Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1016 - Unsealing the Advanced Book of Magic

Chapter 1016 - Unsealing the Advanced Book of Magic

Chapter 1016: Unsealing the Advanced Book of Magic





Chapter 1016 – Unsealing the Advanced Book of Magic

Shortly after s.h.i.+ Feng publicized the death count on the official forums, players throughout Star-Moon Kingdom were in an uproar.

The various Guilds, who watched from the sidelines and planned to take advantage of Zero Wing’s misfortune, were particularly stupefied.

Dark Guilds were famous for their abstinence and resilience. Although they had few members, taking down a Dark Guild in a field battle was extremely difficult for regular Guilds unless they wanted to invest far more players and resources into the endeavor. Unfortunately, that was just too costly. Furthermore, on the off chance that the operation failed, the Guild would suffer. This was why most regular Guilds avoided provoking Dark Guilds.

Yet, not only had Zero Wing lured over half of the Dark Guild members into a deathtrap, but the Guild had also begun to plow over the remaining members like a bulldozer.

These Dark Guilds were toothless and clawless beasts against Zero Wing. They posed no threat to the Guild whatsoever. Zero Wing’s methods were truly incredible. Most importantly, ]until this point, Zero Wing had suffered little to no losses during its hunt for the Dark Guild members.

At the end of the day, strength decided the field battles’ victors. If the teams Zero Wing had dispatched were not strong enough, they would never achieve such frightening results.

This development inspired the various large Guilds to reevaluate their opinions of the strength of Zero Wing’s Dark G.o.ds Legion and main force.

However, compared to Star-Moon Kingdom’s various large Guilds and players, the Dark Guilds’ upper echelons were fighting a headache over this situation.

They could not understand how this had happened. They were famous for their stealth and evasion techniques in the fields, yet Zero Wing had arbitrarily slaughtered their forces. Moreover, according to the reports they received from their subordinates, Zero Wing’s members moved like ghosts, capable of approaching giving away their presence.

Zero Wing must have possessed some sort of tool that could target them; anyone that said otherwise was lying.

If this were the only problem, they could deal with it. The crucial issue was how few members Zero Wing had dispatched. The Guild had accomplished this terrifying win with only a fraction of its power. To Dark Guilds like theirs, who usually won their fights through quality over quant.i.ty, this was humiliating. They had become a laughingstock throughout the kingdom.

“What should we do now? Do we continue fighting Zero Wing?”

“What else can we do? Don’t forget our agreement with Blackwater. If we pull back now, everything we’ve done will be for nothing.”

“Indeed. Our only choice is to continue the operation. However, we don’t actually need to fight Zero Wing. Our job is simply to keep them busy. As long as we pin down Zero Wing’s Dark G.o.ds Legion and main force, we will have fulfilled our part of the bargain. When the time comes, we simply need to watch as Zero Wing loses Stone Forest Town.

“Without Stone Forest Town, Zero Wing can’t afford to sustain its development. We can strike then. I want to see just how they plan to fight our Dark Guilds!”

“That’s right! We’ll let Zero Wing maintain its arrogance for now. I want to see their faces when they realize we’re only bait!”

The various Dark Guilds’ upper echelons held a secret meeting to discuss their current predicament.

As for facing Zero Wing head-on, that was just a dream.

Although Blackwater had dispatched quite a few expert and elite players to a.s.sist them, White River City was Zero Wing’s territory. A direct confrontation with the Guild here was suicidal.

Even if the Blackwater Guild were willing to pay the price for such a confrontation, it would only result in heavy damage to Zero Wing’s strength and reputation. If Zero Wing wanted to stage a comeback, it had everything it needed. However, if Blackwater captured Stone Forest Town and severed Zero Wing’s main source of income, Blackwater would only need to suppress Zero Wing financially, and it would eventually collapse into itself.

When the Dark Guild representatives concluded their meeting, the various Dark Guild members around White River City split up, acting independently. With this, Zero Wing would have a harder time dealing with them.

After the Dark Guilds’ weak behavior, the various large Guilds that had watched the situation began to withdraw to their own territories, afraid that they would suffer the same circ.u.mstances as these Dark Guilds.

Despite Blackwater clearly being the mastermind behind all of this, Zero Wing had deliberately chosen not to target Blackwater’s members. Rather, it had decided to teach the a.s.sisting Dark Guilds a vicious lesson. After realizing this, they had no desire to take that risk.


“Guild Leader, your plan is brilliant. The Guilds that have been watching from the shadows are too afraid of becoming our next target and have withdrawn,” Aqua Rose said. She hadn’t been able to hide her smile when she received the report. “The players from the various large Guilds have split up. Although they are somewhat more bothersome to deal with now, if we invest a little more time, we’ll eradicate them, sooner or later. Even if the Dark Guilds intend to oppose us, I’m afraid they won’t be able to.”

Not only had the Dark Guilds’ defeat increased Zero Wing’s morale, but it had also improved the world’s evaluation of Zero Wing.

Some major companies, which had been pessimistic about Zero Wing’s chances, had begun to express their interest in cooperation. Only, s.h.i.+ Feng rejected all of these offers.

However, he had not done so because he no longer lacked money. Rather, these corporations demanded a cut of Zero Wing’s shares in exchange for their cooperation. s.h.i.+ Feng would not tolerate that.


“c.r.a.p! Zero Wing is too arrogant!”

“Do they really think that a small Guild like Zero Wing can stand against the Blackwater Corporation? Without our support, the Blackwater Corporation will, sooner or later, reduce Zero Wing to nothing!”

The various corporations’ representatives were enraged when they received the blatant rejection.


“Guild Leader, should I utilize my family’s authority to invest some of the Star and Moon Group’s funds?” Aqua Rose asked somewhat worriedly.

The Blackwater Trading Firm dropped its prices, again and again. They were now taking a loss with almost every item they sold.

However, Aqua Rose had to admit that it was quite effective; the Candlelight Trading Firm had been losing profits as a result. In addition, Zero Wing had t recently established two more Branch Guilds. It cost a considerable amount of Coins to maintain the additional main forces. Furthermore, a battle raged in Lake Heart City.

“No need. I’ll find a way to earn more Coins.” s.h.i.+ Feng shook his head.

He had already upgraded Icarus’s Heart to Epic rank. He had even filled the necklace’s Life Force storage. This was a good opportunity to show what the necklace was capable of.

If he became a Master Forger, not only would he have a higher success rate when forging the Fine-Gold ranked Magic Light Set Equipment, but he would also unlock the next item in the Advanced Book of Magic.

The Advanced Mana Armor Kit!

Previously, the strongest armor kit s.h.i.+ Feng had been able to produce was the Intermediate Mana Armor Kit. One of these kits could increase the wearer’s Attributes by over a dozen points. With three, the total Attribute boost was the equivalent of an additional piece of Dark-Gold Equipment.

However, the Advanced Mana Armor Kit was more astounding. It was also the strongest item one could learn from the Advanced Book of Magic.

In the past, countless players had gone crazy over the Advanced Mana Armor Kit. This kit was precisely the reason that a small Guild had risen in the ma.s.sive world of G.o.d’s Domain.