Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1015 - Initial Display of Strength

Chapter 1015 - Initial Display of Strength

Chapter 1015: Initial Display of Strength





Chapter 1015 – Initial Display of Strength

As a deep voice echoed throughout the forest, over a dozen figures emerged from the woods. Every player bore a silver, six-winged emblem on their chests. Moreover, the lowest leveled player among them was Level 39, while many of them were Level 40. These players also brandished awe-inspiring weapons and equipment.

However, after these dozen or so players appeared, the anxious Dark Guild members calmed, wearing mocking grins.

“And here I thought Zero Wing’s members had surrounded us. It seems these people have only found us by coincidence.”

“Indeed. It seems that we’re quite lucky, though the same can’t be said for them. With so few, we won’t even break a sweat. Mm… A team of Zero Wing’s core members. If we get rid of them, we’ll earn more excellent equipment.”

“These are Zero Wing’s experts? With just a dozen or so players, they dare to ambush us? Their foolishness knows no bounds.”

“Let’s finish this quickly! If we waste any more time, Zero Wing’s other members will catch up!”

While Zero Wing’s sudden appearance had given them a scare, after a closer look, the difference in strength between them was clear.

Based on each team’s numbers, the outcome of this battle was obvious.

Although they had lost five players, they still had more than 40 team members. On the other hand, there were only a dozen or so Zero Wing members. These Red Names had an overwhelming advantage. Not to mention, they also had a top-tier expert on their team.

“Leader, leave that Ranger to me. I’ll use him as practice for killing Black Flame. I’ll leave the others to you,” Purgatory G.o.dfire said, smiling as he focused on Minor Wind, the Ranger that had fired the first five arrows at their team. He could sense that, among these dozen or so players, Minor Wind was undoubtedly the strongest. He was even stronger than the Zero Wing core members he had already killed. Minor Wind was the best practice target.

“Alright, leave the rest to us,” the mighty Level 39 Berserker who led the team replied. He realized that even he could not take down the Level 40 Ranger, Minor Wind. Leaving the Ranger to Purgatory G.o.dfire was definitely the best choice here.

However, as soon as this mighty Berserker finished speaking, his expression darkened.

Before anyone realized it, a figure had appeared behind Purgatory G.o.dfire, a snowy-white dagger sinking into the Elementalist’s head and forcing him into a Fainted state. Immediately, the player thrust another dagger towards G.o.dfire’s back.

This sudden development even stunned the Elementalist. He had failed to notice the sneaking

However, Purgatory G.o.dfire was no ordinary expert. In the moment of extreme peril, he activated Blink. Not only did he avoid the backstab, but he also canceled the Fainted state and appeared 15 yards away from his enemy.

Unfortunately for him, as soon as Purgatory G.o.dfire used Blink, the black figure followed by using Shadow Steps and appeared behind him once more, the gleaming dagger resuming its attack.


Panicking, G.o.dfire used Flameblast in an attempt to knock back his opponent.

However, when Flameblast struck the black figure, contrary to G.o.dfire’s expectations, the black figure stood steady. His Flameblast had pa.s.sed through the figure’s body harmlessly.

c.r.a.p! An afterimage!

G.o.dfire immediately realized that he had been fooled. Although he tried to rectify his mistake by casting Ice Wall to guard his back, the black figure landed a Kidney Strike, forcing him back into a Fainted state, before his Ice Wall could even take shape. The figure instantly followed up with an Absolute Strike, transforming into a shadowy streak that pa.s.sed through Purgatory G.o.dfire’s body. When the figure reformed, it spun in the air and launched Backstab on Purgatory G.o.dfire’s side, stealing the Elementalist’s last strand of HP.

“How are you so fast?!

“Could you be… Zero Wing’s number one expert… Fire Dance?!

“It seems that I truly have rotten luck…”

As G.o.dfire’s HP was about to reach zero, his eyes focused on the black-robed As far as he could remember, only Zero Wing’s Fire Dance possessed this kind of ability.

Smiling Angle, his Dark Guild, had even labeled Fire Dance as a “unique combatant.” Should any of the Guild members encounter her in battle, they were warned against taking her on alone. They should enlist the help of three or more people to deal with her, at the very least. The group must have an expert member, as well.

“Big Sis Fire doesn’t need to dirty her hands with the likes of you! I, Flying Shadow, am more than enough! You’re ten years too early to think of fighting Big Sis Fire!” The black figure expressed its disdain in response to Purgatory G.o.dfire’s words.

However, Flying Shadow had not lied. Despite having reached the Half-step Refinement Realm after much difficulty, when he had sparred with Fire Dance, he had not even had a chance to retaliate.

Meanwhile, Purgatory G.o.dfire had not even reached the Half-step Refinement Realm. He was nowhere near good enough to be Fire Dance’s opponent.

Although G.o.dfire wanted to say something, his vision began to gray. In the end, none of his words left his mouth.

“G.o.dfire is dead?!”

“How can he be dead?!”

The other Dark Guild members were stupefied when they watched the expert die.

They had all witnessed Purgatory G.o.dfire’s strength personally. Even their Dark Guilds’ top experts were no match for him, yet against Flying Shadow, G.o.dfire had stood like a child before a master. These players even wondered if they were dreaming.

Although they had heard rumors of Zero Wing’s many powerful experts, Flying Shadow’s strength was insane.

While these Dark Guild members struggled to recover from their daze, dozens of arrows and Spells bombarded them. In the blink of an eye, another seven died.

“d.a.m.n it! We’ve encountered some troublesome experts! Retreat!” the leading Berserker commanded. After examining the situation on the battlefield, he understood the difference between their teams.

Although they had a numerical advantage, it was only temporary. If the battle dragged on, more Zero Wing members would arrive. This was an extremely unfavorable situation.

However, as soon as he issued his command, Minor Wind fired nine blue arrows from a distance, sealing his path of retreat.

“Don’t even think about killing me that easily!”

As one of the Dark Guilds’ team leaders, he had the strength to earn the position. Immediately, he activated Whirlwind Slash to block the incoming arrows.

Peng… Peng… Peng…

However, when the Berserker’s battle axe collided with the fourth arrow, the weapon was repelled. The remaining arrows then struck this team leader, eliminating his HP.

Without a leader, the surviving Dark Guild members fell into chaos. After all, most of them were from different Dark Guilds. They were barely familiar with each other, much less in sync. Not that the lacked someone in command, Zero Wing’s members swat them down like flies.

Although some had tried to escape, none could outrun Flying Shadow and Minor Wind.

After a short moment, the Dark Guild team of consisting of nearly 50 players died at the hands of Zero Wing’s team.

At the same time, inside Snowy Forest, a large number of teams formed by the various Dark Guilds were also being ambushed by Zero Wing’s Dark G.o.ds Legion and main force.

As the Dark Guild members died, s.h.i.+ Feng posted their death count on the official forums.

In less than an hour, a total of 3,586 Dark Guild members operating near White River City died. Moreover, this number continued to climb by the minute….