Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1209 - Promotion Quest

Chapter 1209 - Promotion Quest

Chapter 1209: Promotion Quest





Chapter 1209 – Promotion Quest

Currently, Sharlyn wore a set of exquisite, red-white robes. Although s.h.i.+ Feng did not know exactly what rank the robes were, they added a hint of divinity and charm to her appearance. They also exuded a fierce Divine Might.

Divine Might!

Not just any random weapon or piece of equipment possessed this kind of power. It needed to be an item once worn by a G.o.d. Moreover, the item must have absorbed some of said G.o.d’s power to radiate Divine Might.

Legendary mage robes?

s.h.i.+ Feng guessed.

Take the Seven Treasures for example. As G.o.ds had created these items personally, the exuded Divine Might.

The fact that Sharlyn’s robes radiated Divine Might proved that they were extraordinary.

Most Legendary items in G.o.d’s Domain did not exude Divine Might.

However, when s.h.i.+ Feng saw the faint smile on Sharlyn’s face after hearing her comment, he shuddered involuntarily.

Only now did he recall that Sharlyn possessed a very high-rank Identification Skill that could even observe the contents of a player’s bag s.p.a.ce. He currently had more than 10,000 Gold on him…

“Why are you giving me that look? Do you think I covet your 15,739 Gold Coins?” Contempt laced Sharlyn’s words as she spoke. “After so much time, you sure have a lot more secrets. You’ve even gotten your hands on a treasure fragment. I wonder how angry Demon G.o.d Paimon is right now. After all, he spent hundreds of years to seal that orb.”

s.h.i.+ Feng’s heart began to pound.

The War G.o.d’s Temple had been searching for the Seven Treasures constantly, yet based on Sharlyn’s tone, it seemed as if she had known the Treasure of Illusion’s whereabouts all along.

“Do you think I’m working for the War G.o.d’s Temple?” Sharlyn said as if she had read s.h.i.+ Feng’s thoughts. Chuckling, she said, “You’ve sought me out to find a way to prevent Paimon from taking the treasure fragment back, right? Unfortunately, I have no way of s.h.i.+elding the fragment from Paimon’s detection.”

“Is there really no way?” s.h.i.+ Feng sighed dejectedly.

If he couldn’t hide the Soul Orb from Demon G.o.d Paimon, then he would have no choice but to hand the item over to the War G.o.d’s Temple. Even a Demon G.o.d couldn’t reach the orb inside the War G.o.d’s Temple. However, simply handing the orb over would be a huge waste.

“I never said there wasn’t a way. If the treasure absorbs a sufficient amount of divine power, you can remove Paimon’s seal. Even Paimon won’t be able to do anything about it. If you wish to keep the treasure fragment, you should find more G.o.d Crystals quickly. There is nothing else anyone can do to help you. After all, we are only mortal. We have no hope of resisting G.o.ds,” Sharlyn explained.

“G.o.d Crystals?” s.h.i.+ Feng smiled bitterly.

He wanted to obtain a lot of G.o.d Crystals. After all, he had many items that needed divine power to evolve. However, G.o.d Crystals were extremely rare, even rarer Epic items. Obtaining a single G.o.d Crystal was extremely difficult, yet removing the first seal on the Soul Orb required ten crystals. Where was he supposed to find so many G.o.d Crystals?

As if she had predicted s.h.i.+ Feng’s concerns, Sharlyn giggled and said, “Others might have a hard time finding G.o.d Crystals, but for you, it shouldn’t be a difficult task.”

“Not difficult for me? Why?” s.h.i.+ Feng asked curiously.

“Five thousand Gold consultation fee,” Sharlyn demanded, smiling as she stretched out her hand.

s.h.i.+ Feng rolled his eyes at the woman, inwardly cursing her for being black-hearted. However, he still handed over the 5,000-Gold consultation fee.

G.o.d Crystals were of utmost importance. Unfortunately, he had yet to discover any clues about their whereabouts.

After receiving the 5,000 Gold, Sharlyn’s smile become all the more charming.

“It’s very simple, actually. Don’t you have that Ancient Doc.u.ment[1] on you? As long as you ask the Ancient Doc.u.ment, you’ll find clues regarding G.o.d Crystals.” Sharlyn waved her hand, and in the next instant, the Ancient Doc.u.ment in s.h.i.+ Feng’s bag appeared before him. “Of course, this is only one of the clues you can use to find G.o.d Crystals. The other one is the most important.

“Now that you’ve reached Level 50, you can consider your Tier 2 promotion quest. I suggest you complete it as soon as possible as you don’t have much time left.”

Initially, s.h.i.+ Feng wanted to curse at the woman. Of course, he knew that the Ancient Doc.u.ment possessed such an ability. After all, he had bought it from the Dark Auction. However, the Ancient Doc.u.ment would only provide a clue to one G.o.d Crystal. He needed ten for the Soul Orb. Moreover, he had a greater purpose for the Ancient Doc.u.ment. It would be wasteful to use it to find G.o.d Crystals.

“What does my Tier 2 promotion have to do with G.o.d Crystals?” s.h.i.+ Feng asked.

He simply needed to complete a quest for his Tier 2 promotion. Meanwhile, the G.o.ds themselves had used G.o.d Crystals. The two were not related in the least.

“Have you forgotten that you own of one of the Ten Great Saint Legacies?” Sharlyn smiled as she took out an ancient book. She then explained, “This ancient book contains records of the Ten Great Saint Legacies. Every time you complete a promotion quest, you’ll be sent into a different s.p.a.ce. The Ancient G.o.ds had left these s.p.a.ces behind. G.o.ds would have certainly stored items there. Hence, for you, it isn’t a particularly difficult task to obtain G.o.d Crystals.”

Hearing Sharlyn saying so, s.h.i.+ Feng thought back to the Eternal Courtyard he had visited in the Origin Sword Domain. An Ancient G.o.d had indeed once lived there. Moreover, he had discovered the Holy Grail in that s.p.a.ce.

However, as his strength had been limited then, he had been restricted to certain areas. Just surviving and completing his quest had been extremely difficult. He had only obtained the G.o.d Crystal due to luck.

As Sharlyn had said, the sooner he completed his Tier 2 promotion, the better. This way, he would have more time to focus on other things. Once he had his Tier 2 cla.s.s, he could explore new areas and find new treasures.

“Lady Sharlyn, may I know how I should go about completing my promotion?” s.h.i.+ Feng asked.

Previously, he had completed his cla.s.s-change with the a.s.sistance of a Legacy item. However, his Legacy item had disappeared. If he had a normal cla.s.s, he could simply go to the library or War G.o.d’s Temple and seek out a high-tiered instructor for his Tier 2 promotion. However, hidden didn’t have that option. They needed Legacy items to show the way.

“I can send you there. I charged you a friends.h.i.+p price the last time. This time, it will cost you 10,000 Gold and an additional 188 Mana Stones,” Sharlyn said, stretching out her hand as she revealed an expression that stated, “You should be thankful I am offering such a low price.”

When s.h.i.+ Feng heard this, he very much wished to say, “Why don’t you go rob a bank or something!?”

Others only needed to pay 50 Gold for their Tier 2 promotion, yet his required 10,000 Gold and 188 Mana Stones. Even if he had the Philosopher’s Stone, he still needed 9,400 Magic Crystals to synthesize that many Mana Stones.

If it an independent player stood in his place, they wouldn’t even be able to afford their Tier 2 promotion after reaching Level 100.

“I am giving you a great deal here. If you went to find someone else to a.s.sist you, they’ll have to be a Tier 5 magical cla.s.s, and you’d need three of them. Hiring three such existences will cost you a fortune. On the other hand, I’m only charging 10,000 Gold,” Sharlyn explained.

“Alright, then. However, I don’t have that many Mana Stones on hand right now, and I need to prepare.” When s.h.i.+ Feng heard that he needed three Tier 5 magical cla.s.s NPCs to help him, he understood that this promotion quest of his was nothing ordinary. Most likely, only an NPC like Sharlyn could help him. Any other NPC with the required strength would be incredibly rare.

Following which, s.h.i.+ Feng left the library, rus.h.i.+ng back to the Candlelight Trading Firm.

On his way, Melancholic Smile contacted him, an excited expression on her face as she said, “Guild Leader, good news! Abyss has successfully constructed the first Advanced Transport Carriage!”

TL Notes:

[1]Ancient Doc.u.ment: In Chapter 1171, ancient book -> Ancient Doc.u.ment.