Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1340 - The Intermediate Mana Pulse Cannon’s Might

Chapter 1340 - The Intermediate Mana Pulse Cannon’s Might

Chapter 1340: The Intermediate Mana Pulse Cannon’s Might


Exodus Tales


Exodus Tales

Chapter 1340 – The Intermediate Mana Pulse Cannon’s Might

The instant the Intermediate Mana Pulse Cannons activated, two pitch-black, magic arrays formed above the Magic Tower as they absorbed the surrounding Mana. The intense Mana fluctuation immediately attracted attention.

“What’s that?”

“What an intense feeling. What’s Zero Wing trying to do?”

Players in town were shocked by the pressure they felt from the Magic Tower. This was especially true for magical cla.s.s players, who were far more sensitive towards elemental Mana. Currently, the magic arrays above the tower felt like black holes as they devoured a ma.s.sive amount of Mana.

“Is this another attack from the Magic Tower?” Abandoned Wave was not particularly surprised to see this. In response, he gestured with a hand.

Immediately, the Evil Beast army charging forward began to spread out.

He had long since familiarized himself with the Magic Tower’s attacks. After all, these defensive structures were the reason he had suffered in the previous war. However, he had full control of the Evil Beast army this time. Although the Magic Tower’s AOE was vast, if the monsters spread out, the Magic Towers wouldn’t be as much of a threat.

As the players on the ramparts watched, they shook their heads and sighed.

“These monsters’ reaction time is too fast. Although the Magic Towers’ attacks are powerful, they won’t be very effective with how spread out the monsters are.”

As the players discussed their thoughts, the two Intermediate Mana Pulse Cannons finished their channeling time.

In the next moment, the cannons fired two black beams, reaching the center of the Evil Beast army in the blink of an eye. As the beams struck the ground, two pillars of black light shot into the sky, piercing the clouds. This phenomenon was nothing like the Magic Towers’ prior attacks.

As the black pillars rose, they expanded.

Radius of 100 yards… 200 yards… 300 yards…

The pillars of light devoured more Evil Beasts as it spread. The pillars only stopped after achieving a 500-yard radius. Any monster below Chieftain rank was turned into ash instantly. Although the Chieftain ranked Evil Beasts survived initial contact with the pillars, the attack’s DoT eventually claimed their lives as well. Only Lord ranked Evil Beasts and above survived the attacks.

“What were those attacks?! They even killed Chieftains in one move! This is insane!”

“So, this is Zero Wing’s foundation?”

Everyone’s jaws dropped as they stared at the armageddon before them. Shocked by the black pillars’ destructive power, even the Evil Beast army had halted its advance.

“Just what did Zero Wing do?! How did the AOE grow so large?!” Abandoned Wave stared at the pillars of black light, which had yet to fade, with wide eyes.

Despite having spread out, the two attacks had killed over 15,000 Evil Beasts. Among them, over 2,000 Chieftains had died, while the Lords had less than half of their HP remaining. Although the higher-rank Evil Beasts hadn’t lost a significant amount of HP, they were severely injured, reducing their combat power drastically.

Such frightening, destructive power was simply unheard of…

Such attacks could deal a devastating blow to his Evil Beast army. If he allowed several more of those attacks to land, the consequences would be unimaginable.

Singular Burial wasn’t the only one shocked. Every major power witnessing this was astonished.

With such frightening war weapons, who would dare attack Stone Forest Town in the future?

Fortunately, the town’s current enemy was a monster army. No amount of players would be enough to capture Stone Forest Town.

“This won’t do! I won’t be able to sustain the losses if this continues!” Abandoned Wave had lost his complacent att.i.tude. Immediately, he took a dark-gray crystal ball from his bag and started chanting. “Go! Destroy the Magic Towers!”

In the next moment, the five Level 70, Mythic ranked Evil Earth Dragons’ crimson eyes began to glow. With large strides, they approached Stone Forest Town rapidly.

Although the Evil Beast army was relatively easy to create, Chieftain ranked Evil Beasts and above were difficult to produce. Not only did their creation depend on luck, but he also needed to sacrifice monsters of a sufficiently high rank and level. Moreover, he only had a chance of created Mythic ranked Evil beasts by killing high-ranked Evil Beats. It was utterly impossible to nurture a Common Evil Beast to Mythic rank.

He wouldn’t have minded losing these high-rank Evil Bests in a normal slugfest, but it was a different story if Zero Wing simply slaughtered them.

The moment the Evil Earth Dragons moved, Stone Forest Town’s players felt death loom over them.

At this stage of the game, one Mythic monster was more than enough to destroy a Guild town, much less five. Although Zero Wing had protected the town against Mythic monsters before, it had only faced three during that battle. They had also only been Level 65. Even so, those three Mythic monsters had ravaged the Guild. It had come very close to losing Stone Forest Town.

[Evil Earth Dragon] (Dark Creature, Mythic)

Level 70

HP 210,000,000/210,000,000

Currently, the Evil Earth Dragons weren’t suppressed as they had been during the previous war. Not only were their Attributes terrifyingly high, but they also had a higher intellect and were easily capable of evading the Miniature Ballistas’ attacks. Moreover, the Evil Earth Dragons could shake off the Exploding Arrows as if they were nothing. Their battle recovery alone was enough to dishearten even the strongest player.

Although Stone Forest Town launched a constant stream of attacks, these attacks only eliminated the Evil Beasts below Great Lord rank. To Great Lords and above, the Magic Towers and Basic Mana Pulse Cannons were a minor concern.

And the Intermediate Mana Pulse Cannons had a long, three-minute Cooldown.

Three minutes might not be long in a player-fought war, but it was more than enough time for Great Lords and above to end this battle.

In the end, before the Intermediate Mana Pulse Cannons’ Cooldown ended, the 200-plus Great Lords, 40-plus Grand Lords, and five Evil Earth Dragons stood before Stone Forest Town’s walls.

Although Stone Forest Town had already upgraded to Intermediate rank and was protected by very tall walls, these walls weren’t half as tall as the Evil Earth Dragons. Before the Mythic monsters, Stone Forest Town’s ramparts were easily-crossed hurdles…

“It seems Zero Wing is truly finished. There are so many powerful monsters. This is insane.”

“Even a 500-man elite team is unlikely to stop a Level 65 Great Lord. If those 200-plus Great Lords work together, Zero Wing’s 40,000 members won’t even serve as a warm-up.”

When the spectators had watched Zero Wing reveal so many powerful war weapons, they had held onto some hope of success. However, they realized how futile Zero Wing’s attempts were as the Evil Beast stood before the town’s walls.

“Hahaha! Go, my servants! Sacrifice every lifeform in the town for the Almighty Evil G.o.d!” Abandoned Wave commanded, laughing.

He had been worried about the Intermediate Mana Pulse Cannons, but now that the monster stood before the ramparts, the war was as good as over.


Deafening roars filled the air as the Great Lord ranked Evil Beasts leaped towards Stone Forest Town’s ramparts.

“I’ve been waiting for this! You will be excellent test subjects!”

Standing atop the Magic Tower, s.h.i.+ Feng casually retrieved the movement-type, defensive magic array he had obtained from the Fallen Ark. He then inserted 5,000 Magic Crystals into the array and cranked it up to maximum.

Immediately, a crystal-like barrier expanded and enveloped Stone Forest Town.

Boom… Boom… Boom…

Suddenly, these Evil Beasts slammed into an invisible, steel-like wall 10 yards from the ramparts, unable to proceed farther.

“What’s this?”

“A magic barrier?”

Zero Wing’s members, who had prepared for an arduous battle, were confused when they saw the Evil Beast army stop.

Not even the five Evil Earth Dragons were able to move an inch closer to the town…