Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1151 - Peak Class

Chapter 1151 - Peak Class

Chapter 1151: Peak Cla.s.s





Chapter 1151 – Peak Cla.s.s

The moment Silent March took to the stage, cheers erupted around the arena.

“They’re starting the first match with the Purgatory Legion’s vice commander? Miracle really is merciless.”

“I heard that she has the Necromancer cla.s.s and can summon skeletons with high Magic Resistance. The Asura Battle Team’s Elementalist is in trouble.”

“Trouble? More like a tragedy. Magical fear close range more than anything. Elementalists are no exception. A Necromancer can summon dozens of Undead without much trouble. An Elementalist has no chance against an army of Undead.”

The audience was comprised of large Guild upper echelons and expert players. They were all familiar with various news and details in G.o.d’s Domain. Hence, they were all familiar with the Purgatory Legion’s Silent March.

Not only was Silent March the vice commander of one of Miracle’s trump card legions, but she also wielded a hidden cla.s.s. Due to her status, the various large Guilds had investigated the woman and had come to understand just how powerful the Necromancer cla.s.s was.

The Necromancer was a peak hidden cla.s.s that had almost no weaknesses. The cla.s.s was incredibly powerful in every aspect. A fight between a Necromancer and an ordinary cla.s.s would simply be one-sided.

When Phoenix Rain, who watched from a VIP room, saw the Evil Dragon Battle Team’s representative for the first match, a shade fell over her white, unblemished skin.

They’re using one of their secret weapons in the first match? Thousand Miles is really taking this seriously.

Phoenix Rain frowned when she saw Silent March’s gray, gemstone staff.

When she had previously met Silent March, the latter had carried a blackwood staff. Based on her estimates, that blackwood staff should have only been a top-tier Dark-Gold staff, yet Silent March had changed her equipment, wielding a new staff now. Normally, this was considered a huge PvP taboo.

After all, it was impossible to use an unfamiliar weapon to its fullest potential without some practice.

Despite knowing this, Silent March had switched weapons. There could only be one possibility for such a decision.

Silent March’s current staff must be far superior to her prior weapon. Needless to say, the gemstone staff was certainly an Epic staff.

Moreover, the Necromancer had replaced more than her weapon. She had also switched out two pieces of her old equipment. Furthermore, as Silent March was the Purgatory Legion’s vice commander, Miracle should have given her at least one Epic item, to begin with.

In other words, Silent March had

at least

three Epic items on her…

Phoenix Rain’s frown deepened.

As the Phoenix Pavilion’s Pavilion Master, she knew full well that Epic items provided more than just a ma.s.sive Attribute boost. Epic items also came with powerful Skills and effects.

Although Phoenix Rain did not know how strong Alluring Summer was, in terms of equipment, the Elementalist was no match for Silent March.

The fact that Silent March had earned the position of vice commander in one of Miracle’s three trump card legions showed that her combat standard was at the Flowing Water Realm at the very least, which meant she was capable of reading her opponents. Her Necromancer cla.s.s only further bolstered her combat power. Even against a Void Realm expert with the same quality of weapons and equipment, Silent March had a chance of emerging victorious.

As Phoenix Rain despaired over the upcoming fight, Alluring Summer approached the stage.

Currently, Alluring Summer wore a Black Cloak. No one could see her current level or equipment; only her face was visible. However, many among the audience gasped upon seeing her beauty. Alluring Summer’s aura was also a stark contrast to Silent March’s.

If one described Silent March’s aura as dark and deathly, then Alluring Summer’s was light and vital.

“Who is this beauty? Why haven’t I seen her in the Asura Battle Team’s files before? Is she Asura’s secret trump card?”

“How can that be possible? I check for any information about this beauty. She doesn’t have any battle records at all. She’s likely a newcomer that the Asura Battle Team is trying to cultivate. They might have let her tag along to gain experience.”

When Alluring Summer appeared, the audience’s attention s.h.i.+fted to her.

Although the Asura Battle Team’s defeat was already certain, it was still worth taking note of the team’s members. After all, the Asura Battle Team had secured a total victory against the Glorious Lions. The battle team was still quite powerful. It just hadn’t been as lucky this time. Since a new face had joined the Asura Battle Team, it was only natural that everyone paid attention to her.

Silent March smiled as she watched the Elementalist approach the stage. Giggling, she said, “I’m sure you’ve already discovered that I’m a Necromancer. Rest a.s.sured, I won’t summon a bunch of Undead to fight you. Think of it as adding a little more fun to the match.”

“I have to thank you for that, then. However, I advise you to go all out from the very beginning. Otherwise, this fight will be over very quickly,” Alluring Summer said, smiling. Her sweet smile could even melt snow.

“Is that so? I’ll listen to your suggestion, then. Very soon, I’ll show everyone what despair looks like on your face!” Silent March sneered. Originally, she had planned to toy with Alluring Summer for a bit. However, she had just changed her mind.

Although the audience couldn’t hear the conversation between the two women, when they saw the smiles on the women’s faces, they somehow felt chills crawl down their spines.

The timer above the stage began to count down.




Once the countdown began, the audience members focused on the stage, their heart rates increasing.

Unlike a duel between ordinary players, experts would descend into a rapid battle as soon as the fight began, pus.h.i.+ng their bodies to the limits. If one wanted to view and understand the fight clearly, one needed to pay careful attention.

The instant the timer ended, Silent March took action. The Necromancer started off by chanting an incantation, her free hand writing one line of runes after another. Her writing was so fast that no one could even see her hand’s shadow. Shortly after, a gray magic array formed beside Silent March, stupefying the spectators.

“c.r.a.p! Triple casting?! Is she even human?!”

“As expected of the Purgatory Legion’s vice commander! Her strength is absurd!”

Single casting was already difficult for ordinary players. If a Spell’s incantation and runes were not chanted and written properly, the Spell would be significantly weaker.

Extremely few experts were capable of double casting. Not only did players need to get the chant and runes of both Spells correct when double casting, but players also needed to be fast. Players needed to complete the chants and runes for both Spells within a short time. Otherwise, the system would determine the Spells’ casting time to be too long, and the system would interrupt the cast.

All magical cla.s.s players dreamed of being able to triple cast. It wasn’t something that could be achieved through hard work alone. One needed to be talented!

Once a magical cla.s.s player grasped triple casting, their strength would undergo a qualitative transformation. Fighting a triple caster was like fighting three players at once. Moreover, these three players would cooperate seamlessly.

While everyone was shocked by Silent March’s triple casting, Alluring Summer revealed that she could double cast. Unfortunately, the difference between them was like the difference between heaven and earth.

“Cry out in despair!” Silent March revealed a sinister expression as she sneered at Alluring Summer. She then raised her staff and pointed it toward the sky.

Immediately, a black magic array appeared above the fighters, covering half of the stage.

Tier 1 Curse, Call of Death!

A magic array had also appeared beneath Alluring Summer’s feet, with chains bones sprouting from the magic array to wrap around the Elementalist.

Tier 1 Spell, Bone Imprisonment!

Meanwhile, sharp spears appeared around Silent March, aimed for Alluring Summer.

This was the Tier 1 Spell, White Bone Spears!

“What a pity. This match is going to end as soon as it began,” Silent March taunted, smiling gleefully. She then swung her staff and shouted, “Disappear!”

The six bone spears shot straight for the immobilized Elementalist.