Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1153 - One-sided Bullying

Chapter 1153 - One-sided Bullying

Chapter 1153: One-sided Bullying





Chapter 1153 – One-sided Bullying

When Alluring Summer replaced her staff, her aura began to transform.

If Alluring Summer had been akin to the warm sun before, then now, she was cold like the moon. Moreover, her aura wasn’t the only thing that had transformed. A faint layer of gray fog had also appeared around her, obscuring her from sight.

“Is that a staff? Why does it look more like a melee weapon?”

Rather than an Elementalist, the crowd thought Alluring Summer looked like a G.o.d of death.

“That weapon is giving off such a powerful oppression. I bet it’s an Epic Weapon. It’s a pity that there isn’t much point to switching weapons right now. With so many Skeleton Warriors and the Skeleton Knight, she doesn’t have a chance. Silent March is waiting for an opportunity on the other side of the stage, too.”

“I know, right? The Necromancer cla.s.s is simply broken in a one-on-one fight.”

Although the spectators had realized that Alluring Summer’s new weapon was quite powerful, a single weapon could not change this battle’s outcome. After all, the difference between the fighters’ strengths was simply too vast.

Watching up to this point, the upper echelons from the various large Guilds finally realized just how terrifying a peak cla.s.s could be.

Unlike the rest of the audience, however, Endless Scars, sitting in one of the VIP rooms, carefully observed Death’s Sigh in Alluring Summer’s hands. The more she observed the weapon, the more her interest grew.

Breeze Wine was also staring at Death’s Sigh, his expression growing more thoughtful.

“Endless, don’t you think that weapon looks just like that weapon recorded in the ancient book?” Breeze Wine asked.

The Midnight Tea Party had explored many extremely dangerous locations. During their adventures, they had found an ancient book in a secret location. Although this book did not have any powerful abilities, it had been pa.s.sed down since ancient times. Many weapons had been recorded within, and players would consider every one of these weapons G.o.dly items.

Alluring Summer’s current weapon looked very similar to one of the weapons in the ancient book.

“It looks similar, yet quite different. However, I doubt that’s the real thing. No matter how I think about it, it is impossible for current players to get their hands on that weapon.” Endless Scars denied Breeze Wine’s conjecture.

Suddenly, Silent March began her attack.

Immediately, the Necromancer directed her Skeleton Knight and Skeleton Warriors to attack Alluring Summer from all sides. This way, the Elementalist could neither defend herself nor Blink away. In the end, Alluring Summer would be surrounded and killed.

As the Skeleton Knight and Skeleton Warriors inched closer to Alluring Summer, she responded by using the Tier 1 Spell, Blizzard.

A snowstorm then enveloped an area of 10*20 yards, turning every Skeleton Warrior within range into an ice statue. A damage of over -6,000 appeared above the Skeleton Warriors’ heads.

Alluring Summer frowned.

These Undead monsters’ Magic Resistance was much higher than she had expected.

Unless she used a large-scale destruction Spell, she couldn’t instant-kill these Level 42 Skeleton Warriors with 45,000 HP.

“Stop wasting your energy. With the Skeleton Warriors’ Magic Resistance, the damage they receive from Tier 1 Spells is reduced by 70%. Even if you’ve switched to an Epic Weapon, you are still no match for them,” Silent March said, sneering. “Or do you think that you can bridge the gap with one measly Epic Weapon? Don’t forget that I have my own Epic staff.”

As soon Silent March spoke, six White Bone Spears appeared around her once more.

“You had used your Lifesaving Skill to defend against this attack. I want to see how you survive this time!” Silent March shouted and swung her staff down.

Immediately, the six bone spears flew towards Alluring Summer.

Seeing this, the audience a.s.sumed that this match was over.

Regarding Basic Attributes or cla.s.s, Silent March was greatly superior to Alluring Summer. It was impossible for Alluring Summer to secure victory by relying on one Epic staff.

“It’s over!”

“However, the Asura Battle Team has not lost this match in vain. Without any advantages, the loss isn’t unusual.”

The crowd couldn’t help but pity the Asura Battle Team.

Although both battle teams had the support of a Guild, the difference between Zero Wing and Miracle was ma.s.sive. In the previous compet.i.tion, the Asura Battle Team had relied on their Basic Attributes, weapons, and equipment to achieve victory. Unfortunately, they were weaker than the Evil Dragon Battle Team in every aspect.


As an explosion rang through the battlefield; smoke and dust flew into the air.

“Hm?” Silent March frowned, confused as she looked at Alluring Summer, who stood amidst the dust and smoke.

Alluring Summer had only evaded the six bone spears. The Elementalist had not bothered to use Skills to defend herself. No magical cla.s.s expert would make such a simple mistake.

Four bone spears had struck Alluring Summer, her HP falling below 50%. As long as she launched another volley with the White Bone Spears, she could take the Elementalist’s life. In reality, even if Silent March didn’t attack, her skeletons could defeat Alluring Summer easily.

“Giving up already?” Silent March could not help but laugh.

“Giving up?” Alluring Summer shook her head. Chuckling, she said, “I have not given up. On the contrary, I owe you my thanks.”

“Thanks?” Silent March was confused. “Thank me for suppressing you with my overwhelming strength?”

“No. This Death’s Sigh is a very special staff. Only when its user’s HP is below 50% can display its true potential,” Alluring Summer said, helplessness filling her voice as she gazed at the scythe in her hand.

“Are you trying to say that you can defeat me once you have less than half of your HP?” Silent March could not help but grin at the Elementalist, glaring at the woman with contempt and ridicule.

She had three Epic items on her right now, and every one of them had astonis.h.i.+ng effects. She hadn’t even used one of their effects thus far. Alluring Summer was dreaming if she thought she could beat her with some Epic Staff.

“No, not defeat.” Chuckling, Alluring Summer said, “This will just be one-sided bullying.”

Silent March was instantly furious upon hearing Alluring Sumer’s confidence. Lightly waving her Magician’s Scepter, she activated one of the staff’s Skills.

[Mana Amplification]

Increases the effects of all Skills used by caster by 500% for 10 seconds.

Cooldown: 2 hours

Now, Silent March was even strong enough to face a Grand Lord of the same level.

Immediately, 30 White Bone Spears appeared around Silent March. Moreover, every one contained more power than the previous spears.

The audience was flabbergasted.

“c.r.a.p, this is just too overpowered!”

“She’s too strong! Even ten of me couldn’t take her on!”

“Is this the strength of the Purgatory Legion’s vice commander?”

If these players had thought that they had any hope against an expert like Silent March, then now, she felt like an invincible monster.

“Turn to as.h.!.+” Silent March waved her staff towards Alluring Summer.

Xiu… Xiu… Xiu…

The 30 bone spears flew towards Elementalist, leaving her with no s.p.a.ce to dodge.

“I was waiting for this!”

Alluring Summer was unperturbed in the face of the incoming spears. On the contrary, she appeared excited. Gripping Death’s Sigh tightly in both hands, she swung the weapon down towards the enemy Necromancer.


The sound of gla.s.s shattering reached the spectators. The s.p.a.ce before Alluring Summer then split like two halves of a broken window.

Following which, both the incoming bone spears and the skeleton legion turned into ash and dust.

Although Silent March tried to say something, she suddenly collapsed to the ground. Her vision faded to gray before she saw nothing but a black void.

Before everyone could react, the system signaled the match’s end, the sound echoing throughout the arena.

The victor’s name appeared above the stage.

Victor: Alluring Summer!