Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1069 - Mythic

Chapter 1069 - Mythic

Chapter 1069: Mythic





Chapter 1069 – Mythic

With Aqua Rose’s command, the five Miniature Ballistas atop the town walls fired an arrow each.

The five arrows were extremely fast, even faster than the Magic Tower’s Mana Pulse Cannon. From afar, one would only see five streaks of blue light shooting through the magic barrier, flying towards the Tier 3 summoned creatures.

So fast!

Laughing Drunkard, who controlled one of the summoned creatures, was surprised. His expert instincts kicking in, he willed his summoned creature to sidestep.

In the critical moment, his summoned creature dodged the incoming arrow by a hair’s breadth.


When the arrow struck the ground, the immense power within it carved out a crater that was twenty meters in diameter – the arrow embedded itself deep into the ground.

Although Laughing Drunkard’s summoned creature had managed to dodge the Miniature Ballistas’ attack, his four companions’ creatures had not.

Four summoned creatures had been nailed to the ground, each of their HPs dropping by one million. This amount of damage might not be much to a Level 55 Great Lord, but the arrows would pin their targets down for several seconds after they hit. This put the Great Lords, which possessed the advantage of speed, at a disadvantage.

“Again!” Aqua Rose commanded once more.

Before anyone realized it, the Miniature Ballistas, which had just launched their arrows, were already reloaded. Immediately, the players controlling the ballistas fired another volley of arrows at the Tier 3 summoned creatures.

Seeing the arrows fly at the summoned creatures once again, Laughing Drunkard’s complexion paled.

He had never imagined that the Miniature Ballistas would possess such a high attack rate.

“Dodge the arrows! Use everything you have to attack the barrier!” Laughing Drunkard hurriedly ordered.

While their summoned creatures were trapped inside the purple-gold barriers, not only were they given limited s.p.a.ce to dodge the oncoming arrows, but they had also been significantly weakened. If they did not break free from these magic barriers, they would become live targets for the five ballistas.

Although Laughing Drunkard had not made the wrong decision, he did not know that the magic array trapping their summoned creatures was the Nine-star Polar Domain, an Intermediate Magic Array. This particular array could even suppress Mythic monsters. Great Lords were not strong enough to free themselves from it.

Exactly how powerful were Mythic monsters?

They could rival major cities’ ruling NPCs.

As Tier 4 monsters, all of their Skills were also Tier 4. These Skills were many times stronger than Tier 3 Skills.

However, the Nine-star Polar Domain could withstand Mythic monsters’ fierce a.s.sault for a considerable amount of time, much less the attacks of Tier 3 summoned creatures.

For a time, the seventeen summoned creatures were little more than practice targets for the five Miniature Ballistas as the arrows repeatedly nailed them to the ground. Zero Wing’s elite members also bombarded them with attacks, rapidly decreasing their HPs.

After a short moment, two of the summoned creatures died.

This scene stupefied the players observing the battle.

Generally, it took a 100-man elite team led by an expert to raid Great Lord ranked monsters. If one encountered a Great Lord that possessed powerful AOE attacks, even a legion of 1,000 elites wouldn’t be strong enough to raid it. Now, however, Zero Wing rendered them helpless…

“Brother Wave, it seems that Zero Wing has prepared extensively. Do you need Pantheon to join the fray?” Peerless asked, chuckling at Abandoned Wave.

“Thank you for your concern, Brother Peerless, but this small variable is not enough to put a dent in my plans.” Abandoned Wave rejected Peerless’s offer. Following which, he notified the true controller of the monster army and asked softly, “Can you instruct the three Mythic monsters to join the battle?”

Originally, he had only intended to use the monster army to eliminate the town’s exterior defenses and probe Zero Wing for hidden trump cards. After defeating every Zero Wing member outside of Stone Forest Town, he would then lead Blackwater’s elite army to capture the town.

Although the monster army was very powerful, if these monsters entered the town, they would lose any hope of capturing it. The monsters would pollute the town with the Evil Energy they released. Players could not remain in an environment polluted by Evil Energy for any length of time. As a result, even if Blackwater secured Stone Forest Town, it would be useless unless they gave up their humanity as the monster army’s controller had. Either that or they would have to exterminate these monsters’ true creator. Obviously, neither of these options were viable.

As for Pantheon, they had long since agreed that, before Blackwater dealt with Stone Forest Town’s defenses, Blackwater would not require Pantheon’s a.s.sistance. If Pantheon were asked to take action, Blackwater would have to split a portion of Stone Forest Town’s shares with Pantheon.

Hence, he could only rely on the Mythic monsters to free him from this predicament.

If possible, Abandoned Wave would rather avoid employing the three Mythic monsters. Although the Mythic monsters were incredibly strong, they were very difficult to control. Even the true controller could only issue general instructions. If a mistake occurred, it was highly possible that these monsters would charge into Stone Forest Town and wreak havoc. Hence, he had hoped to utilize the Tier 3 summoned creatures to destroy the Magic Tower. Unfortunately, that wasn’t going to work.

With the protection barrier around Stone Forest Town, none of the monsters could proceed into the town. Even the Grand Lords were no exception. With the Defense Turrets and Magic Tower’s rampant attacks, the monster army suffered immense losses.

If they did not break this stalemate, their Tier 3 summoned creatures would be annihilated.

At that time, he would be forced to pay an even greater price to destroy the Magic Tower.

“There are no problems on my side. However, if I force them, these three Mythic monsters won’t be nearly as strong,” the mysterious, bandaged youth explained.

“No problem. With the Mythic monsters’ strength, even if they are significantly weakened, they are still far stronger than Grand Lords. I refuse to believe that they can’t shatter a magic barrier!” Zero Wing’s magic barrier frustrated Abandoned Wave.

This protection barrier had transformed Stone Forest Town into a st.u.r.dy fortress. In addition, the Magic Tower was on the offensive. The strength Zero Wing had displayed so far exceeded his expectations.


Soon after, deafening roars echoed across the battlefield from behind the monster army. These roars shook the ground, and everyone turned towards the source of the sound.

Three ma.s.sive figures, standing over a hundred meters tall, gradually appeared. The Grand Lords, which were over thirty meters tall, looked like infants before these three towering monsters.

[Evil Earth Dragon] (Dark Creature, Mythic)

Level 65

HP 150,000,000/150,000,000

Everyone gasped when they saw the Evil Earth Dragons’ information, their eyes nearly falling from their sockets.

Despite watching the monsters from afar, they involuntarily trembled, and fear filled their hearts.

“Guild Leader, Blackwater has dispatched its three Mythic monsters. What should we do now?” Aqua Rose asked nervously as she watched the approaching Evil Earth Dragons.

Mythic monsters!

To current players, they were invincible. Although the Mythic monsters’ HP was only slightly higher than Grand Lords, the difference between their strengths was like the difference between heaven and earth. Once monsters reached the Mythic rank, they would unlock their Domains.

Inside the Domain, not only would players’ Attributes be suppressed, but they would also be subjected to a powerful mental oppression. Even displaying 40% of their normal combat power would be a miracle. Moreover, players’ Stamina consumption would greatly increase.

The battle in Black Ridge Town was the best example.

The battle in Black Ridge Town had allowed everyone to realize just how frightening Mythic monsters were.

Even an army of tens of thousands of players would have to turn tail and run from a Mythic monster…