Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1295 - Instant Judgment

Chapter 1295 - Instant Judgment

Chapter 1295: Instant Judgment


Exodus Tales


Exodus Tales

Chapter 1295 – Instant Judgment

As the first match was announced, a commotion erupted in the VIP stands.

“A present White Tiger Dojo disciple fighting an ex-White Tiger Dojo disciple! This match is going to be interesting!”

Those in the VIP stands were all insiders of the fighting industry. They had already investigated every fighter that had advanced through the elimination round. They were all aware of You Ziping’s background.

You Ziping had been a relatively talented disciple of the White Tiger Dojo. He had become an intermediate disciple despite being so young. If he continued to work hard for another year or two, he definitely could have become an advanced disciple.

Becoming an advanced disciple in the White Tiger Dojo was basically a guarantee that one could qualify for the national fighting compet.i.tions.

Yet, for some inconceivable reason, You Ziping had shown up as one of the Big Dipper Dojo’s representatives.

As the audience in the VIP stands discussed the matter quietly, Jiang Tianyuan wore a twisted expression. You Ziping’s actions were a slap in the face for the White Tiger Dojo. The dojo would become a laughingstock.

“Hall Master, rest a.s.sured; Liao Huajie will teach the boy how wrong and foolish his decision was,” Xie Qiwen said, smiling.

He had waited for this day for a long time.

Although You Ziping was slightly more skilled than Liao Huajie, the latter had far more combat experience. Liao Huajie could easily defeat You Ziping.

With You Ziping’s defeat, they would show everyone the White Tiger Dojo’s strength while leaving a stain on the Big Dipper Dojo’s reputation. He could even cripple You Ziping in the process. This was practically killing three birds with one stone.

There was no possibility of Liao Huajie’s defeat. He was very familiar with You Ziping’s skills. The teen would need another one or two years of arduous training to reach the national level. Meanwhile, Liao Huajie’s strength was not as simple as everyone a.s.sumed.

Below the main stage, the various fighters watched Liao Huajie and You Ziping on the main stage. They were very curious to see the outcome of this fight.

Unlike everyone else, a flash of concern appeared in Yu Yiqing’s eyes as she watched You Ziping stretch. She then quietly moved towards Shadow Sword and Turtledove, who also watched the match. Quietly, she said, “If you two are You Ziping’s friends, you must stop this fight. Liao Huajie is not as simple as you think. He is one of our main branch’s watchmen. If you don’t stop You Ziping before the match starts, he will be in danger.”

“A watchman?” Shadow Sword and Turtledove turned to Yu Yiqing, their expressions turning serious when they heard this. “Are you telling the truth?”

Yu Yiqing was a member of the White Tiger Dojo. Although they did not know what Yu Yiqing intended by warning them, they knew that watchmen should not be underestimated.

Those who weren’t familiar with the various dojos and training centers might not know what the term “watchman” implied. However, those who focused on breaking into the industry’s inner circle were familiar with the word.

To put it simply, a watchman determined if a disciple was worthy of focused nurturing.

After all, a dojo or training center’s resources were limited. It was not possible to provide tons of resources to every member.

Hence, anyone who could defeat the designated watchman would receive the dojo’s attention and vice versa. This maintained the quality of the establishment’s best disciples.

Watchmen were no weaker than those favored disciples.

Rather, the opposite was true.

On average, watchmen were stronger. Generally, watchmen were experts the establishment’s upper echelons had chosen unanimously. Although watchmen were forced to hide their achievements during their service, once their term ended, they would receive their dojo’s best training. Moreover, as compensation, they would have access to an abundance of resources during their service. As a result, many people aspired to become watchmen. Unfortunately, very few were ever chosen.

Although not every dojo and training center had watchmen, it was normal for a peak dojo like the White Tiger Dojo.

“Why would I lie to you?” Yu Yiqing rolled her eyes at Shadow Sword and Turtledove. She was one of the White Tiger Dojo’s geniuses. She didn’t need petty tricks to defeat her opponents. “Although I’m not trying to brag, Lu Huajie is no weaker than I am. You Ziping stands no chance against him. Moreover, Lu Huajie is famed for his mercilessness during fights.”

“He’s as strong as you are?” Turtledove asked as she evaluated Yu Yiqing.

“If I fought him, I’d have a sixty-forty chance of winning,” Yu Yiqing said after giving the matter some thought.

Lu Huajie had been hiding his strength. Only the dojo’s upper echelons knew his true skill. Meanwhile, she was the genius Tang Jingyao’s future successor, so she was at least on par with Lu Huajie. However, to convince the Big Dipper Dojo to take Lu Huajie more seriously, she exaggerated his strength a little bit.

“So, that’s the case. We shouldn’t need to notify the Guild Leader, then.” Turtledove breathed a sigh of relief.

Shadow Sword nodded in agreement. He, too, didn’t think this matter was worth s.h.i.+ Feng’s time.

“You guys…” Turtledove and Shadow Sword’s response dumbfounded Yu Yiqing momentarily. Although she tried to ask if they truly understood the severity of the matter, they shut her up with a word of thanks. As a result, she could only walk away, fuming as she realized that Shadow Sword and Turtledove were just as stubborn as You Ziping. None of them could be reasoned with!

As Yu Yiqing tried to think of a way to convince You Ziping to drop out of the match, the timer above the main stage began to count down.

“You Ziping, I had thought you were better than this. I had believed that you could have joined the main branch after another year or two. But you crossed the line today. You betrayed the White Tiger Dojo. Today, I show you the price for that betrayal,” Lu Huajie said as he stopped two meters away from You Ziping. Sneering, he continued, “Brother Qiwen has asked me to pa.s.s you a message. You are 100 years too early if you wish to compete on his level!”

Suddenly, Lu Huajie moved. Executing Swimming Dragon Steps, he was instantly within attack range of You Ziping. He then launched a flying knee kick at You Ziping’s face. At the same time, his arms lashed towards You Ziping’s neck like whips. Lu Huajie’s attacks were extremely vicious. From the very onset of the match, he aimed for You Ziping’s life.

Against an attack to the face, fighters instinctively go on the defensive, ignore attacks from other directions. However, Lu Huajie wanted more from his flying knee attack than You Ziping’s focus on defending himself. Martial artists frequently practiced conquering their defensive instincts. Rather, Lu Huajie wanted to distract his opponent with the initial attack, preventing You Ziping from noticing the attacks aimed for his neck.

As Lu Huajie’s knee flew towards You Ziping’s face, You Ziping dashed forward, instead of retreating.

“That guy is insane!”

The fighters below the stage were shocked by You Ziping’s suicidal counter. If the knee struck his face, he would die.

Is he trying to get himself killed?

Lu Huajie was a little surprised by You Ziping’s actions. However, it didn’t distract him from his attacks.

In the moment between life and death, You Ziping barely avoided the knee as he circled to Lu Huajie’s side. When their bodies interlocked, You Ziping used centrifugal force to land a powered punch to Lu Huajie’s back.

You Ziping’s attack was as quick as lightning, giving his opponent no time to react.


When You Ziping’s fist met Lu Huajie’s back, Lu Huajie felt as if he had been struck by a hammer. Immediately, Lu Huajie spat a mouthful of blood as the strike threw him over three meters away. By the time he hit the ground, Lu Huajie had lost consciousness. The entire process was complete in the blink of an eye.


Practically everyone watching the fight was stunned.

Just as they thought that Lu Huajie would win, You Ziping stood on the stage alone.

“The fight ended so quickly! Can somebody tell me what just happened?! I didn’t see anything!”

Many of the spectators stared in shock, confused about what had just happened.