Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1068 - Double Protection Barrier

Chapter 1068 - Double Protection Barrier

Chapter 1068: Double Protection Barrier





Chapter 1068 – Double Protection Barrier

As the light from the Magic Tower dissipated, every player in Stone Forest Town fell silent.

A single attack had extinguished the lives of over 3,000 Level 60 and above monsters. This was far more terrifying than any large-scale destruction Spell they had ever seen.

In fact, it wasn’t just Zero Wing’s members who were stunned. Even Abandoned Wave and Peerless, who watched the war from a distance, wore dark, tense expressions.

“Why does the Magic Tower have this kind of ability?” Abandoned Wave frowned as he looked at the empty s.p.a.ce in the middle of the battlefield. “In one attack, it heavily injured Lord ranked monsters. Zero Wing really knows how to hide its strength.”

Among the 200,000 monsters, the majority consisted of monsters below Lord rank. Only a small minority consisted of Lord rank and above monsters.

The firepower of a single Magic Tower could already rival the attacks of ten Defense Turrets.

“That attack is already as powerful as a Tier 4, large-scale, destruction Spell. Based on my understanding of G.o.d’s Domain’s tools, this kind of attack should have a very long Cooldown. Even so, I no longer think that it’s possible to take Stone Forest Town down in a short time. If we don’t think of a way to deal with that Magic Tower as soon as possible, I’m afraid that our casualties will be severe,” Peerless commented as he looked at the towering Magic Tower in the distance. “However, the Magic Tower’s attacks are somewhat clumsy. If players or agile monsters were charging into the town, I doubt that the Magic Tower would be as effective. If we send some agile monsters, we should be able to destroy it.”

“Although losing the Magic Tower will be unfortunate, we have to remove it to minimize our losses.” Abandoned Wave nodded, agreeing to Peerless’s suggestion. Immediately, he barked in the team chat, “Drunkard, have the Tier 3 summoned creatures a.s.sault the Magic Tower! Think of a way to destroy it as quickly as possible!”

“Guild Leader, rest a.s.sured; I will destroy that Magic Tower!” Laughing Drunkard confidently replied.

They had a total of seventeen Tier 3 summoned creatures on their side. Although those summoned creatures were only Level 55, much weaker than the Level 60+ Great Lords in the monster army, players were in full control of these summoned creatures. With the speed of Tier 3 summoned monsters, dodging the Magic Tower’s monotonous attacks would be a piece of cake.

Quickly, Laughing Drunkard and his subordinates directed the seventeen summoned creatures to move out. Every one of the Level 55 summoned creatures had 50,000,000 HP. Including their battle recovery, even if they stood still and did nothing, players would need a lot of time to kill them. There were also seventeen of these creatures to contend with.

Normally, these seventeen Tier 3 summoned creatures would be more than enough to destroy a town.


The moment the Tier 3 summoned creatures moved, they attracted the distant, spectating players’ attention.

“Blackwater is amazing! That’s seventeen Tier 3 summoned creatures!”

“c.r.a.p! I recall that, during the last major war in the Stoneclaw Mountains, the Star Alliance had only summoned two of these monsters!”

“As expected of the Blackwater Corporation. A Tier 3 Summoning Scroll is even more expensive than an Epic item. Even then, it is near-impossible to buy one. I suspect that even Super Guilds only have several on hand.”

“Watching such a spectacular battle with my own eyes is awesome! Most likely, even those apex experts looming over G.o.d’s Domain aren’t strong enough to partic.i.p.ate in such a battle.”

“Indeed. It seems I did not waste my time making this trip to Stone Forest Town. The videos I’ve watched showing other Guild wars around G.o.d’s Domain cannot compare to this.”

“Zero Wing’s era is really coming to an end!”

When the spectating players saw the summoned creatures, which stood over 20 meters tall, charge towards Stone Forest Town, gooseb.u.mps rose all over their bodies.


The seventeen summoned creatures had very high Movement Speeds. Moreover, unlike ordinary monsters, they could change directions nimbly. The summoned creatures could easily dodge the Defense Turrets and the Magic Tower’s attacks.

However, just as the summoned creatures were about to reach the town’s walls, a semi-transparent magic barrier appeared around the entire town.

The summoned creatures crashed into the magic barrier, one after another, and were unable to proceed a step further.

“Guild Leader’s protection barrier is so strong!” Blackie exclaimed, astonished.

It had stopped the charge of seventeen Great Lord ranked monsters!

Any normal magic barrier would’ve shattered under the might of these monsters, yet the Double Protection Barrier remained intact.

Aqua Rose, who stood atop the Magic Tower, was similarly overjoyed.

Previously, she had worried that the magic barrier would not hold off these monsters and believed that s.h.i.+ Feng had been joking when he said that it could.

She had never thought that the barrier would be this powerful.

Not only weren’t there any cracks in the magic barrier that needed to be repaired, but the players maintaining the barrier also had all of their Mana. At this rate, the barrier could easily support its own recovery without any additional Mana.

“A magic barrier?” Laughing Drunkard sneered. “Do you think you can hold us off with



Following which, Laughing Drunkard’s group controlled the summoned creatures to start a fierce a.s.sault against the semi-transparent magic barrier, ignoring the attacks Zero Wing’s elite members launched from within.

Although Zero Wing’s members were very well-equipped, against Level 55, Tier 3 summoned creatures, the level suppression limited their attacks to around -1,000 damage. This was even with the Magic Tower’s buff. Otherwise, their attacks would only deal around -600 damage.

With each attack only dealing around -1,000 damage, even with three or four hundred players attacking simultaneously, each wave of attacks would only shave off three or four hundred thousand HP.

Furthermore, the summoned creatures had their battle recovery, which allowed them to generate 1% of their HP every five seconds. Even if Zero Wing’s elite members attacked freely, it would take a very long time before any of the summoned monsters fell. However, it was a different story for the magic barrier.

The magic barrier used players’ Mana. The more damage the barrier took, the more Mana it consumed. If the players maintaining the barrier ran out of Mana, the magic barrier would crumble. With the power of their seventeen Tier 3 summoned creatures, it would take less than ten seconds to bring down the magic barrier.

Deafening explosions shook the magic barrier, one time after another. Even those standing several thousand yards away could hear the explosions clearly. They could also see various attacks bombarding the summoned creatures, rapidly depleting their HPs.

Five seconds… Ten seconds… Twenty seconds…

Even after thirty seconds of constant attacks, the magic barrier showed no signs of cracking. On the contrary, the seventeen summoned creatures had lost over ten million HP each.

“This won’t do! Everyone, use your ultimate moves!” Laughing Drunkard yelled, grinding his teeth.

Tier 3 summoned creatures possessed their own ultimate Skills. However, the Cooldowns were very long. He intended to save these Skills to take down the Magic Tower.

Unfortunately, at this rate, the summoned creatures’ HPs wouldn’t outlast the magic barrier.

Immediately, the seventeen summoned creatures released mighty roars as they began to concentrate their power, Mana rapidly gathering around these creatures claws.

However, before these creatures could attack the magic barrier, five purple-gold magic barriers appeared and enveloped the seventeen summoned creatures. The instant these magic barriers took form, the summoned creatures suffered a 40% Attribute decrease, their maximum HPs dropping to 30,000,000. When the creatures Skills struck the purple barriers, although the barriers shuddered, they held.

“How is this possible?!” Laughing Drunkard’s lips twitched as shock and confusion filled his gaze.

Meanwhile, before anyone realized it, five Miniature Ballistas had appeared above the town walls, and all five were already aimed at the summoned creatures.

“Kill them all!” Aqua Rose swung her hand forward fiercely.