Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1208 - Dark Sanctuary

Chapter 1208 - Dark Sanctuary

Chapter 1208: Dark Sanctuary





Chapter 1208 – Dark Sanctuary

On the foggy Demon Island, Brute Spear directed the Flower of Seven Sins members to carry away blood-red broken pillars secretly. These broken stone pillars radiated a faint Divine Might, and aside from the Mana directly around the pillars, they attracted all nearby Mana, increasing the density significantly.

The smaller stone pillars were roughly three meters long; a single Berserker could barely carry one. The larger pillars were seven to eight meters high, and transporting one required several players.

These blood-red pillars littered the Demon Altar.

“Hurry up! We need to move these before the other powers discover this place!” Brute Spear commanded.

If s.h.i.+ Feng were present, he would instantly recognize these blood-red pillars.

In the past, these pillars had been used to form the magic array that had protected the Flower of Seven Sins’ city.

This magic array was known as the Dark Sanctuary.

Under the cover of the Dark Sanctuary, the Mana density within the enveloped area would reach heights that even the Tower of Four Elements could not compete with. However, this wasn’t the Dark Sanctuary’s greatest purpose. Rather, it was its ability to help players grow.

Players could fight system-generated copies of themselves in the Dark Sanctuary’s core as long as they spent enough Magic Crystals. Moreover, their copies could execute Skills at 100% Completion Rate. Fighting such an opponent would help players realize their flaws and improve rapidly within a short period.

Due to this magic array, countless experts had tried to join the Flower of Seven Sins.

Only, the magic array Brute Spear and the others had just secured was damaged. It could not be used right away. Even so, just by gathering the blood-red pillars in a location, they could increase the area’s Mana density.

As Brute Spear and the others transported the stone pillars, the Flower of Seven Sins’ members received a system notification.

System: Demon G.o.d Paimon has issued a recovery order for the Soul Orb. Anyone who kills the Soul Orb’s wielder will receive a bountiful reward from Demon G.o.d Paimon. You will need to pay 500 Magic Crystals to accept this quest. Do you wish to accept this quest? This quest is valid long-term. It can be accepted at any time and does not have a time limit.

The Soul Orb?

Brute Spear was shocked when he heard this system notification.

Isn’t that the item Frost Eye took from me?

The Demon G.o.d Paimon had bestowed the Soul Orb to him as a treasure. Brute Spear had never thought that this treasure would be this important.

Brute Spear suddenly regretted his decision to wager the orb.

“Boss Brute, doesn’t Frost Eye have the Soul Orb?”

“This is interesting. The Demon G.o.d’s reward will certainly be impressive. Many players will accept this quest. Frost Eye is in for a lot of trouble now.”

“That’s not possible, right? After all, that’s Frost Eye we’re talking about. Killing him is easier said than done.”

“Boss Brute, should we accept this quest?”

“We know that Frost Eye has the Soul Orb. We have an advantage over the other groups.”

“That’s right. Even if we can’t get it, those from the Sin of Wrath and Sin of Greed will try for it. After all, there are a few among them who are close to becoming Baron Demons.”

The Demon G.o.d’s “bountiful reward” sorely tempted the Flower of Seven Sins’ members. They might get enn.o.bled after completing the quest. Even if they didn’t, they would still gain a significant amount of Reputation, allowing them to reach the Baron rank more easily. This was a very rare opportunity for Demon players.

“Let’s not accept the quest for now. We should tell Big Sis about this first. We’ll let her decide what we should do,” Brute Spear said after giving the matter some thought.

The others nodded in agreement.

At the same time, the various dark forces in G.o.d’s Domain began to take action.

“A bountiful reward from the Demon G.o.d?”

“Just who is the unlucky fellow that provoked the Demon G.o.d? Anyways, this is good news to us.”

Both the various Dark Guilds and the independent Dark Players accepted the Demon G.o.d Paimon’s quest without hesitation.

Dark Players had access to fewer quests than normal players. As a result, it was extremely difficult for Dark Players to raise their Reputation with the dark forces. They would likely earn a ton of Reputation Points by completing this quest, let along the potential reward from the Demon G.o.d.

Elsewhere, s.h.i.+ Feng arrived at the library of White River City.

More players crowded the building than during his previous visits. Many magical cla.s.s players were practicing their Spells in the main hall, and some were even learning from the NPC instructors to improve their spellcasting accuracy.

Unlike physical, magical cla.s.s players needed a considerable amount of training to hit monsters with their Spells. This was especially true after so many G.o.d’s Domain evolutions. Players that had recently joined G.o.d’s Domain would have a very difficult time fighting even Common monsters. Hence, they needed to practice a lot more to improve themselves.

Although the various starting towns had their own combat instructor NPCs, the combat basics these NPCs taught were only useful to newcomers. If one wanted to grow more powerful, they had to enter a city. Physical cla.s.s players could find their instructors in the War G.o.d’s Temple. As for magical cla.s.s players, their combat instructors were in the city’s library.

These locations were the easiest places for ordinary players to enter and train. After all, locations such as the Divine Colosseum cost Magic Crystals. This was a price that ordinary players could not afford. This was especially true for players that had just joined G.o.d’s Domain.

Hence, ordinary players often visited both the War G.o.d’s Temple and the library.

If players wished to receive guidance from a senior instructor, they had to pay 1 Silver per hour, whereas a junior instructor only cost 30 Copper per hour. Even ordinary players could afford this. Hence, most ordinary players came here to train at night while spending the day in the fields engaged in battle. By doing so, they could grow stronger faster than simply fighting monsters all day.

Zero Wing’s members were far better off. As Zero Wing now had a 3-star Guild Residence, it had its own Training Room. Not only could the training room teach players to utilize their Skills and Spells, but it also taught players basic combat techniques. Neither the library nor the War G.o.d’s Temple offered as much.

After entering the library, s.h.i.+ Feng headed to the top floor.

The guards have grown stronger again?

s.h.i.+ Feng was slightly surprised when he saw the two black armored Knights guarding the Star-Moon Hall’s entrance.

Every time he visited the Star-Moon Hall, the Knights were stronger than before.

Originally, the guards had only been Level 180, Tier 3 Knights. Now, they were Level 210, Tier 3 Knights. Even Level 180, Tier 4 NPCs would have trouble dealing with these Knights. After all, the higher one’s level was, the more Attributes one received with each level up. A gap of 30 Levels at such a high level was no trivial matter.

These two Tier 3 Knights did not block s.h.i.+ Feng’s path into the Star-Moon Hall. Rather, they opened the doors when s.h.i.+ Feng came within 10 yards as if they had been instructed to do so.

Seated on the throne in the middle of the hall was a golden-haired, saint-like woman. When this saintly woman saw s.h.i.+ Feng, the corners of her lips curled up slightly.

“After some time apart, you seem to have collected a lot more treasures and Coins.”