Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1071 - Mythic versus Mythic

Chapter 1071 - Mythic versus Mythic

Chapter 1071: Mythic versus Mythic





Chapter 1071 – Mythic versus Mythic

“Why has a Dragon suddenly appeared?”

When Abandoned Wave, Peerless, and Blackwater and Pantheon’s other upper echelons saw the dazzling, golden Dragon appear above Stone Forest Town, they were shocked.

Dragons were legendary creatures. Even if one tried to find a Dragon, it was nearly impossible.

Yet, one such creature had appeared in a small town like Stone Forest Town. It was inconceivable.

“Could this be…something that Zero Wing has summoned?” Peerless frowned as he thought of this possibility. However, he was not certain of this answer.

How rare were Dragons?

It was simply impossible to come across one in Stone Forest Town coincidentally. The only possibility was that Zero Wing had summoned it.

Those who had heard Peerless’s guess wore ugly, twisted expressions.

According to what they had learned from various libraries, even the weakest Dragon was a Tier 5 creature. Moreover, due to their life ratings being extremely high, they were practically invincible among existences of the same tier.

It would be a trifling matter for a Dragon to annihilate their army of 200,000 monsters. The Mythic ranked Evil Earth Dragons were no exception.

“What are you worried about? Do you know how powerful an actual Dragon is? Do you think Zero Wing is really capable of summoning a Dragon?” Abandoned Wave coldly asked as he glanced at his worried subordinates. “Look closely! That is merely a summoned creature! It isn’t a true Dragon! It only has the shape of one!”

Hearing this, everyone used their Identification Skills on the golden Dragon.

[Divine Dragon] (Elemental Creature, Mythic)

Level 60

HP 200,000,000/200,000,000

“An Elemental Creature?” Peerless muttered.

Although its name contained the word “Dragon,” it was an Elemental Creature instead of a bona fide Dragon. This hinted that this Divine Dragon only looked impressive, but lacked real worth. It did not possess an actual Dragon’s power. It was like the Evil Earth Dragons, where they were called “Dragons” but were Dark Creatures that did not possess the power of the Dragon race. Its life rating was no different than an ordinary monster.

“Although I don’t know how Zero Wing managed to summon this Mythic monster, if they think they can defend Stone Forest Town with one Mythic monster, they are making a huge mistake.” Abandoned Wave watched the Divine Dragon with contempt. He then gave his subordinates a command, saying, “Bring it out. Let’s widen Zero Wing’s horizons! We’ll show them that they aren’t the only ones with siege tools!”

Hearing this, Abandoned Wave’s subordinates exploded into action.

Shortly after, three Gnome Cannons appeared beside Abandoned Wave.

Peerless was momentarily stunned when he saw these cannons.

Why does Blackwater have these?

Pantheon possessed Gnome Cannons as well. However, they were extremely difficult to manufacture. Even when they had allowed their Guild’s Chief Engineer to make them, the latter’s success rate was only 10%. In addition, due to the rarity of the materials and plenty of effort, Pantheon had only manufactured six Gnome Cannons. Each of these cannons was easily worth as much as one or two Epic items.

Pantheon treasured its six Gnome Cannons. Even when they raided Towns, they refused to use them, afraid that they would accidentally damage or destroy them.

He had never imagined that Blackwater would have three of the cannons as well.

In terms of destructive power, the Gnome Cannon might not be a match for the Magic Tower. However, it could compare to the Defense Turret. Unfortunately, its firing rate was not as high as the Defense Turrets. However, its advantage lay in its maneuverability, unlike the Defense Turrets, which had fixed positions upon construction.

Hence, they were considerably useful in a siege battle. The Gnome Cannons’ Pa.s.sive Skill, in particular, could deal double damage against constructions and magic barriers.

“Fire at will! I want to see how long their magic barriers can last!” Abandoned Wave commanded.

Originally, he had not wanted to expose the Gnome Cannons. However, after all was said and done, the Divine Dragon was a Mythic monster. If the Evil Earth Dragons were at their peak, they might be able to put up a fight against the Divine Dragon. Unfortunately, the monsters’ combat powers were weak right now. If he had only sent one Evil Earth Dragon up against the Divine Dragon, the former would be overwhelmed. If that happened, the Divine Dragon would wreak havoc among the monster army. The losses they would suffer would be tremendous.

Before this, he had signed a contract with the bandaged man, stating that he would compensate the latter for the monsters he lost. He could deal with the compensation for the monsters below Lord rank. However, if Lord or above monsters died, even he would feel a sting.

For safety’s sake, he needed two Evil Earth Dragons to pin down the Divine Dragon. He would then have the last Earth Dragon attract the attention of Zero Wing’s summoned creatures. This way, Zero Wing would have no way to prevent Blackwater’s summoned creatures from rampaging inside Stone Forest Town.

However, before they had the opportunity to use the Gnome Cannons, an explosion blasted above them.

With a violent flap with its wings, the Divine Dragon appeared before the Evil Earth Dragon that was about to attack the Nine-star Polar Domain. It then whipped its tail at the Evil Earth Dragon’s pitch-black scales.


The attack sent the ma.s.sive Evil Earth Dragon flying. Not only had it been thrown away from the Nine-star Polar Domain, but its HP bar had also decreased by a visible chunk.

The Divine Dragon’s strength surpa.s.sed everyone’s imaginations.

The independent players watching the battle from a safe distance gaped in shock.

Despite both being Tier 4 Mythic monsters and the Evil Earth Dragon being five levels higher than the Divine Dragon, the latter easily sent the former’s t.i.tanic figure flying…

However, the Divine Dragon’s controller, Alluring Summer, was more surprised than anyone.

“Is this the power of a Mythic monster?”

At this moment, Alluring Summer’s body had merged with the Divine Dragon. One could say that the Divine Dragon and Alluring Summer were one right now.

The power the Divine Dragon wielded was intoxicating.

This was the first time Alluring Summer had experienced such destructive power. Even high and mighty Grand Lords were trifling existences in front of her. She felt like she could easily annihilate those Grand Lords with a single wave of her hand.

Seeing this, the other two Evil Earth Dragons brandished their claws against the Divine Dragon.

One had to admit that the Evil Earth Dragons’ attacks were seasoned and accurate. They struck at the Divine Dragon’s blind spots. Moreover, the two Earth Dragons coordinated their attacks very well. If the Divine Dragon tried to block one of the Earth Dragons, it would fail to block the other.

Yet, contrary to expectations, even when the Earth Dragons’ claws were about to strike the Divine Dragon, the latter remained motionless. It did not attempt to dodge or block the incoming attacks.

“Is the Divine Dragon not listening to commands?” Aqua Rose wondered.

If a problem occurred with the Divine Dragon now, this war was as good as over.


In the next moment, the Evil Earth Dragons’ claws slammed into the Divine Dragon’s body. However, their claws only left behind several white marks on the latter’s golden scales; the attacks did not penetrate the Divine Dragon’s scales. As for the damage the Divine Dragon received, compared to the Divine Dragon’s 200,000,000 HP, it was not worth mentioning. If one did not pay close attention, they might not even notice the change to the Divine Dragon’s HP bar.

“Impossible!” At this moment, Abandoned Wave’s calm vanished, his mouth hanging open as he watched.

Why was there such a ma.s.sive difference between the Dragons, despite being monsters of the same tier?

Every player that witnessed this fight was stupefied.

They even began to wonder if the Evil Earth Dragons truly were the demons that had annihilated tens of thousands of players in Black Ridge Town.