Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1296 - Competition with Many Hidden Experts

Chapter 1296 - Competition with Many Hidden Experts

Chapter 1296: Compet.i.tion with Many Hidden Experts


Exodus Tales


Exodus Tales

Chapter 1296 – Compet.i.tion with Many Hidden Experts

The various dojos and training centers’ upper echelons were even more shocked than the audience in the spectator stands, staring at the match’s victor with wide eyes.

However, n.o.body was more surprised than Xie Qiwen.

What… What is going on?! How is he so strong?!

He was extremely familiar with Lu Huajie’s strength. Although Lu Huajie was slightly weaker than Gu Chen, the boy could still rank among the top of the main branch’s advanced disciples. This was why the main branch had agreed to dispatch Lu Huajie for this friendly compet.i.tion.

Evey Xie Qiwen wouldn’t be able to defeat Lu Huajie so quickly, yet You Ziping had ended the match in the span of a breath…

Yu Yiqing stared at You Ziping with a stupefied expression from below the stage.

“Impossible! How did he become so strong?!” Yu Yiqing thought back to what You Ziping had told her. “Could he have hidden his strength all this time?”

Moreover, You Ziping wasn’t the only one behaving strangely today. The other two Big Dipper representatives, Fu Jinghong and Yu Qiaoqiao, had been extraordinarily calm despite learning that Lu Huajie was a watchman. They were both obviously confident of You Ziping’s victory.

However, this only further confused Yu Yiqing.

If You Ziping had revealed such strength early on, the White Tiger Dojo would have offered him focused training. If that had happened, even Xie Qiwen would have had a hard time dealing with him.

“Could the Big Dipper Dojo be responsible for this?” Yu Yiqing considered the possibility, her voice shaking as she spoke aloud. She couldn’t bring herself to believe it.

When the referee on the stage announced You Ziping’s victory, shrieks of excitement flooded the arena.

“So strong! Is this the Big Dipper Dojo’s true strength?”

“Is that guy a monster?! I didn’t see what had happened!”

After this match, the audience’s admiration for the Big Dipper Dojo reached new heights.

Jiang Tianyuan, however, wore a solemn expression as he watched from the VIP stands.

“Hall Master, Lu Huajie must have been careless! However, Gu Chen and Yu Yiqing should be able to restore our reputation!” Xie Qiwen hurriedly explained. Although he knew that his explanation was somewhat forced, it was true that Lu Huajie had been careless.

When fighting an expert of the same level, a direct, full-powered a.s.sault was foolish. If the opponent spotted a weakness, they could certainly obtain victory with a single blow. Lu Huajie’s miserable defeat was understandable.

“Hopefully, that is the case. After this compet.i.tion, I would also like a proper explanation for why You Ziping is suddenly representing the Big Dipper Dojo,” Jiang Tianyuan responded in a deep tone as he glanced at Xie Qiwen.

While it was true that Lu Huajie had been careless, not every fighter could find an opportunity to deal such a devastating blow. It a certain degree of skill. It was clear that You Ziping had already reached this standard.

“Also, I want you to learn everything there is to know about the Big Dipper Dojo. Do not miss a single detail.” Jiang Tianyuan could not help but s.h.i.+ft his gaze towards s.h.i.+ Feng, who sat quietly in the distance. He kept having the feeling that there was more to the Big Dipper Dojo than what met the eye.

“Understood. I will look into it.” Xie Qiwen repeatedly nodded, feeling a chill crawl down his spine when the heavy pressure Jiang Tianyuan gave off washed over him.

Jiang Tianyuan was a legend in the White Tiger Dojo. Even the Head Hall Master treated him with respect. Jiang Tianyuan’s wrath was not someone a mere genius like himself could hope to endure.

Meanwhile, on another side of the VIP stands, Xiao Yu and Xiao Yan brimmed with exhilaration.

“Head Instructor s.h.i.+, you are truly astounding! You poached such a genius from the White Tiger Dojo! Now that we have defeated one of the White Tiger Dojo’s elites, I’m afraid that the crowds will trample over and destroy the Big Dipper Dojo’s entrance tomorrow.” When Xiao Yu thought about the sea of people that would rush to apply for the Big Dipper Dojo, an indescribable joy bloomed in his heart.

As long as the Big Dipper Dojo developed successfully, it would help the Big Dipper Group grow. The company would finally be able to branch out of Jin Hai City and enter a bigger stage.

“I was just lucky,” s.h.i.+ Feng said, chuckling.

You Ziping’s performance had been quite impressive. It was no wonder why even Lai Bao and Fire Dance had given him praise. Although You Ziping had only played G.o.d’s Domain for a short time, his level had increased very quickly. Almost every monster he fought was a higher level. In addition, his foundations had already been sound. As a result, after practicing Void Steps incessantly, he had undergone a qualitative transformation. Unlike Shadow Sword, who had used five bottles of S-rank Nutrient Fluids to reach his current level, You Ziping had only needed one. As for Turtledove, she had used four bottles.

You Ziping was more fit than Shadow Sword and Turtledove. When it came to combat experience, however, You Ziping couldn’t compare to them. After all, You Ziping had never experienced a fight against G.o.d’s Domain’s peak experts.

Following which, time pa.s.sed quickly. One match after another ended on the main stage.

The following matches were intense, and the audience’s blood boiled as they watched. Unlike the first match, however, the other matches’ outcomes weren’t surprising. The only unexpected outcome was that, among the eight contestants that made it to the quarterfinals, one was an independent contestant that had joined using the nickname Evil Fire. Despite not belonging to a dojo or training center, Evil Fire was frighteningly skilled.

The strangest thing was that n.o.body had ever seen or heard of Evil Fire before. As a result, many dojos and training centers sent the contestant secret invitations, with some offering him astronomical incomes, yet Evil Fire refused every offer. Instead, he made a confusing counteroffer, stating that he would only join an establishment if they had a representative that could defeat him in G.o.d’s Domain.

During the quarterfinals’ second match, Evil Fire faced Gu Chen.

No one had expected the unknown Evil Fire to defeat Gu Chen, one of the White Tiger Dojo’s geniuses and Xie Qiwen’s future successor, in less than ten moves. During the final exchange, Evil Fire abandoned all caution as he landed a ruthless blow to Gu Chen’s chest, knocking his opponent out instantly like a wild beast. As a result of his recklessness, though, Evil Fire had broken an arm.

Evil Fire’s combat method made every spectator shudder.

If not for the high-quality medical care available, Evil Fire’s fighting career might have ended with that final blow.

“Is that person trying to get himself killed? He’s a savage.” Xiao Yan frowned when he recalled Evil Fire’s fight. It was very obvious that Evil Fire had deliberately sacrificed an arm to finish Gu Chen. No normal martial artist would’ve fought so desperately, especially not in a friendly compet.i.tion.

Trying to get himself killed?

s.h.i.+ Feng did not voice his opinion.

Although the fight seemed desperate, in reality, he had made the wisest decision. The match’s outcome wouldn’t have been so clear otherwise. After all, Gu Chen clearly had the advantage regarding physique. Evil Fire had only defeated his opponent due to having more combat experience. Based on the way Evil Fire fought, s.h.i.+ Feng could tell that the teen had experienced plenty of life-or-death battles. Otherwise, the teen wouldn’t have been able to maintain his calm in such an intense fight.

As everyone discussed Evil Fire’s match, Xie Qiwen wore a grim expression. He couldn’t understand what was happening.

This was simply a friendly compet.i.tion between six third-tier cities, yet one unknown expert had shown up after another. Now, even Gu Chen had been defeated. How was this a city-level compet.i.tion? This could practically be considered a national-level compet.i.tion already.

During the third match, Shadow Sword defeated his opponent from the White Cloud Dojo, advancing to the semifinals.

The crowd cheered as the quarterfinals’ last match began.

Yu Qiaoqiao VS Yi Yuqing!