Hero of Darkness - Chapter 845 Soul Technique

Chapter 845 Soul Technique

Chapter 845 Soul Technique

Kahn finally absorbed his current advancement and finally had full control over Amaterasu, the divine weapon that originally belonged to all the Heroes/Heroines of Fire, which was pa.s.sed down from generation to generation of summoned heroes since the past 3,000 years.

"System, based on my current rank and soul essence, how much and for how long can I use Amaterasu?" asked Kahn to the system.

[Based on the host's current rank as a 4th stage saint, the host can only use 40% of his total soul essence in order to utilize the divine weapon.

Currently, the host can make only 8 attacks using the divine weapon Amaterasu.

More than that would adversely affect the host's soul and physique, causing an immense backlash that would incapacitate the host and render him unable to fight or even more for close to 3 months.] reported the system.

"d.a.m.n! No wonder no hero likes to use their divine weapon unless absolutely necessary." he sighed.

[However Based on current physical stats and purity of the soul itself, the host can fight even a being 3 ranks higher than him.] notified the system.

"What?! You mean I can at least face a 7th stage saint if I'm using Amaterasu?" asked Kahn, completely bewildered.

[Yes. The host can at least fight a beginner 7th stage saint on his own if he uses the divine weapon Amaterasu.] responded the system.

"Amazing! This is definitely going to be one of my biggest trump cards and could save my life when I'm out of options such as having no means to flee and being forced to fight." spoke Kahn with an elated expression.

The advantage of finally having a divine weapon of his own was already showing its effect.

"Now I need to check the Divine Technique imparted to me by Amaterasu." said Kahn and started meditating again.

'Reminiscence of Eternal Flame.'

This was a divine technique that Amaterasu gave Kahn and imprinted in his consciousness after they made their promise and the former finally approved of the latter as his contractor.

If one was to explain this divine technique, it would be like this

While practicing it, Kahn had to break 1% of his soul and infuse it with Amaterasu's fire which was now accessible to him at will as he finally became its owner.

However, based on his understanding of the technique It was extremely taxing on the soul, body and mind at the same time.

And then, he'd have to absorb that portion of the transformed soul back into himself, which was even harder since their base properties and form were now different.

It was like trying to mix a drop of oil inside a gla.s.s of water, both unable to form a h.o.m.ogeneous solution due to their physical properties.

However, the divine technique had a way to a.s.similate these two slowly but surely.

And as a result, it will help Kahn's soul to become more familiar and correspond to the Eternal Flame that ranked even higher than the Dragonfire in this world.

If he carried on practicing, Kahn's control over his soul would become powerful over time and then his Soul Essence would undergo a qualitative change; resulting in his soul essence reserves becoming potent as well as bringing qualitative changes.

And finally, after all these changes are brought, Kahn could use Amaterasu without burning excess Soul Essence, like how Axel wasted most of it during their fight.

Unlike him, Kahn didn't have Death Absolution. Hence, he didn't have extra lives to waste his soul essence on either.

And because he was currently only a 4th stage saint, he could access only 40% of his soul essence as stated by the system.

This procedure was going to take a lot of time. Because even the previous Heroes/Heroines of Fire took years to fully cultivate this technique.

Because here, Kahn's blessings weren't going to help him and neither would something like doppelgangers were going to be useful.

This wasn't a combat technique and neither did his doppelgangers possess a soul for any boost in training or some hack to work in terms of mastering it.

Now There was one big side effect.

Every time Kahn practiced and sacrificed 1% of his soul essence, all his physical stats would decrease by 1% as well.

And during that period, Kahn couldn't level up either as his soul was constantly under tempering.???e????o???.??

"System, why can't I level up during practice?" queried Kahn out of curiosity.

[Because the Soul, Mind and Body are interconnected.

If one of them is being affected or undergoing some sort of transformation or tempering, the other two aspects would also be affected.

The host may have not realized it but during Elemental Transfusion for Fire Element, the host's mind and body were in great pain and now emerged stronger as the body became powerful due to elemental transfusion.

As a result, the host's soul has also transformed and it is 10% purer than before.] iterated the system.

"Wait! Does that mean once I reach elemental affinities for all 8 elements My soul will become 80% purer than before?" he asked with a befuddled countenance.


"Doesn't that mean my using divine techniques will make my soul even denser over time after I'm done with elemental transfusion for all elements?" he questioned again.

[Yes.] reported the system in its usual robotic and lifeless tone.

"To put it simply My soul could have close to 180% purity, almost 2 times more than the other Heroes?" he asked again.


"Holy cow!

Means if I keep working on it I will not only reduce the amount of Soul Essence required to use the Divine Weapon, but also my Soul Essence will be 2 times more than other chosen heroes!" exclaimed Kahn in astonishment after recounting everything.

"That's too OP and broken!" Kahn said as he grabbed his head in disbelief.


If Armin was here, he could've used the Soul Reformation skill to heal my soul again and again, making it denser and purer while I practiced the Remembrance of Eternal Fire technique.

Then my soul essence would've been more than 2 times, maybe even 3 times." spoke Kahn as he revealed a greedy and insatiable grin.

"Such a missed opportunity." he thought and heaved a sigh of helplessness.



Both Rathnaar and Vildred quickly arrived after noticing that Kahn was out of his trance.

Soon, they too learned about what happened. And both of them shouted at the same time

"This shameless greedy son of b.i.t.c.h!"