Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1154 - Twelve Great Legendary Staffs

Chapter 1154 - Twelve Great Legendary Staffs

Chapter 1154: Twelve Great Legendary Staffs





Chapter 1154 – Twelve Great Legendary Staffs

Seeing the victor’s ID hovering above the stage, silence reigned over the compet.i.tion venue.

For a moment, it seemed as if this silence had blanketed the world.

The match’s outcome confused everyone.

No matter how they looked at it, Silent March should’ve won this match with ease. Alluring Summer simply had no hope of winning, yet she had overturned the match with a single Skill.

Everything had happened so suddenly that, before they even realized it, Silent March, who had 100% of her HP remaining, was dead.

“What…just happened?”

“Silent March was defeated?”

“What kind of attack was that?”

Many people’s eyes widened in shock when they watched the replay. However, even in the end, they hadn’t seen Alluring Summer’s attack process.

From beginning to end, Alluring Summer had only lightly swung her scythe. After that, the s.p.a.ce before Alluring Summer had split in half, killing the Undead and Silent March, who had been 30 yards away, instantly.

In G.o.d’s Domain, ranged attacks normally had a trajectory indicator. For example, when Silent March had fired the White Bone Spears at Alluring Smile, the spectators had seen trajectory indicators for a brief moment, allowing them to predict where the attacks would land.

However, Alluring Summer’s attack hadn’t displayed any trajectory indicators. It was as if Alluring Summer had struck Silent March the moment she swung Death’s Sigh.

“Big Sis Endless, I just watched the replay multiple times, and I couldn’t see any indicators. Does Alluring Summer’s Skill not use them?” Cloud Yarn could not help but ask.

If she were to point out who knew the most about G.o.d’s Domain, then it would definitely be Endless Scars.

If Endless Scars didn’t know something, that no one else in the team would either.

“You don’t need to look for them. Her attack does not have any trajectory indicators.” Endless Scars’ eyes shown with excitement as she stared at the scythe in Alluring Summer’s hands. “I really didn’t expect this. Although it isn’t the real deal, I’m shocked to see that Zero Wing has obtained such a weapon. Silent March had not lost without reason.”

Breeze Wine nodded in agreement with Endless Scars’s words, fear filling his eyes as he looked at Alluring Summer’s weapon.

He was certain that the weapon Alluring Summer wielded was a replica of one of G.o.d’s Domain’s Twelve Great Legendary Staffs, Death’s Sigh. As for the weapon being the real deal, that was very unlikely. According to the ancient book, the real article had been destroyed long ago. Even a Blacksmith G.o.d couldn’t repair it. Thus, he was absolutely confident that the Elementalist’s Death’s Sigh was a replica.

However, the imitation was considerably similar to the real thing if it could even use Dimensional Fracture.

Dimensional Fracture was an unblockable Skill. Even invulnerability could not stop it. Dimensional Fracture ignored distance and all forms of protection. When activated, the Skill would even penetrate invincible defenses and attack the target directly. It was rumored that the real Death’s Sigh could instant-kill any creature below Tier 6.

Of course, that was only a rumor. Moreover, Alluring Summer only wielded a replica. Even so, a replica should have no problems instant-killing a Tier 1 magical cla.s.s player.


“She’s dead?!” Phoenix Rain was somewhat confused after watching the match’s outcome.

This win was too sudden. She hadn’t been prepared for such an outcome.

Rather than calling this a PvP match, it had been a one-sided display of power.


“d.a.m.n it! d.a.m.n it!” Thousand Miles’s eyes radiated killing intent as he glared at Alluring Summer. He wanted to rush onto the stage and kill the Elementalist back to Level 0.

This single loss had foiled his plans to annihilate the Asura Battle Team.

He had bet tons of resources on the Evil Dragon Battle Team achieving a complete victory. Now that his plan had failed, why wouldn’t he be furious?

He had intended to use those resources to compete for the authority over Thunder Island.

Now, however, they were gone…

Very quickly, Thousand Miles calmed himself down. He turned to Cleansed Maple and said, “Notify Miracle Dragon immediately! I don’t want to see them lose another match! I want them to go all out in the next two fights!”

Now that a complete victory was no longer possible, they could only defeat the Asura Battle Team and recuperate their losses from the compet.i.tion’s winnings.

Many large Guilds had come to partic.i.p.ate in the upcoming auction. Before the auction began, however, many of these Guilds would try their luck and bet on the compet.i.tion. As long as the Evil Dragon Battle Team won, their winnings might make up for the losses they suffered.

Hence, Thousand Miles was now taking the compet.i.tion seriously and refused to give the Asura Battle Team any hope of victory.

However, compared to Thousand Miles’s rage, Abandoned Wave had nearly gone mad in another VIP room.

Abandoned Wave had bet practically all of his Guild’s resources on the Evil Dragon Battle Team’s complete victory. He could not afford for the team to lose even a single match.

“Zero Wing!” Abandoned Wave’s eyes were bloodshot as he glared at s.h.i.+ Feng’s group below the stage. Zero Wing had spoiled several of his plans now. He resolved himself for the final struggle. “Drunkard, notify the Beast Emperor and tell him that I’m willing to become an Evil G.o.d Apostle. Moreover, I’ll sacrifice one million players to him. However, I want both Stone Forest Town and Zero Wing annihilated!”

“Guild Leader!” Laughing Drunkard panicked at Abandoned Wave’s command.

The Blackwater Corporation’s upper echelons wanted to develop the Guild. If they sacrificed the Guild members, these upper echelons would not let Abandoned Wave off the hook, regardless of his position as Young Master Jing’s trusted aid.

“Relax. I won’t use our Guild’s members. In any case, contact the Beast Emperor,” Abandoned Wave said.

Despite such a reply, Laughing Drunkard still thought that Abandoned Wave had lost his mind.

The Beast Emperor was an extremely mysterious fellow. Every time they had met, the man’s face had been wrapped in bandages. They had never seen his true appearance. Even the name of Beast Emperor was a fake.

The Beast Emperor had sought them out, stating that he could help them achieve great things. However, he had a condition. They must become Evil G.o.d Apostles.

After hearing his deal, they researched what it meant to become an Evil G.o.d Apostle.

Only after investigating the matter did they understand how horrible it would be to become an Evil G.o.d Apostle. Becoming one would make them an enemy to almost everyone in the game. Moreover, after becoming an Evil G.o.d Apostle, unless one deleted their accounts and restarted, they would remain an Evil G.o.d Apostle forever. Furthermore, if NPCs captured them, their accounts would be useless.

Hence, Abandoned Wave had refused to become an Evil G.o.d Apostle, content with conducting trades with the Beast Emperor.

“Enough. Just do as I say. I’ll explain things to Young Master Jing,” Abandoned Wave coldly ordered as he shot the motionless Laughing Drunkard a glare.

“Understood!” With no other option, Laughing Drunkard left the room, traveling to where he usually met the Beast Emperor.


As the compet.i.tion’s first round had come to an end, the audience quickly s.h.i.+fted its attention to the second round.

The second round was a two-on-two battle. Unlike one-on-one matches, players could rely on teamwork to display even greater power.

The instant the Evil Dragon Battle Team declared their partic.i.p.ating members, the spectator’s expressions grew serious.

“They can’t be serious, right?!”

“It seems that the Evil Dragon Battle Team is p.i.s.sed off now! They sent those two to fight! This trip was really worth it!”


Many large Guild upper echelons and superpower members grew excited when they saw the names of the Evil Dragon Battle Team’s representatives for the second round.

For the second round, the Evil Dragon Battle Team dispatched the Witch of the West, Alice and the Speed Star, Starstreak. Both these players were famous experts from Miracle. Even Super Guilds had to take these two players very seriously.