Hero of Darkness - Chapter 844 Terms Of Contract

Chapter 844 Terms Of Contract

Chapter 844 Terms Of Contract

This time, Kahn's proposal was denied by the Divine Weapon despite the former meeting the required conditions to become its contractor as the latter asked him for a valid reason about why he should accept this proposition.

"Because without me, you're just floating inside the true dimension with no end." said Kahn firmly.

"Tch! So what?

I will only become a secondary weapon and a discarded toy once you find your own divine weapon.

Besides There's no point." said the divine weapon with a discouraged countenance.

"Why?" asked Kahn.

"Because no matter what None of you can defeat him." declared Amaterasu.

"Who are you talking about?" Kahn queried.

"There's only one being I hate more than your divine weapon.

The one everyone calls the Demon G.o.d."

Kahn was suddenly taken aback after hearing these words.

It meant that Amaterasu had at least encountered the Demon G.o.d.

"Tell me what you know about him or it." said Kahn with a stoic expression.

"Four of my contractors have fought him till now in the past 3 thousand years since I was created.

He killed 2 of them, 1 fled from the fight and the last one was gravely injured 900 years ago which ultimately led to his death." said Amaterasu as he revealed a bit of the past.?r??w???????.cm

"By my guess He Should already be way too powerful than all those centuries ago.

Whether it was Axel or even you you're both just too weak to even stand in front of him without dying." said the divine weapon, heaving a helpless sigh.

"Is that so? Tell me something How does he look or what powers does he have?

Why haven't all the heroes with divine abilities and divine weapons managed to kill him in the past 3 thousand years?

And why can't all the powerhouses of the world come together and kill him along with the heroes?" asked Kahn, throwing a lot of questions at once.

"So naive Let me tell you what I know from my personal experience fighting him.

Other than an extremely strong hero and a divine weapon at full capacity No one can fatally harm him.

Someone will have to be at least a Peak Saint already to overcome his law of reality." he explained.

"What law?" asked Kahn.

Obviously, he knew about how Demon G.o.d was born. But he had no knowledge of his powers.

Amaterasu spoke and revealed.

But just like before This formation too couldn't be heard or spoken by both parties.

"Dammit! Just know this The Demon G.o.d cannot be killed easily.

He has no fixed body, appearance, or ident.i.ty. Also, he isn't bound by laws of reality or elements of nature, and a confirmed way to be killed.

No matter what divine abilities any hero has He is a being that simply cannot die." he spoke in a ghastly voice as his flaming body shone brightly, reflecting his anger and hatred against the Demon G.o.d.

"Out of all the times I faced him, he was a completely different being.

Sometimes a monster, sometimes a saint, once he was just a pure form of unknown energy and once, he had multiple bodies that were differing in race, species, regions of vantrea they existed in.

As for the reason why we can't kill him No one knows.

Some have succeeded in killing him and even destroyed his body and soul completely but he always came back alive after some time. And his next appearance was hard to trace. " revealed Amaterasu.

"Son of a b.i.t.c.h! This means forget fighting and killing him You can't even find him or think of a way to kill him unless you had prior information.

And based on what you said the method of killing him is probably always changing each time as well." hypothesized Kahn.

Otherwise, at least one Hero would have succeeded till now.

"Well, that's just my opinion based on personal experience.

There could be many other reasons why no one including your predecessor succeeded despite being one of the 3 strongest Heroes ever summoned in this world.

Back then, your predecessor was a 9th stage saint, the strongest one among all the summoned heroes.

With all the Divine Weapons and Divine Keys in his hand He was possibly the strongest Hero in history." he stated without shame or indignation.

"Also, I do know that he used me and all the others during a fight.

If I wasn't forced to sleep, I would've known what happened during their battle and the aftermath. Maybe your own divine weapon will tell you since he was most likely awake." spoke Amaterasu.

"Then grant me your strength.

Do you not want to settle the score with him if I ever come to face him?" asked Kahn, trying to instigate the eternal flame named Amaterasu.

"Now That is a great motivation.

However How do I know you will actually strive to become worthy to yield me at full potential?" he questioned the Hero.

"To be honest My situation isn't any better." said Kahn in response.

Soon, he revealed everything about his situation in Vantrea and how he was being hunted.

"Oh, so you have no choice but to become stronger than everyone else if you want to survive.

Well, that at least guarantees a few things." said Amaterasu and started giving a few thoughts and a.n.a.lysis of his own.

Finally after hours of discussion and pestering, Kahn managed to appeal to the divine weapon's decision.

"Fine! Build up your soul essence first.

I will share my knowledge and techniques to reinforce your soul so I can use my strength and you also don't waste excessive soul essence.

But know this

These methods are different for every divine weapon based on their elemental affinity." revealed the eternal flame.

"Wouldn't Hetrax be angry?" queried Kahn curiously.

"I'm aware that I was made from a small portion of Hetrax's divine essence condensed in his heart.

But I don't know him.

Although I was created from him I am my own being. I have no loyalty or allegiance to anyone." he declared fearlessly.

"We divine weapons solely exist to fight and kill.

Just that all of us need the Divine Key and a Contractor to gain soul essence and use our powers. The stronger the contractors, the more powerful a divine weapon.

So I will lend you my aid only if you promise to keep practicing and become stronger unlike my previous two contractors who simply didn't take these matters seriously and died so pathetically.

And together We will kill that Demon G.o.d b.a.s.t.a.r.d." said Amaterasu as he set up his own terms.

Kahn only nodded in response. Even he could tell that one day, he would be facing the Demon G.o.d even if he didn't want to.

"Alright then. I accept."


Inside the Chamber of Exaltation

Kahn's soul finally regained control over his body sitting at the epicenter of Convergence of Reality and he opened his eyes.

And in the very next moment, the system sent notifications in his mind.

[Congratulations to the Host!!

The host has made a contract with Divine Weapon Amaterasu. The divine weapon has acknowledged the host as its contractor.

The host gained 100% control on Divine Weapon Amaterasu.] it reported.

Kahn also had a satisfied smile.

Dying for more than 18,000 times just to gain 100% natural affinity to fire element gave an unexpected result that no one saw coming.

Because now even though it happened out of pure coincidence; Kahn finally had true owners.h.i.+p of Amaterasu, a full-fledged divine weapon.

After all these years spent hiding and building his strength silently

Kahn was no longer defenseless.