Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1155 - Swapping Weapons

Chapter 1155 - Swapping Weapons

Chapter 1155: Swapping Weapons





Chapter 1155 – Swapping Weapons

As everyone watched, Alice and Starstreak slowly walked onto the stage.

Although neither spoke a word, just by standing on the stage, the audience could feel an intense pressure emanating from the two.

“So strong!”

“That is the Witch of the West?”

Shock filled Blue Phoenix’s eyes as she stared at the confidently smiling, blonde, doll-like girl on the stage.

Although Alice currently wore a Black Cloak, she had not bothered to hide her appearance or equipment. Thus, Blue Phoenix could determine that the Witch wore the Flaming Sun Set Equipment.

The Flaming Sun was a Level 50 Fine-Gold Set Equipment for Elementalists. The set had a total of eight pieces.

Blue Phoenix had recognized the set because the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion also possessed the chest piece. That was one of the several pieces of equipment they had obtained after killing a Level 55 Grand Lord in a temple ruin in the Apocalypse Empire, yet Alice wore the complete set.

That was a Level 50 Fine-Gold Set Equipment they were talking about!

Why wouldn’t she be shocked?

After reaching Level 50, even Mysterious-Iron Equipment became very difficult to obtain, much less Fine-Gold Set Equipment.

The Flaming Sun Set Equipment had a slightly unique effect. After gathering all eight pieces, players could equip the set at Level 45.

In other words, Alice was at least Level 45!

She even surpa.s.sed the first-ranked player on the Fire Dragon Empire’s Ranking List.

When pairing Alice’s superb combat standards with the Level 50 Flaming Sun Set Equipment and Level 45, she was practically invincible among current players.

“Miracle really is impressive. I never expected that they had secretly conquered the temple ruins.” Phoenix Rain’s expression darkened as she watched Alice.

She had wanted to conquer those ruins for a long time.

The ruins contained a treasure called the Fire G.o.d’s Eye, something she sorely needed. Now that the Witch of the West wore the complete Flaming Sun Set Equipment, this meant that the temple ruins must’ve been cleared. Needless to say, they must have taken that treasure.

She had planned to use the Fire G.o.d’s Eye as a trump card on Thunder Island.

Now that Miracle had it, her chances of success had decreased.

Moreover, Phoenix Rain did not doubt that Alice currently had the Fire G.o.d’s Eye equipped.

If the information she had found described the item correctly, there was no point in competing in the second round.

“Why haven’t you sent anyone up yet? I don’t want to wait here all day,” Alice asked indifferently as her aqua-blue eyes gazed down at s.h.i.+ Feng beneath the stage.

Although Silent March’s defeat had surprised her as well, it had only increased her interest in Alluring Summer. As for the other members of the Asura Battle Team, she didn’t care about them at all. She only wanted a quick end to this boring farce.

“Please wait a moment. We are still swapping weapons,” s.h.i.+ Feng said.

“Swapping weapons?” Starstreak glanced at Alluring Summer, who stood beside s.h.i.+ Feng, curiously. Immediately, his expression tensed.

Alluring Summer had just pa.s.sed her Death’s Sigh to Violet Cloud.

Suddenly, a question popped into his mind.

Wasn’t that staff supposed to be an Elementalist’s staff?

Moreover, when he recalled the Skill Alluring Smile had used with Death’s Sigh, he grew more serious.

“d.a.m.n! The Asura Battle Team is simply too cunning! They’re pa.s.sing the staff they used in the first round to the person fighting in the second!”

“Genius! The compet.i.tion has no rules limiting weapons or equipment to one person. With this, the next match will be interesting to watch.”

Naturally, the audience noticed Violet Cloud receive Death’s Sigh. An excited discussion swept through the venue.

They had already witnessed Dimensional Fracture’s might, and they had to admit that it was extremely powerful.

If the Skill were used again, they might see a replay from the first round.

When Thousand Miles saw this, his expression twisted, yet he couldn’t accuse the Asura Battle Team of cheating as there were no rules against their actions.

While everyone chatted among themselves, s.h.i.+ Feng and Violet Cloud approached the stage.

Following which, the name list for the second round was officially announced on the floating screen above the arena.

Elementalist Alice and Starstreak VS Swordsman Ye Feng and Cleric Violet Cloud.

Everyone was confused about the Asura Battle Team’s choice of

In terms of, both sides had their own advantages. Both the Elementalist and cla.s.s were with high burst damage. If Alice and Starstreak worked together, they could easily instant-kill a player. On the other hand, the combination of Swordsman and Cleric was more suited for attrition battles. With a Cleric’s support, the Swordsman could fight without worrying too much about defense.

However, against a pure burst damage combination, the Swordsman and Cleric combination would be at a huge disadvantage. If Alice and Starstreak combined their attacks, the two could easily kill s.h.i.+ Feng before Violet Cloud could heal him.

The Asura Battle Team should’ve fielded a Swordsman and an instead.

“Is the Asura Battle Team trying to rely on the move from the previous match and sending their sole remaining magical cla.s.s player onto the stage?”

Everyone had their guesses.

Staff weapons could only be used by magical cla.s.s players.

Among the five members the Asura Battle Team had brought to the Dark Arena, excluding Alluring Summer, Violet Cloud was the only magical cla.s.s player remaining. Taking Death’s Sigh into consideration, it wasn’t surprising to send Violet Cloud into the second round.

“You can’t be hoping to rely on the move that killed March to defeat us, right?” Alice asked s.h.i.+ Feng. Laughing, she continued, “I admit that the move is indeed powerful. However, its flaws are obvious. If we didn’t know about the Skill, it would certainly kill us. However, we know about it already. As long as we treat that Cleric like a melee player, we can easily disable the move. Furthermore, you have to face Starstreak and me, not March.

“Or do you think that you will have an opportunity to use that Skill?”

Alice hadn’t spoken quietly. Hence, the audience had heard her clearly.

Some of the players who originally thought that the Asura Battle Team had a chance of victory couldn’t help but agree with Alice’s words.

Although the Asura Battle Team’s plan was a good one, had they forgotten who their opponents were?

They were talking about the Witch of the West and Speed Star. If the two worked together, even if they hadn’t known about Death’s Sigh, they could easily emerge victorious.

“No, I believe you have misunderstood two things. First, Death’s Sigh isn’t an Elementalist-specific weapon,” s.h.i.+ Feng said, waving his hand. “Second, Alluring Summer didn’t loan this weapon to Violet Cloud. Rather, Violet Cloud had loaned the weapon to Alluring Summer. It has simply been returned.”

The venue fell silent after s.h.i.+ Feng’s explanation.

n.o.body could believe what he had just said.

Such a lethal weapon wasn’t actually an Elementalist weapon? Only a fool would believe that!

“A bluff! This is definitely a bluff!”

“That’s right! How could a weapon like that be meant for a Cleric?!”

Everybody instinctively rejected s.h.i.+ Feng’s declaration.

They all knew how ma.s.sive the impact would be to use a weapon not suited for one’s cla.s.s. It would be impossible to exert the weapon’s full power.

Looking back at the power Alluring Summer had displayed with Death’s Sigh, that weapon should be meant for Elementalists.

As everyone a.s.sumed that s.h.i.+ Feng had been bluffing, the compet.i.tion’s timer began to count down.