Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1207 - Treasure of Illusion

Chapter 1207 - Treasure of Illusion

Chapter 1207: Treasure of Illusion





Chapter 1207 – Treasure of Illusion

An indescribable excitement filled s.h.i.+ Feng as he held the Soul Orb.

The Seven Treasures were bona fide G.o.dly Relics.

Mere Legendary items could not compare to these. Not even Ancient G.o.ds would necessarily possess a G.o.dly Relic, much less mortal humans.

In the past, s.h.i.+ Feng had never even heard of a player owning a G.o.dly Relic.

Of course, it was possible that someone had obtained a G.o.dly Relic but had hidden the fact. After all, news of something like this would cause a huge commotion throughout the game if it got out.

Hence, in the eyes of G.o.d-ranked experts, Legendary items were already considered G.o.dly Relics.

After all, Legendary items were already capable of enabling players to challenge opponents of a higher tier. If a G.o.d-ranked expert really got their hands on a G.o.dly Relic, the outcome would be simply mind-boggling.

Although the Seven Treasures were neither weapons nor equipment, they were still powerful enough to suppress Dark Abyss.

However, now that s.h.i.+ Feng thought about it, he found the idea reasonable.

The Soul Water the Soul Orb produced helped players reach an unprecedented serenity and mental clarity. This was no longer something achievable by simply raising an area’s Mana density. How could an Epic item possibly possess such an amazing ability?

Only a G.o.dly Relic could produce something so unbelievable.


[Soul Orb] (Epic Rank Item)

Originally a fragment of the Treasure of Illusion. However, due to being refined by Demon G.o.d Paimon, the fragment’s true power has been sealed.

Additional Active Skill-

Soul Water: Creates Soul Water from the souls willingly contributed by players. No Cooldown. (Every 100 souls of players absorbed will produce 1 drop of Soul Water.)

Additional Active Skill 2-

Divine Power Absorption: Absorb divine power to recover the Soul Orb itself. (There are a total of three seals. The removal of the first seal requires 10 G.o.d Crystals. Current absorbed number: 0)

Currently, although the Soul Orb has been sealed by Demon G.o.d Paimon, it has been awakened by the Golden Stigmata. The seal can be removed by absorbing divine power. Item will drop upon death. Demonic power will devour non-Stigmata Bearers.


Not long after s.h.i.+ Feng began to celebrate, the sound of a system notification reached his ears.


System: Demon G.o.d Paimon has discovered the Soul Orb’s awakening and has issued a recovery order to all dark force players. If more than three yards separate the Soul Orb and the Stigmata, it will be teleported back to Paimon’s hands.


Must the system be so serious?

s.h.i.+ Feng was speechless when he heard the system notification.

This system announcement had declared that the Soul Orb could not leave his person; he had to carry it with him constantly. However, the Soul Orb dropped upon death. If he died, the orb would return to Demon G.o.d Paimon. The recovery order was also a vicious threat.

Since it was a recovery order, Dark Players would definitely be given a special method to find the Soul Orb. In other words, as long as he was outside of an NPC city, his chances of encountering a Dark Player ambush were quite high.

He was at a huge disadvantage.

He had prioritized secrecy when moving about to prevent others from discovering his intentions. Unfortunately, the Soul Orb was a beacon for trouble, yet if he didn’t hold on to it, he would lose the treasure fragment.

“Do I really have to head to the War G.o.d’s Temple?” s.h.i.+ Feng felt a headache brewing.

The War G.o.d’s Temple had tasked him with collecting the Seven Treasures. While he might be able to complete his quest by handing them over, he would lose the ability to use the treasures for himself.

Those were the Seven Treasures they were talking about!

Although they were neither weapons nor equipment, they possessed abilities that no Epic or Legendary item could compete with. Simply handing the treasures over after obtaining them wouldn’t be worth his time.

As s.h.i.+ Feng tried to plan his next move, Aqua Rose contacted him.

“Guild Leader, Phoenix Rain has arrived with her people. She hopes to use the Secret Tablet right now,” Aqua Rose said anxiously. “However, we haven’t decided who to send yet. Should we have them wait for a little bit longer?”

She’s here already?

s.h.i.+ Feng could not help his surprise. The Dark Auction had only ended a short time ago, yet Phoenix Rain was already here. “Tell her that I have some issues to deal with for now and that I’ll need to have her wait three hours. Also, gather Summer, Violet, Rain, and Yueru. You five will enter the tablet first.”

The Secret Spellcasting Technique was a ma.s.sive boost to magical cla.s.s players. Although Zero Wing had quite a few magical cla.s.s experts, people with great potential like Aqua Rose would have priority for learning the technique.

Only, before these five entered the tablet, he needed to prepare.

Now that the Soul Orb had changed, he had to put it to good use, stockpiling as much Soul Water as possible, before handing it over to the War G.o.d’s Temple.


Aqua Rose nodded happily when she heard that she had received a slot as well. If she entered the tablet, she might be able to join the ranks of Zero Wing’s Refinement Realm experts.

After Aqua Rose disconnected the call, s.h.i.+ Feng considered contacting Melancholic Smile to gather a group of the Candlelight Trading Firm’s ordinary Lifestyle players, particularly the firm’s reserve members. As long as these players were willing to part with a fraction of their souls, they would receive an official member’s benefits for five days.

The Candlelight Trading Firm was the number one trading firm in Star-Moon Kingdom. The benefits one could enjoy in Candlelight could not be found in any other trading firm in the kingdom. Hence, a large number of players wanted to join Candlelight every day. However, not everyone could become an official member. Only those with potential could become reserve members. After becoming a reserve member, players still needed to pa.s.s Candlelight’s test to become an official member.

Meanwhile, reserve members did not receive any particularly valuable benefits. They were only slightly better off than certain independent Lifestyle players.

Even so, droves of Lifestyle players wanted to join.

Furthermore, EXP was secondary to Lifestyle players. Not being able to kill monsters wouldn’t affect them in any way, and the Weakened state only lasted four or five days. There should be plenty of reserve members who were willing to accept his offer.

“How could I have forgotten about Sharlyn?” s.h.i.+ Feng suddenly remembered the Tier 5 Red Official Sharlyn.

Sherlyn had both extraordinary strength and status. She had even scared away the mysterious youth that had used a Super Spell.

That mysterious youth had dared to steal the golden tablet right in the middle of Blackwing City. Even Tier 5 players were likely no match for him. Moreover, Sharlyn knew a lot about G.o.d’s Domain. She might have some method to help him keep the Soul Orb.

Let’s give it a try. If it isn’t possible, it won’t be too late to trade it for a reward in the War G.o.d’s Temple after I’ve stockpiled some Soul Water.

Thinking up to this point, s.h.i.+ Feng contacted Melancholic Smile and had her collect the required members. This way, once he returned from the library, she should have gathered enough people.

Although s.h.i.+ Feng wanted more sacrifices, the Flower of Seven Sins already knew about his acquisition of the Soul Orb. If he tempted fate, the Flower of Seven Sins would connect him with Frost Eye.

In other words, they would learn that Frost Eye was a member of Zero Wing.

If this news reached King’s Return, the consequences would be unimaginable.

If that happened, King’s Return would do everything in its power to annihilate Zero Wing. After all, the Guild’s reputation was at stake.

Hence, he needed to maintain a low-profile while collecting souls. Moreover, he needed to do it quickly.

The longer he held the Soul Orb, the closer the Flower of Seven Sins would come to discovering his ident.i.ty. After all, the Demon G.o.d Paimon had already issued a recovery order for the orb. If it were discovered on one of Zero Wing’s members, the result would still be the same.

Following which, s.h.i.+ Feng snuck out of the Candlelight Trading Firm and rode an advanced carriage to the library.