stream couldn’t experience the battlefield’s atmosphere personally, they were still shocked to see three Divine Dragons hovering over Stone Forest Town.

To current players, Tier 4 Mythic monsters were invincible.

Not many had been optimistic about Zero Wing’s chances of protecting Stone Forest Town.

However, now that Zero Wing had summoned three of its own Mythic monsters, it had a fighting chance.


“How is this possible?” Singular Burial was momentarily stunned when he saw the three Divine Dragons. He couldn’t believe his eyes.

He, too, had been present during the last war.

During that battle, he had a.s.sumed that Zero Wing had obtained a Summoning Scroll for the Divine Dragon by chance, only allowing the Guild to summon it once. As a precaution, he and Abandoned Wave had prepared for the possibility that Zero Wing could summon another Divine Dragon.

Yet, Zero Wing had just summoned three of them…


Before everyone could react, the three Divine Dragons flapped their wings, creating a strong gale. They then vanished, transforming into streaks of golden light as they reappeared above Stone Forest Town’s ramparts.

Spreading their ma.s.sive jaws, each of the Divine Dragons created a golden magic array.

Divine Dragon’s Breath!

Immediately, three golden tornadoes swept across the Evil Beast army. As these tornadoes encountered three of the Evil Earth Dragons, they threw the creatures hundreds of yards away. Any Evil Beast below Lord Rank died instantly.

“This is so awesome! This attack must’ve killed at least a thousand Evil Beasts!” Blackie, who controlled one of the Divine Dragons, was astonished when he saw the destruction the golden tornado left in its wake. As the tornadoes danced across the battlefield, only death followed. This phenomenon continued for 500 yards.

After watching Alluring Summer control the Divine Dragon during the last siege, he understood that the Mythic monster was very powerful, but he only realized just how powerful the Divine Dragon was after controlling one for himself.

Seeing five Level 65 Great Lords charging towards him, Blackie sent a tail swipe at them.


The attack sent the five Great Lords flying over 30 yards away, a damage of over -1,000,000 appearing above each of their heads. Blackie’s Divine Dragon then lashed out with its claws, turning over a dozen Elite Evil Beasts into dust.

The Divine Dragon’s power was simply devastating.

Alluring Summer and Violet Cloud controlled the other two Divine Dragons. Arriving before two Evil Earth Dragons, the Divine Dragons swiped their ma.s.sive claws. Reacting quickly, the Evil Earth Dragons responded in kind.


The instant the claws collided, the impact pushed the nearby Elite Evil Beasts back. As for the two Evil Earth Dragons, they were forced to take two steps backward. It was clear that the Divine Dragons surpa.s.sed them in terms of Strength. Immediately, Alluring Summer and Violet Cloud attacked their respective opponents’ abdomens with tail swipes.

The collision threw the Evil Earth Dragons over 40 yards away…

Although Blackie, Alluring Summer, and Violet Cloud couldn’t control the Divine Dragons as they did their own bodies, their combat techniques and experience far surpa.s.sed the Evil Earth Dragons. In a one-on-one fight, they could easily suppress their opponents.

The Divine Dragons’ overwhelming display of power stirred a blood-l.u.s.t in Stone Forest Town’s players.

Every one of the Mythic monsters’ actions could destroy the surrounding terrain. Monsters below Lord rank couldn’t even approach to the Divine Dragons. Although the Divine Dragons’ combat standards were not high, they caused a much larger common than a player-fought battle. If not for the defensive barrier protecting them, no one doubted that the resulting shockwaves would be more than enough to destroy the town…

By summoning the three Divine Dragons, Zero Wing had turned the tide of war.

“Is this our Guild’s power? This is too amazing!”

“All hail Boss Blackie! Victory will be ours!”

Every Zero Wing member was ecstatic. They had never realized how powerful their Guild was. Seeing this, the players that had chosen to withdraw from the Guild turned pale.

“Use this opportunity to kill the Great Lord monsters and above! Don’t let any of them get away!” s.h.i.+ Feng commanded.

Although the Divine Dragons were very powerful, each one cost 88 magic array scrolls to summon. The materials required to create the Divine Beast’s Descent Magic Array Scrolls were also extremely precious. Each scroll cost over 10 Gold to produce.

However, the production cost was secondary. To produce the Divine Beast’s Descent Magic Array Scrolls, on needed a special material called Mana Essence. It only dropped from 50-man or more Team Dungeons. It was a precious item to every large Guild, and creating a set of Divine Beast’s Descent Magic Array Scrolls required 88 Mana Essences.

Even though Zero Wing now had a lot of members, it had barely collected enough Mana Essence for three sets.

Zero Wing had invested everything in this war. Hence, it was of utmost importance that they recuperate some of their losses through these Evil Beasts’ deaths.

Unfortunately, Evil Beasts did not drop weapons or equipment. They only provided some EXP and materials. The most valuable loot, the Evil Energy Crystal, only dropped from Chieftain rank and above monsters. Compared to the cost of the three sets of Divine Beast’s Descent Magic Array Scrolls, these items were barely worth anything.

The only consolation was the Soul Orb, which allowed him to absorb souls from Great Lords and above. He could absorb the souls from any of the Great Lords his Guild team killed. With so many Great Lord ranked monsters in a single location, this was a rare opportunity.


“Three Divine Dragons?” Abandoned Wave’s mouth twitched as he watched the Divine Dragons slaughter his Evil Beasts. It had taken a log of effort to obtain each of his Great Lord ranked Evil Beasts, yet Zero Wing’s members were farming them for EXP. “Good! Very good! I want to see just how many you can kill! Once your magic barrier shatters, Stone Forest Town will meet its doom!”

Abandoned Wave steeled his heart.

Now that he had revealed so many Evil Beasts to the public, the various large Guilds would undoubtedly prepare countermeasures against the creatures. If he failed to destroy Stone Forest Town this time, it would be very difficult to nurture another large army.

Although Zero Wing’s prowess exceeded his expectations, the town’s weakness was obvious. As long as he shattered the town’s defensive barrier, the Evil Beast army would storm the town.

Abandoned Wave commanded his monsters to attack the town’s defensive barrier. He even instructed his five Evil Earth Dragons to ignore their divine cousins, intending to trade the dragon’s HP for the magic barrier’s energy.

Following which, the magic barrier’s energy drained. At the same time, s.h.i.+ Feng replenished that energy. At the rate at which he poured Magic Crystals into the array, he didn’t dare use the Intermediate Mana Pulse Cannons again.

The intense slugfest stupefied every spectator.

While the Evil Beasts a.s.saulted Stone Forest Town’s barrier and ignored their enemy’s attacks, the latter threw everything it had at the Evil Beasts. Under Zero Wing’s fierce a.s.sault, the army continued to lose monsters. The initial 500,000 decreased to 400,000, and then to 200,000. Even two of the five Evil Earth Dragons had died…

When the Evil Beast army had less than 100,000 monsters remaining, Stone Forest Town’s magic barrier shattered under three remaining Evil Earth Dragons’ Evil Energy Roars.