Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1067 - Cutting Edge

Chapter 1067 - Cutting Edge

Chapter 1067: Cutting Edge





Chapter 1067 – Cutting Edge

The instant s.h.i.+ Feng activated the Magic Tower, an aqua-blue magic array appeared above the tower.

A semi-transparent, protective barrier then appeared around Stone Forest Town, enclosing it within.

“What’s going on?”

“What is that?”

Despite standing so far from Stone Forest Town, both Abandoned Wave and Peerless could clearly feel the sudden change. If the town had previously been a harmless, sleeping sheep, then now, the town felt like a waking beast.

“Guild Leader, our spies have just reported that all of Zero Wing members within the town have received a 15% boost to their Basic Attributes. The damage they deal has also been increased by 20%, and their Movement Speed has increased by 15%!” Laughing Drunkard, who stood beside Abandoned Wave, announced.

“How can there be such a huge increase?” Peerless frowned when he heard the news. “It seems that it’ll take some more time to finish them off.”

After reaching their level, even a 5% Attribute increase would ma.s.sively increase a player’s strength, not to mention a 15% increase. Moreover, there was the 20% increase in damage dealt and 15% increase to Movement Speed.

Such improvements were enough to raise the standards of elite players to a whole new level. After factoring in the coordination between players, the rise in the combat power of Zero Wing’s members would be even more intense. The sudden development doubled the difficulty of raiding Stone Forest Town.

“So, that’s why Zero Wing hasn’t sent for reinforcements. They still have such a hand to play. Unfortunately, monsters are their opponents this time, not players. This small buff would only make a difference if they had to face other players.” Abandoned Wave chuckled. Although the sudden development had surprised him considerably, the situation was still within his control. “In any case, this is a good opportunity to show Black Flame that all of his efforts are futile.”

“That’s right. They have only gained an additional buff. Against so many powerful monsters, one meager buff would not change the overall situation,” Peerless nodded in agreement. Chuckling, he continued, “I’ll have to count on Brother Wave for the next step.”

“Leave it to me. You can just sit back and watch the show.” Abandoned Wave then gave the command to start the a.s.sault on Stone Forest Town. He ordered the monsters to attack the town from all sides.

When players raided a town, in order to minimize losses, they would generally launch a powerful a.s.sault on a single location. However, these players were not concerned about the monsters’ deaths. Hence, they could launch an all-around a.s.sault without worry, making Stone Forest Town even harder to defend.

As the monster army began to circle the town, the Zero Wing members inside the town grew nervous.

The monsters a.s.saulting the town were different from the monsters they normally fought in the fields. These monsters possessed considerably high intelligence, and even elite players of the same level might not necessarily win against the Elite monsters in a one-on-one battle. Furthermore, they were dozens of levels lower than these monsters and were outnumbered by ten-to-one. Although the Magic Tower had significantly boosted their Attributes, when compared to the monsters’ Attributes, this increase was not worth mentioning…

“Guild Leader, can we win?” Even Aqua Rose’s confidence wavered.

It would’ve been fine if their opponents were simply players. Now, however, seeing the black clumps of monsters come at them from all sides, even she felt somewhat nervous.

Zero Wing was clearly understaffed. There were only around 20,000 elite members in Stone Forest Town right now. After splitting them up around the cardinal points, each side only had around 5,000 members protecting it.

“We can only try,” s.h.i.+ Feng quietly responded. “How is the construction of the Magic Towers coming along?”

“The foundations have been completed. Only the core magic patterns need to be drawn,” Aqua Rose reported.

“Good. Lead the Dark G.o.ds Legion and deal with the Great Lord rank and above monsters first. Utilize all of the Tier 2 and Tier 3 Summoning Scrolls to pin down the Mythic monsters. Have the town’s firepower focus on the monsters below Great Lord rank. After that, we have to endure for as long as possible. Once Fire Dance’s group completes their mission, the tides of war will s.h.i.+ft to our favor!” s.h.i.+ Feng instructed. Immediately, he made his way towards the Magic Towers that were still under construction.

Magic Towers had become mainstream defensive buildings in towns and cities because of their outstanding defensive capabilities. Not only did they possess a Mana Pulse Cannon with great destructive power, but they could also increase local players’ Attributes. Meanwhile, the Attributes increases would change depending on the number of Magic Towers present.

Of course, the maximum effect would be achieved with three Magic Towers. With three Magic Towers, players would receive a 30% boost to their Basic Attributes. This was why the various large Guilds in the past had actively constructed Magic Towers in the towns and cities they operated, going so far as to construct three Magic Towers in important towns and cities.

As a precaution, s.h.i.+ Feng had tasked Aqua Rose with spending all of the money they had earned from selling the Lands around the teleportation house to purchase the Magic Tower’s construction materials. They then built two more towers in Stone Forest Town. With three Magic Towers defending the town, even against so many high-intelligence monsters, they were not without a chance of victory.

As for the Magic Towers for s.h.i.+ Feng’s future city, he had no choice but to think of another means of defense. After all, if he could not even protect Stone Forest Town, he could never defend a city.


Under Abandoned Wave’s command, the monster army roared angrily as they charged at Stone Forest Town.

“Is this Blackwater’s strength?”

“Stone Forest Town is truly finished this time. Even the NPC guards won’t be able to hold back so many powerful monsters!”

The players observing the war from the sidelines were stunned by the tsunami of monsters rus.h.i.+ng at Stone Forest Town. They no longer harbored any hope that Stone Forest Town would survive this war. The difference between each side’s strength was obvious at first glance.

The various large Guilds’ upper echelons, who watched the war via a live stream, were similarly stupefied.

Who in Star-Moon Kingdom could possibly stand up against this army of 200,000 monsters?

It was suicidal to try to fight these monsters!

“Big Sis Aqua, they’re coming!” Blackie gulped nervously.

“Good! Focus the Defense Turrets and Magic Tower’s attacks on the monsters below the Great Lord rank!” Aqua Rose commanded as she watched the approaching monsters from the top of the town’s wall.

Immediately, the four Defensive Turrets situated around the town rang, the explosive they fired flew straight into clumps of monsters before exploding.

The Elite monsters caught within the explosions died on the spot. Each of the four explosive killed over a hundred monsters. Unfortunately, while the Defensive Turrets could damage monsters above Elite rank, they could not kill them outright.

“Hahaha! Although the Defensive Turrets are powerful, it’s a pity that their range is too small!” Abandoned Wave could not help but laugh when he saw that only several hundred monsters had died in the initial blast.

He had previously thought that the Defensive Turrets would, more or less, pose a threat to his monster army. Now, however, it would seem that his worries were unnecessary.

In the next moment, the tip of the Magic Tower fired a rainbow-colored beam towards the sky. Immediately, the clouds refracted the beam towards the monster army, shocking everyone.

When the rainbow beam struck, it swept through the monster army. Everywhere the beam pa.s.sed, ma.s.sive flames erupted. All monsters below Lord rank were vaporized. As for the Lords that had survived, they had less than half of their HPs remaining.

When the rainbow beam eventually disappeared, over 3,000 monsters had vanished with it. A large, empty s.p.a.ce had appeared in the midst of the densely packed monster army…