Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1210 - Modified Advanced Transport Carriage

Chapter 1210 - Modified Advanced Transport Carriage

Chapter 1210: Modified Advanced Transport Carriage





Chapter 1210 – Modified Advanced Transport Carriage

“He’s done already?”

s.h.i.+ Feng grew ecstatic when he heard Melancholic Smile’s report.

Advanced Transport Carriages were not that easy to construct. Even with all the required materials, it was possible that certain parts wouldn’t meet the system’s standards, which would result in failure during the final a.s.sembly. These faulty parts would need to be remade, and the carriage would have to be rea.s.sembled. These various processes were extremely taxing in both time and energy.

However, as long as the Advanced Transport Carriages were complete, they would ma.s.sively a.s.sist Stone Forest Town’s development.

Stone Forest Town’s reconstruction was already complete. However, the Transport Carriages, the key to unlocking the Intermediate Town’s true potential, were still missing.

Although it was possible to rent ordinary carriages from NPCs, those carriages could hold up to four players at a time. Moreover, the rental price was relatively high. The amount of time one could save with these carriages was also minimal as their speed was on par with Common Mounts. If ordinary players were asked to spend 40 Copper just to save five hours, they would likely choose to walk the entire way. Hence, for the moment, s.h.i.+ Feng had set the fee for using the rented carriages at 30 Copper per player. With this, he may not make a profit, but he wouldn’t lose money, either.

If they could have a fleet of Advanced Transport Carriages now, they could solve many problems. First, the speed of an Advanced Transport Carriage was on par with a Mysterious-Iron Mount. Second, it was capable of carrying up to twenty players at a time. With these two factors, they would make quite an income by just offering players transportation. Furthermore, Advance Transport Carriages could carry cargo.

An Advanced Transport Carriage could carry up to 60 non-bag s.p.a.ce items.

In player towns, a wandering NPC merchant’s stock depended on the town’s transportation services. This was because the majority of a wandering merchant’s goods were non-bag s.p.a.ce items.

The more non-bag s.p.a.ce items a town could transport, the more rare items wandering merchants would bring to said town. Moreover, more wandering merchants would visit. This was considered a hidden benefit.

This hidden benefit had only been discovered after many Guilds had established their own Advanced Towns or Basic Cities in the past. When the news spread, the various Guilds regretted not establis.h.i.+ng a transportation system early on. Otherwise, they would’ve attracted far more players with the wandering NPC merchants.

Moreover, as a town or city attracted more wandering merchants, it would unlock another hidden benefit—a Mystery Shop!

The Mystery Shop mainly sold Mystery Treasure Chests. As its name suggested, one had a random chance of obtaining all sorts of items from the Mystery Treasure Chest such as potions, weapons, equipment, Magic Scrolls, food, beverages, and far more. If one were lucky, they could even obtain Dark-Gold Weapons and Equipment. It had been very popular among players. However, while the Mystery Shop had an unlimited number of Mystery Treasure Chests in stock, players could only purchase five Mystery Treasure Chests per day at most. Each treasure chest sold for two Silver Coins.

After players purchased a certain number of Mystery Treasure Chests from the Mystery Shop, they could become members of the shop. By then, players could enter the shop’s second floor, competing for a limited number of up-to-date and rare weapons, equipment, and tools. Even the most inferior among these items was Secret-Silver rank, and players had often found Fine-Gold items. While very rare, Dark-Gold items would also appear from time to time.

After reaching Level 50, it would become very difficult to obtain high-quality weapons and equipment. Obtaining Level 50-plus Secret-Silver Equipment would be as challenging as finding current Dark-Gold Equipment. Hence, getting to compete for up-to-date Fine-Gold Weapons and Equipment every day was a huge opportunity for most players.

This opportunity did not require players to have superb combat techniques. As long as one had enough Coins, they could purchase the items they desired.

Players had swarmed to any town or city with Mystery Shop. Back then, even merchant players had used these Mystery Shops to make a fortune, traveling to the various towns and cities to compete for these items, then reselling them elsewhere for a profit. After all, players rarely sold their Level 50-plus Fine-Gold Weapons and Equipment.

Upon arriving at the Candlelight Trading Firm, s.h.i.+ Feng hurried to Burning Abyss’s workshop.

“Guild Leader, what do you think of this Advanced Transport Carriage?” Melancholic Smile asked as she gestured to the exquisite carriage in the workshop’s center.

Unlike the horse carriages gliding down cities’ streets, the Advanced Transport Carriage was not pulled by a horse. Rather, it resembled the Bronze Engineering Locomotive, a completely mechanized mode of transportation. Players could operate it simply by purchasing fuel from NPC shops. It was similar to taming Mounts. Living Mounts needed to be fed during fixed times. The higher a Mount’s rank was, the more expensive its food needed to be.

“Is this a modified version?” After examining the Transport Carriage, he noticed that it was slightly different from the original design.

“Mhm, Burning is an engineering genius. He modified it slightly using his research from t.i.tan City, enhancing its performance slightly,” Melancholic Smile explained.


[Advanced Transport Carriage] (Common Rank)

A creation of Master Engineer Burning Abyss.

Maximum capacity: 20 people

Durability 200/200

Item storage when liberated: 8,000 bag s.p.a.ce slots and 60 non-bag s.p.a.ce slots.

Additional Skill-

Mana Combustion: Increase Movement Speed by 15% by absorbing the Mana of player. Each minute consumes 1,500 Mana. No Cooldown.


“Amazing!” s.h.i.+ Feng said, surprised.

He had seen the Mana Combustion Skill before. However, this Skill generally only manifested on Bronze rank or higher mechanical carriages or Mounts. This was his first time seeing the Skill on a Common Advanced Horse Carriage.

With this 15% Movement Speed increase, the Transport Carriage would rival Secret-Silver Mounts.

However, when s.h.i.+ Feng looked at this Advanced Transport Carriage, he felt a little helpless.

With the materials they had at hand, they could produce at most two Advanced Transport Carriages. If they could ma.s.s-produce the Transport Carriage, the Mystery Shop might open in Stone Forest Town before it even became an Advanced Town.

It would be great if we could find some replacement materials.

s.h.i.+ Feng thought.

Green Ebony was even rarer than Diamond Wood. Moreover, it could only be found in extremely dangerous maps. Procuring a large quant.i.ty would be very difficult.

Right! Green Ebony only grows where normal Ebony grows, and only a small minority of Ebony in high Mana density environments grow into the tougher, harder, and more Mana-conductive Green Ebony. What if I use the Philosopher’s Stone’s Elemental Strengthening on normal Ebony?

s.h.i.+ Feng suddenly remembered the Philosopher’s Stone.

Aside from concocting potions, alchemy could convert and strengthen items.

Green Ebony was born from Ebony. It was definitely worth giving the Philosopher’s Stone a try.

Ebony was not a particularly rare material in G.o.d’s Domain. One could even say that it was a very common type of wood. If he could transform Ebony into Green Ebony, he could save himself plenty of trouble.

Ma.s.s-producing the Advanced Transport Carriage would no longer be a challenge.

Thinking up to this point, s.h.i.+ Feng had Melancholic Smile retrieve some Ebony from the Candlelight Trading Firm’s warehouse while he retrieved the Philosopher’s Stone from his Personal Warehouse.