Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1017 - Advanced Mana Armor Kit

Chapter 1017 - Advanced Mana Armor Kit

Chapter 1017: Advanced Mana Armor Kit





Chapter 1017 – Advanced Mana Armor Kit

Star-Moon City, Heaven’s Burial’s Residence:

Although the Dark Guilds’ defeat had significantly increased Zero Wing’s prestige in Star-Moon Kingdom, this outcome had not affected Heaven’s Burial in the slightest. There was still a long line of players queued up outside the Guild’s Residence. Rather, things had become even more lively outside the Guild Residence.

After the majority of the Dark Guild members had been confined in White River City, Heaven’s Burial announced its recruitment for a large number of Lifestyle players. It had even publicly announced that Lifestyle players who joined the Guild could receive guidance from a few of the virtual gaming world’s well-known Lifestyle masters, easing the difficulty of reaching the Master rank in the future.

The Master rank was every Lifestyle player’s goal. It was also an opportunity for countless Lifestyle players to get rich overnight.

After G.o.d’s Domain joined the virtual gaming world, the various large Guilds had begun to place greater importance on Lifestyle players. After all, many things in G.o.d’s Domain required Lifestyle players. This increased the value of well-known Lifestyle players in the virtual gaming world. In G.o.d’s Domain, some Lifestyle players’ status could even rival that of top-tier experts.

Many Super Guilds even began to compete to recruit Lifestyle players who had a list of achievements in previous virtual reality games.

Among them, the Super Guild Battle Wolves had paid an astronomical price to recruit one player who had been known as one of the top five grandmaster Lifestyle Players in the virtual gaming world. Moreover, the Battle Wolves had made this grandmaster their Chief Forger.

Becoming one of a Super Guild’s forgers was already quite difficult, much less becoming the Chief Forger. A Chief Forger’s status was the equivalent of the Vice Guild Leader’s.

Although they did not dream of such a lofty position, if they could become Master Lifestyle players in G.o.d’s Domain, they would be set for life.

However, reaching the Master rank in G.o.d’s Domain was easier said than done. If they were guided by someone with experience, though, it would be easier to become Masters in the future.

This was precisely the reason that Star-Moon Kingdom’s Lifestyle players had flocked to join Heaven’s Burial. Not only that, but other kingdom’s Lifestyle players also began to rush towards the Guild after hearing about its recruitment.

“Uncle Seven, why are you in such a hurry to meet me? If you had something urgent to say, couldn’t you have just called me? Why make the trip back?” Singular Burial asked, chuckling as he looked at the fifty-plus-year-old man as he frantically rushed into the Guild Leader’s office.

“If this were something that could have been conveyed in a call, I would’ve done so. This is important enough to make the trip. I also have a surprise for you,” Seven Treasures said, laughing.

“A surprise?” Singular Burial responded skeptically.

“I knew you wouldn’t believe me. Here, take a look. What do you think this is?” Seven Treasures retrieved a design from his bag and placed it on the table.

“This is…” Singular Burial was stunned after reading the design’s introduction.

Although the design was very common, the words ‘Light Stone’ attracted Singular Burial’s attention.

As the Guild Leader of Heaven’s Burial, not much surprised him. Even an Epic Weapon wouldn’t faze him. However, he had to admit that the Light Stone Forging Design that Seven Treasures had laid before him had been a surprise.

The Light Stone was practically the Candlelight Trading Firm’s symbol.

Despite Heaven’s Burial and Blackwater working together, neither of their Guilds had been able to damage the Candlelight Trading Firm overmuch. This was due to the Light Stones.

Who in G.o.d’s Domain did not want to level up faster?

However, when darkness fell over G.o.d’s Domain, the fields became much more dangerous. If one were not an elite or expert player, they would struggle. And if one were unfortunate enough to lose their life, their progress would go to waste. Hence, Light Stones were a must-have item to level up at night in G.o.d’s Domain.

In addition, as the Light Stones’ price was quite low, it became a must-have tool for ordinary players. This secured the Candlelight Trading Firm’s position, leaving no room for compet.i.tion.

However, now that Heaven’s Burial had the Light Stone Forging Design, the Candlelight Trading Firm would no longer hold the monopoly over the Light Stones.

“Uncle Seven, where did you find these?!” Singular Burial asked.

Only one forging player could learn from a single forging design, and the number of Light Stones one person could produce was limited. The Heavenly Trading Firm still wasn’t a threat to the Candlelight Trading Firm. This would barely impact Candlelight’s business.

“In the Towers of Death. One of our Guild’s teams obtained one by accident while grinding monsters there,” Seven Treasures said, laughing merrily. “After obtaining this design, I immediately notified the Guild’s elite teams to grind in the Towers of Death. Soon, we’ll have far more Light Stone Forging Designs.”

“Wonderful! This is simply wonderful! Uncle Seven, I’ll leave the rest for you. If you lack manpower, just say the word!” Singular Burial was ecstatic. As long as they knew which monsters dropped the design, with Heaven’s Burial’s strength, it would only be a matter of time before they had a stockpile. “Once we have enough designs, we will extinguish Candlelight! Without the financial support from both the Candlelight Trading Firm and Stone Forest Town, Zero Wing will be finished!”

“Mhm. Isn’t that why I’m here, trying to borrow some of the Funeral Legion’s members? The monsters are too high-leveled. Our ordinary elites’ grinding speed is too slow. They need experts to lead them,” Seven Treasures explained, nodding.

The Funeral Legion was Heaven’s Burial’s strongest player force. It was similar to Zero Wing’s Dark G.o.ds Legion. Heaven’s Burial had invested the majority of its resources into nurturing this legion, and every member was extremely powerful. In the eyes of ordinary players, they were definitely experts. However, only the Guild Leader could command the Funeral Legion. They would ignore anyone else’s orders.

“Sure, no problem. I’ll give you command of 400 members.” Without hesitation, Singular Burial notified the Funeral Legion’s commander, instructing him to dispatch 400 members to the Towers of Death immediately.

Inside one of the Candlelight Trading Firm’s Special Forging Rooms in White River City…

After sacrificing 500 units of Life Force to activate Icarus’s Heart’s G.o.d’s Blessing Skill, s.h.i.+ Feng began forging Advanced Mana Armor Kits, one after another.

Not only had s.h.i.+ Feng forcefully raised his forging standard to Master rank, but the effect also lasted three full hours. Meanwhile, G.o.d’s Blessing’s Cooldown was only four hours. With this buff, he was practically a bona fide Master Lifestyle player.

The only downside was that G.o.d’s Blessing cost too much Life Force to sustain.

Regardless, s.h.i.+ Feng was satisfied with this result.

As a Master Forger, he could learn the Advanced Mana Armor Kit’s production method. By utilizing various tools, he also increased his success rate with the Advanced Mana Armor Kits to 41%, which allowed him to succeed one out of three tries.

In three short hours, s.h.i.+ Feng had successfully forged 31 Advanced Mana Armor Kits. Although the production volume could not compare to the Intermediate Mana Armor Kit’s, the Advanced version’s Attributes trampled over the Intermediate version’s….