Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1294 - Famous

Chapter 1294 - Famous

Chapter 1294: Famous


Exodus Tales


Exodus Tales

Chapter 1294 – Famous

“Amazing! Truly amazing!”

“Are all of Big Dipper’s disciples so powerful?”

Exclamations echoed throughout the spectator stands. When they discovered Yu Qiaoqiao’s ident.i.ty, their interest in the Big Dipper Dojo grew.

If only one of the dojo’s representatives were strong, they could chalk it up to that individual’s talent. However, it was a different story if both representatives were powerful.

This showed that the dojo had excellent teaching methods.

Meanwhile, the various upper echelons in the VIP stands stared at s.h.i.+ Feng and Xiao Yu in shock.

“Didn’t Big Dipper recently establish its dojo? How could they have nurtured such skilled disciples?”

“No wonder why the White Tiger Dojo stopped challenging the various dojos and training centers after visiting the Big Dipper Dojo! It turns out that the Big Dipper Dojo is actually quite powerful!”

“So, that rumor was true. The Big Dipper Group has won the lottery this time. Why can’t a powerful master stumble into our dojo as well?”

Everyone in the VIP stands was a fighting industry insider, so they were all aware that the Big Dipper Dojo was a new construct. Moreover, the dojo had specifically been established for s.h.i.+ Feng.

However, they had neither expected s.h.i.+ Feng to be such a powerful individual nor a capable instructor. With this, the Big Dipper Dojo’s fame would grow.

“Hahaha! Big Brother, our Big Dipper Dojo is famous. Several people just contacted me stating that they wish to join the dojo. There are even a few professional fighters among them who have previously refused our invitations,” Xiao Yan said excitedly.

Since the dojo’s establishment, the Big Dipper Group had constantly searched for ways to expand the dojo’s influence. After all, a dojo wouldn’t necessarily become popular just because it had a master martial artist leading the training sessions. Before the dojo succeeded in nurturing powerful disciples, n.o.body would know how capable said master was. If the master happened to be inept at teaching, there was no point to joining the dojo.

Hence, they had attempted to recruit some well-known professional fighters in Jin Hai City and the several neighboring cities. Unfortunately, these fighters had either refused outright or demanded too high of a price.

Now, however, these professional fighters, who had acted like almighty masters, acted like children. They were all eager to join the Big Dipper Dojo.

Xiao Yu nodded and smiled as well.

He hadn’t realized how thoroughly s.h.i.+ Feng had hidden his capabilities either. Now, they didn’t have to worry about damage to the Big Dipper Dojo’s reputation, and they could recruit a plethora of well-known professional fighters.

As the audience paid more attention to the Big Dipper Dojo, the matches around the arena became increasingly intense as the various compet.i.tors fought to obtain the only advancement slot for their respective platforms.

As predicted, all three representatives from the White Tiger Dojo advanced through the elimination round eventually. All three were unbelievably skilled.

The other dojos and training centers didn’t fare as well. Over 40-plus dojos and training centers had come to partic.i.p.ate. Even if the remaining slots were divided equally, not every establishment could earn a slot. Furthermore, many fighters had joined the compet.i.tion independently. In the end, only the stronger dojos and training centers would advance.

“The White Tiger Dojo really is impressive as expected of one of the country’s best dojos. The other dojos and training centers simply aren’t a match for it.”

“The Martial Heaven Dojo is also pretty strong. All three of its representatives advanced. As for the White Cloud Dojo, if Lu Jingshan hadn’t lost, all of its representatives would have advanced as well.”

“That Big Dipper Dojo is also quite skilled. All three of its representatives advanced to the next round, too. Moreover, I heard that the Big Dipper Dojo is relatively new. It can definitely rival the Martial Heaven Dojo and White Tiger Dojo.”

When the organizers displayed the list of fighters who had advanced above the stage, the audience discussed the various establishments.

Among the many dojos and training centers, only the White Tiger Dojo, the Martial Heaven Dojo, and the Big Dipper Dojo would be represented by all three of their fighters in the next round. Hence, many people started comparing the three dojos.

When Xie Qiwen heard the chatter, he paled.

The spectators were comparing one of the country’s best dojos to third-rate organizations. If news of this reached the main branch, the higher-ups would call his management capabilities into question.

d.a.m.n it! Where did Big Dipper find so many experts?!

Xie Qiwen balled his fists as he glared at the distant Xiao Yu. In his opinion, the only person in the Big Dipper Group capable of such a feat was the sly old fox, Xiao Yu.

As Xie Qiwen inwardly cursed Xiao Yu’s cunning, Jiang Tianyuan, asked from beside him, “Qiwen, why is You Ziping listed among the Big Dipper Dojo’s representatives?”

“Hall Master, this… I’m not sure.” Feigning ignorance, Xie Qiwen replied, “I’ll have someone find out what is going on immediately. Once he returns, I’ll demand an explanation.”

“No need. Despite the White Tiger Dojo’s nurturing, he dares to represent another dojo without consent. He has already broken one of our sacred taboos. He is no longer a member of the White Tiger Dojo. Let him fend for himself,” Jiang Tianyuan announced coldly.

Originally, he had considered You Ziping a talented child worthy of the dojo’s attention. Hence, he had specifically asked if the boy had been chosen to represent their dojo in this compet.i.tion. Even if You Ziping hadn’t been chosen, he had intended to recommend moving the youth to the main branch for better training.

However, You Ziping had greatly disappointed him.

“Understood.” Xie Qiwen nodded. However, when Jiang Tianyuan looked away, he revealed a faint sneer.

You Ziping had lost his protection from the White Tiger Dojo. It was obvious that Jiang Tianyuan’s att.i.tude towards You Ziping had changed significantly. After this, dealing with the boy would become easier.

Once the compet.i.tion ended, he would report You Ziping for violating his contract with the White Tiger Dojo. Not only would You Ziping be forced to pay a ma.s.sive compensation fee, but it would also deal a blow to the Big Dipper Dojo’s reputation. To protect itself, the Big Dipper Dojo might be forced to abandon You Ziping.

Shortly after the elimination round, the 32 contestants that had advanced approached the sports arena’s main stage to draw lots.

The main stage was far more s.p.a.cious than the surrounding platforms. Moreover, the virtual screens constantly broadcast the main stage, allowing all of the spectators to watch the fights.

As the 32 contestants drew lots in sequence of their platform number, a pet.i.te, beautiful girl in a blue martial arts uniform walked up to You Ziping. This girl was none other than Yi Yuqing.

“You Ziping, must you do this?” Yi Yuqing asked quietly. “You know that Hall Master Jiang already plans to give Mengyun to Xie Qiwen. If you leave to join the Big Dipper Dojo now, you’ll destroy your future.”

In the White Tiger Dojo, very few knew that Yi Yuqing, who was only second to the G.o.ddess Tang Jingyao in terms of strength, had a friends.h.i.+p with You Ziping and Jiang Mengyun.

“I couldn’t care less about that anymore. Xie Qiwen is only a step away from the global stage. Meanwhile, I am still a mere intermediate disciple in the White Tiger Dojo. Whether it’s strength, resources, or family background, I am inferior to him in every aspect. If I don’t fight now, I won’t have a chance once he reaches the international level,” You Ziping said seriously.

“Even so, you shouldn’t go about it like this!” Yi Yuqing was astonished when she saw You Ziping’s determination. “If you lose the White Tiger Dojo’s protection, Xie Qiwen won’t hesitate to strike out at you! He already told us to cripple you in this compet.i.tion! If you fight either Gu Chen or Liao Huajie, you must be careful! If you can’t, surrender!”

“Relax. I’ll show Xie Qiwen that I’m not just going to take his c.r.a.p lying down,” You Ziping said, smiling calmly.

“You…!” Angry, Yu Yiqing spun around and left.

She couldn’t understand where You Ziping’s confidence came from. If she had to fight him, she could show mercy. However, it was a different story for Gu Chen and Liao Huajie. After all, Xie Qiwen was close with both fighters. However, now that You Ziping was determined to take this path, it was not her place to stop him.

Time pa.s.sed quickly. After the drawings were done, the compet.i.tion resumed.

The screens above the arena displayed the first match-up.

First match: Liao Huajie VS You Ziping!