Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1152 - Staff versus Staff

Chapter 1152 - Staff versus Staff

Chapter 1152: Staff versus Staff





Chapter 1152 – Staff versus Staff

Thousand Miles, who relaxed in a VIP room on the third floor, frowned as he watched the scene on the stage. In a reprimanding tone, he muttered, “March is taking this too seriously. She should’ve at least let Alluring Summer struggle. What is the point of an instant win?”

The Evil Dragon Battle Team did not simply want to defeat the Asura Battle Team. More importantly, they aimed for a complete victory.

If they won the first match so easily, it would likely affect the payout rate for the Evil Dragon Battle Team’s complete victory. He had reminded Silent March to toy with her opponent, creating a misconception for the audience that a complete victory wouldn’t be so easy for them.

“Maple, notify Miracle Dragon and the others right away. Have them ease up a little during the next two matches.”


The Elementalist, Cleansed Maple, immediately sent Miracle Dragon a message.

When Silent March revealed her ability to triple cast, not only had she stunned the Guild upper echelons watching, but she had also shocked the experts from the various superpowers in the third-floor VIP rooms.

“Is this Silent March a spellcasting genius?” Blue Phoenix couldn’t believe her eyes.

Although she, too, knew how to triple cast, doing so was far more difficult than ordinary people could imagine.

The higher a Spell’s tier was, the more incantations and runes its casting required.

After training arduously, she could only cast two Tier 1 Spells and one Tier 0 Spell simultaneously, yet Silent March had cast a Tier 1 Curse and two Tier 2 spells at the same time. While both were capable of triple casting, the difference between them was ma.s.sive.

Tier 0 Spells were no threat to a Tier 1 player. Normally, these Spells were only used as a distraction.

In other words, one of her three attacks was negligible.

Ordinary experts could generally complete two tasks at once. Thus, defending against two attacks wasn’t difficult.

Her opponents only needed to defend against her Tier 1 Spells, ignoring her Tier 0 Spell altogether. The most a Tier 0 Spell could do was deal some minor damage. If an ordinary expert fought her, as long as they were careful, they could even find an opportunity to counterattack and turn the tables.

However, of the three Spells Silent March used, two were significant threats, while one could deal a killing blow!

While ordinary experts could survive against her for some time, Silent March would kill them instantly.


“Big Sis Endless, Silent March is amazing! Her triple casting can almost rival yours!” Cloud Yarn stated, surprised as she watched the stage.

She had never imagined that anyone else could reach Endless Scars’ standards.

“She is indeed. However, she is nowhere near as powerful as Endless yet,” the team leader, Breeze Wine, said as he rolled his eyes at Cloud Yarn. Slowly, he explained, “Endless relies on her own abilities to cast three Tier 1 Spells. That woman, on the other hand, is relying on her staff.”

“Her staff?” Cloud Yarn grew confused.

“That’s right. That staff is the Crimson Emperor Guild’s treasured staff, the Magician’s Scepter. This staff has a special effect that provides a 20% error adjustment when spellcasting,” Breeze Wine explained as he gazed at the gemstone staff in Silent March’s hand. Enviously, he said, “Magician’s Scepter can improve a magical cla.s.s’s spellcasting tremendously. In the hands of someone like Silent March, that weapon is even more magnificent. Unless that Alluring Summer can reach Endless’s standards, this fight won’t have any meaning.”


Meanwhile, above the stage, the six bone spears transformed into six streaks of white light that arrived before Alluring Summer instantly; every one locked on to the Elementalist’s vital points.

Even without Bone Imprisonment’s restraints, Alluring Summer couldn’t escape the bone spears’ attacks unscathed.

“Die!” Silent March sneered.

Peng! Peng! Peng!

As the spears were about to strike Alluring Summer, a layer of ice appeared around the Elementalist, encasing her. Not only had Ice Barrier removed Bone Imprisonment, but it had also deflected the bone spears.

As for the Level 42 Lord ranked Skeleton Knight that Silent March had summoned, it could only watch the Elementalist helplessly.

“Not a bad decision. Unfortunately, Ice Barrier is an Elementalist’s most powerful Lifesaving Skill. You can only use it once in this match. What are you going to do once the Spell’s duration ends?” Silent March asked contemptuously.

She wielded the Magician’s Scepter as well as a Peak Legacy. She could even challenge a Domain Realm expert, not to mention Alluring Summer.

However, as Silent March was about to cast another series of Spells, she discovered something off about the Mana flow above the stage. She tilted her head back to look.

The moment she looked up, however, she was startled.

A ma.s.sive, blue magic array gradually formed above the stage. This array was no weaker than her Tier 1 Curse.

The audience was similarly stunned by this sight.

“What a decisive move!”

Even a fool could tell that the magic array was a large-scale destruction Spell.

Large-scale destruction Spells did not differentiate between friend and foe. Everyone within the Spell’s range was free game. However, Ice Barrier was a Lifesaving Skill that gave its user invulnerability during its duration. Alluring Summer could easily endure her own Spell. However, Summoners did not have Invulnerability Skills. If Silent March couldn’t defend herself against the large-scale destruction Spell, she would definitely die.

Boom… Boom… Boom…

As one lightning strike descended after another, over half of the stage had transformed into an electric h.e.l.l. Even Silent March could not escape the Spell’s range in time.

After the thunderstorm had pa.s.sed, the battlefield was unrecognizable. Alluring Summer finally emerged from her Ice Barrier.

As everyone a.s.sumed that Silent March was dead…

The instant Alluring Summer’s Ice Barrier vanished, the previously summoned Skeleton Knight charged out of the smoke and slashed its longsword at the Elementalist. Instinctively, Alluring Summer used her Blink Skill and instantly appeared 15 yards away from her original position, avoiding the Skeleton Knight’s Chop.

“You’re still alive?” Alluring Summer was slightly surprised when she saw Silent March reveal herself from the smoke clouds.

The Necromancer appeared completely unharmed. Her expression, however, was much darker than before.

“Good! You are the first person to force me to use my Legacy Lifesaving Skill! As a reward, I’ll teach you the true meaning of despair!” Silent March growled coldly as she stared at Alluring Summer.

In G.o.d’s Domain, while Summoners did not possess any Lifesaving Skills that provided invulnerability, Necromancers did. The Skill’s name was s.h.i.+eld of Death. She had kept this trump card hidden. However, Alluring Summer had forced her to expose it.

As soon as Silent March finished speaking, she began to chant once more. At the same time, she controlled the Skeleton Knight to attack Alluring Summer.

Alluring Summer was forced to dodge the Skeleton Knight’s attacks while interrupting Silent March’s casting with Ice Spears.

However, Silent March blocked the incoming attacks with Bone Wall.

“Rise, my Undead army!”

As Silent March finished the last verse, Skeleton Warriors pulled themselves from the ground before her. Some of the Warriors wielded longswords and s.h.i.+elds, while others wielded battle axes and some had bows. In the blink of an eye, a small legion had appeared before Silent March.

Although the majority of the small legion consisted of Level 42 Common ranked Skeleton Warriors, as Undead’s Magic Resistance was quite high, even cannon fodder could prove to be troublesome for an Elementalist. Furthermore, among the 60-plus Skeleton Warriors, there were even a few Level 42 Elite ranked Skeleton Warriors equipped with good equipment.

This move was none other than Necromancers’ trademark Skill, Undead Legion.

As Silent March’s Undead Legion was still a Tier 1 Skill, it could only summon 60 Common ranked Skeleton Warriors with a chance to summon Elites. Upon reaching Tier 2, however, the Necromancer could summon 100 Elite ranked Skeleton Warriors with a chance to summon Special Elites.

Everyone fell silent as the Skeleton Warriors filled the stage.

Even MT like Guardian Knights and s.h.i.+eld Warriors felt chills crawl down their spines.

This numerical advantage was overwhelming!

“You want to fight as a group?” Alluring Summer revealed a joyful smile as she grinned at the Undead legion before her. “Come, then!”

Saying so, Alluring Summer stored her original staff and retrieved a black scythe from her bag. There were extremely intricate skulls and magical patterns engraved on the scythe. At a glance, it looked like the Grim Reaper’s signature weapon.

This staff was none other than the staff that dropped from one of the Fossilized Tyrannosauruses.

Death’s Sigh!