Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1072 - Tier 4 Curse

Chapter 1072 - Tier 4 Curse

Chapter 1072: Tier 4 Curse





Chapter 1072 – Tier 4 Curse

While Abandoned Wave and the others were shocked over the Divine Dragon’s Defense, under Alluring Summer’s command, the Divine Dragon began its counterattack.

The Divine Dragon’s tail tore through s.p.a.ce as it whipped at the two nearby Evil Earth Dragons.


The two Evil Earth Dragons possessed high intelligence. Knowing that the Divine Dragon’s attack packed an extraordinary amount of power, they roared angrily as they swiped their sharp claws at the approaching tail.


The instant claws and tail collided, a loud crash resounded throughout Stone Forest Town, the resulting shockwave sending all nearby players and monsters flying.

At the same time, like kites with cut strings, the two Evil Earth Dragons were sent flying hundreds of yards away. When they landed, their bodies slammed into the ground, instantly killing dozens of Elite monsters.

Atop the Magic Tower, Aqua Rose’s expression s.h.i.+fted from worry to joy.

The Divine Dragon was so strong!

Despite the Evil Earth Dragons also being Tier 4 Mythic monsters, they couldn’t even parry the Divine Dragon’s attack.

With this strength, the Divine Dragon could easily suppress all three Evil Earth Dragons. Combined with the strength of their magic arrays and Tier 3 summoned creatures, they could definitely defend Stone Forest Town.

Every Zero Wing member in Stone Forest Town brimmed with confidence once again.

With the Divine Dragon and the Magic Tower holding down the fort, raiding Stone Forest Town became several times more difficult for Blackwater. The army of 200,000 monsters had become nothing more than a treasure trove of EXP.


“Why is it so powerful? Could it really be a member of the Dragon race?” Abandoned Wave frowned.

“No wonder why Zero Wing is so fearless. They have a card like this to rely on.” The Divine Dragon’s power astonished Peerless as well. If not for him witnessing this battle personally, he wouldn’t have known that players were capable of summoning such powerful monsters.

With a single Divine Dragon, the tides of the war had s.h.i.+fted in Zero Wing’s favor.

“Brother Wave, are you ready to reconsider?” Peerless turned to Abandoned Wave. “If you let Pantheon join the battle and save those trapped summoned creatures, removing the Magic Tower and Defense Turrets shouldn’t be a problem. However, if you let this situation drag on, soon, even Pantheon won’t be able to guarantee our victory.”

“Fine; you can join the fray!” After hesitating for a few moments, Abandoned Wave agreed to Pantheon’s a.s.sistance.

Although the three Gnome Cannons had bombarded the purple-gold magic barriers, their attacks, at most, caused the barriers to ripple. It was impossible to destroy the barriers quickly. Furthermore, now that the Divine Dragon protected the Nine-star Polar Domains, the Evil Earth Dragons could get close enough to save the Tier 3 summoned creatures.

If this continued, it was only a matter of time before their Tier 3 summoned creatures died. If that happened, it would be far more difficult and costly to take down the town’s defenses.

“Alright, boys, you heard him!” Pantheon announced, laughing. “However, Brother Wave, you mustn’t forget our agreement.”

“Of course. As long as you help me destroy Stone Forest Town’s Magic Tower and Defense Turrets, you’ll receive every share that I’ve promised you,” Abandoned Wave said, nodding. He was curious about Peerless’s confident tone.

What methods did Pantheon possess?

To take down Stone Forest Town, he had sacrificed much to gain the bandaged man’s cooperation. The seventeen Tier 3 Summoning Scrolls hadn’t been easy to obtain either.. Even then, he hadn’t been able to shake Stone Forest Town’s foundations…

As soon as Abandoned Wave said so, a team of twenty players appeared behind Peerless, startling Abandoned Wave.

All of these twenty players wore Black Cloaks. They radiated cold, dense killing intent, causing the nearby players to s.h.i.+ver involuntarily.

So strong!

Laughing Drunkard was inwardly shocked as he glanced at the twenty players that had suddenly appeared.

Among these twenty players, quite a few felt extremely dangerous. If not for these people exposing themselves, Laughing Drunkard suspected that there was over an 80% chance that these people could kill him before he realized what had happened.

Meanwhile, each of these retrieved a light gray Magic Scroll from their bags.

Individually, these Magic Scrolls could not compare to Tier 3 Magic Scrolls’ quality. However, when all twenty were lined up, the Mana fluctuations they released instilled a deep fear in everyone’s hearts.

“What are those?” Abandoned Wave asked curiously.

“A magic array that rivals a Tier 4 Curse,” Peerless introduced, laughing. “We obtained them from some temple ruins we raided. We sacrificed over one hundred thousand players to conquer those ruins. I’m willing to bet that this is the only set available throughout G.o.d’s Domain right now.”

“You guys raided temple ruins?!” Abandoned Wave could not help his surprise.

There were many temple ruins throughout G.o.d’s Domain. The G.o.ds had constructed these temples as centers for their wors.h.i.+p. They all housed extremely valuable treasures. However, despite the pa.s.sing of time and the destruction of a large portion of these temples, the temple ruins were considerably dangerous. These ruins’ core areas, in particular, were known as forbidden zones. Death was almost certain for any player who ventured into these ruins.

Even so, many Guilds in G.o.d’s Domain willingly raided these temple ruins.

Temple ruins were different from Dungeons. Dungeons limited the number of players that could enter at a time, and the requirement of each player’s strength was incredibly high. Temple ruins, on the other hand, did not have such limits. Any number of people could enter at the same time. Moreover, the treasures one could obtain were far better than Dungeons.

In fact, over 70% of the Epic items the various Super Guilds had obtained had been found in temple ruins.

Blackwater had found some severely damaged temple ruins. However, even after sacrificing tens of thousands of players, they had no hope of surviving the ruins’ core. In the end, they had been forced to give up.

Abandoned Wave had never imagined that Pantheon had succeeded where Blackwater had failed.

“Let’s begin!” Pantheon commanded.

“Understood!” The twenty unfurled their Magic Scrolls and began to chant the recorded incantation.

As the Spell activated, the twenty Magic Scrolls formed a ma.s.sive, gray, threefold magic array directly above the Nine-star Polar Domain Magic Arrays.

The unnatural flow of Mana interrupted s.h.i.+ Feng’s concentration as he put the finis.h.i.+ng touches on the two new Magic Towers. He couldn’t help but turn towards the gathering of Mana.

s.p.a.ce Smasher?!

s.h.i.+ Feng was stunned. How do they have that?!

s.p.a.ce Smasher was a Tier 4 Curse. It also needed an Advanced Magic Array to cast. Unlike ordinary Curses, it had a much longer casting time. However, the area it enveloped was much larger, being able to deal a devastating blow to everything within a 300-yard radius.

Tier 3 players could easily dodge such Curses. However, against an immobile target, the Curse could be tremendously effective.

Reacting quickly, s.h.i.+ Feng shouted through the Guild chat, “Everyone, get out of the magic array’s effective area immediately!”

Unfortunately, s.h.i.+ Feng’s warning served little purpose. s.p.a.ce Smasher covered too wide of an area. Aside from the players near the array’s edges, no one could avoid the incoming Spell.


Immediately, s.p.a.ce shattered within the affected area. Pitch-black spatial tears of various sizes appeared and moved about the magic array. When these spatial tears encountered the Nine-star Polar Domains, the latter’s magic arrays shattered. The Double Protection Barrier, which was also within s.p.a.ce Smasher’s range, disintegrated as well.

Without exception, the spatial tears killed every player still in its affected area. As for the monster army, only Grand Lords survived the Curse. Even then, they lost over half their HPs in the attack.

As for the Tier 3 summoned creatures, they had not received fatal damage as the Nine-star Polar Domains took the brunt of the attack.

However, now that there were no more players, NPC guards and soldiers, or magic arrays in their way, these Tier 3 summoned creatures could easily storm Stone Forest Town.

“Excellent!” Abandoned Wave was ecstatic. “Destroy Stone Forest Town’s fortifications!”