Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1073 - Town Defense

Chapter 1073 - Town Defense

Chapter 1073: Town Defense





Chapter 1073 – Town Defense

Seeing the release of the remaining thirteen Tier 3 summoned creatures, the joy Zero Wing’s members previously enjoyed made a 180 turn.

If they only had to face the Tier 3 summoned creatures, they were confident of their success.

After all, this was not their first time killing Great Lord ranked monsters. Moreover, they had 20,000 elite players on their side. Defeating these monsters would be a trifling matter.

However, the true problem lay in the disappearance of the magic barriers that had protected them…

Now, they were forced to take on an endless army of monsters.

“All MTs, move forward! a.s.sist the NPCs and hold off the monsters! Don’t let any of them enter the town!” Aqua Rose hurriedly commanded.

Previously, they had the Double Protection Barrier to mitigate the monsters’ damage. The most they lost was some Mana. As long as they replaced the players maintaining the barrier, they could hold out for a long time with little effort. However, that plan was no longer viable.

Suddenly, a Level 60 Great Lord ma.s.sacred one of the Level 40 MTs standing at the forefront. The healers in the back had not even had a chance to save the player. If not for the Level 60-plus, Tier 2 NPC guards and soldiers blocking the Great Lords, the monsters would’ve charged into the town.

Unfortunately, this stalemate would not last long.

Although Zero Wing had ma.s.s-recruited NPCs to defend Stone Forest Town, due to the town’s Popularity, they hadn’t been able to recruit a lot of powerful NPCs. In addition, due to Stone Forest Town’s small size, they could only recruit a maximum of 1,000 NPC guards.

Among them, a portion consisted of Tier 1 NPCs ranging between Level 60 and Level 70. As for Tier 2 NPCs, there were less than 100.

Tier 2 NPCs were only about as strong as Lord ranked monsters. However, as NPCs knew how to cooperate and monsters did not, they could display greater combat power.

However, the Lords Aqua Rose could see outnumbered the Tier 2 NPCs by ten-to-one. There were also as many Great Lords as Tier 2 NPCs…

Even Tier 2 NPCs could not fend off such a monstrous lineup.

Zero Wing suffered over 600 casualties during the monster army’s initial charge, and the death count continued to increase. Despite the Magic Tower and Defense Turrets continuous bombardment, they couldn’t slow the casualty rate.

“Drunkard, ignore the summoned creatures and guards’ blockade! Regardless of the cost, I want that Magic Tower and those Defense Turrets destroyed!” Abandoned Wave commanded.

While he had joined hands with the bandaged man to exhaust Stone Forest Town’s living forces, the main reason for their cooperation was to take down the town’s fortifications.

If Stone Forest Town lost its fortifications, Blackwater’s forces could overwhelm Zero Wing in both quant.i.ty and quality when his elite army arrived. It would be child’s play to take the town.

“Guild Leader, leave it to me!”

Laughing Drunkard licked his lips before directing his Tier 3 summoned creature to circle Zero Wing’s summons and NPC guards, charging straight towards the Magic Tower. At the end of the day, Blackwater’s summoned creatures outnumbered Zero Wing’s. The latter had no hope of blocking the a.s.sault fully.

Currently, the Evil Earth Dragons had the Divine Dragon pinned down. Zero Wing wouldn’t dare take the battle into the town, which is exactly what they hoped for. With this, his summoned creatures only had to face Zero Wing’s members.

With his skills and the Tier 3 summoned creatures’ Attributes, it was practically impossible for Tier 1 players to stop him.

“Block it!” Aqua Rose shouted.

Although Aqua Rose had issued the directive, if a Great Lord ranked monster wanted to run, there wasn’t much Tier 1 players could do to stop it. Moreover, this monster had the awareness of an expert. It could easily dodge the majority of the attacks against it. Even if an attack struck, the damage was negligible to a Tier 3 summoned creature.

With incredible speed, the Tier 3 summoned creature only needed a few moments to reach the Magic Tower.

“Zero Wing, you’re finished this time!” Bloodthirst and excitement flashed in Laughing Drunkard’s eyes as he looked at the looming Magic Tower.

Without the Magic Tower’s protection, Zero Wing’s fate was as good as sealed.


In a single attack, a crack appeared in the Magic Tower’s st.u.r.dy wall. If not for the magic patterns’ b.u.g.g.e.r, Laughing Drunkard would have achieved his goal with that attack.

“This thing’s quite st.u.r.dy, but how many hits can it take?” Ignoring the surrounding players’ barrage, Laughing Drunkard blasted the Magic Tower with attacks.

With each attack, more cracks snaked along the wall. After a few hits, the Magic Tower started to tremble.


Meanwhile, seated in a high-cla.s.s bar in Saimu Town, a man and a woman watched the live stream of the war in Stone Forest Town.

“It seems that this war will end soon,” Yuan Tiexin said, sighing. “However, I truly underestimated Zero Wing’s foundations. Even first-rate Guilds and Super Guilds would have to take a joint attack by Blackwater and Pantheon seriously. Pantheon was even forced to use the only Tier 4 Curse it had. Although Zero Wing has lost this war, it is a glorious defeat.”

“It’s truly a pity. I thought that I would get to see Black Flame fight Pantheon’s experts. However, it seems that this siege war will end before that happens,” Purple Jade commented disappointedly.

Stone Forest Town’s peril was obvious at first glance. Regardless of whether Black Flame appeared or not, the outcome would not change.

Once the Magic Tower fell, Zero Wing would no longer have the power to resist Blackwater’s invasion. Rather than prolong the fight, as Zero Wing’s Guild Leader, Black Flame would try to save the Guild from further losses.

“Alright, it’s about time we prepare as well,” Yuan Tiexin said as he withdrew emotionally. Turning to Purple Jade, he said, “Thanks to Blackwater, we now understand just how powerful the Magic Tower can be. As long as the Secret Pavilion obtains its own, the status quo among G.o.d’s Domain’s super powers will have to change.”

The Magic Tower’s strength had exceeded Yuan Tiexin’s expectations.

Not only could it attract players, but it could also fortify a town. If the Secret Pavilion had the Magic Tower, they could develop more towns. They would not have to worry about lacking manpower for their towns’ defense.

“Hm?!” However, just as Purple Jade was about to turn the live stream off, she noticed something. Hurriedly, she shouted for Yuan Tiexin, who was about to leave the room, “Uncle Yuan, something’s not right! Look at the sky above Stone Forest Town!”

Confused, Yuan Tiexin turned to look at the screen, and immediately, he was stunned.

A ma.s.sive, dark-blue magic array had appeared above Stone Forest Town, enveloping the town. Moreover, due to this magic array, Mana surged into the town, filling the sky with s.h.i.+mmering colors. It looked like an aurora of light, but more beautiful.


“What’s going on?” Laughing Drunkard unconsciously froze as he looked at the sky.

Even he shuddered with fear at the Mana gathering rate and the array’s effective area.


“We finally made it.” s.h.i.+ Feng took a deep breath.