Hero of Darkness - Chapter 846 Last In The List

Chapter 846 Last In The List

Chapter 846 Last In The List

Both the lightning dragon emperor and the peak saint flared up in rage and openly shouted at Kahn without hiding their discontent and incredulous expressions.

"Why is he getting such a huge power up?!" spoke Rathnaar with discontent.

"Eh? What do you mean?

I'm the one who is still losing a lot." Kahn shamelessly claimed that he was suffering a great loss.

But in the upcoming moments, he told them that if Armin was here, the results would be even greater, his tone was akin to a braggart complaining about how great 'loss' was.

Rathnaar on the other end fumed with anger and almost lunged at Kahn.

"This shameless b.a.s.t.a.r.d! He's getting something even I did not have as a Peak Saint and he's still complaining!" shouted the first emperor as if he would beat the s.h.i.+t out of this gluttonous individual.

Vildred stopped him and pulled him back.

"Seriously I have never seen someone who's so lucky but greedy and shameless at the same time." spoke the royal dragon in a grumpy tone.

"You have me, the Sage of Preservation, the once number 1 mage in the world teaching you magic.

There's an Apostle of Slaughter teaching you combat techniques and weapons, the kind that comes only once in a thousand years.

And finally, a Peak Saint sharing his wisdom and knowledge that other saints would sell their souls for.

Then the Tablet of Arcana, which the empires and even 8th stage saints would go to war for.

On top of it, you're the Apostle of the War Deity and Apostle of Blacksmithing at the same time.

This is something even royal dragons like me would feel envious of." said Vildred, almost feeling like a street beggar compared to Kahn.

Rathnaar then spoke with a visible frown in between his eyes

"If I had that kind of luck, I would've become a Demi-G.o.d long ago." he also complained.

"Shut the h.e.l.l up! I'm the unluckiest person here!

You both have lived as powerful beings and rules over billions for centuries.

I on the other hand have been without anyone looking after him since day 1 here.

Say that I have more only after I've reached the peak of strength and magic like both of you did." said Kahn as he rolled over his eyes.

"Well, looks like my days of hiding and being on my own are finally over.

It felt like the world was making up for all the misfortunes I suffered ever since I was summoned." he said with visible arrogance.

"Every dog has its day. Mine has finally come."


After an hour of quarreling and fighting like little toddlers who complained about not having enough candies to eat, the three anomalies of the world of Vantrea finally stopped bickering.

"All right then. Let's see how things are carrying on." spoke Kahn.

He then started recounting what he has been covering and the gains he made in the meantime so far.

First, he had Romulus teach him how to increase his strength with the techniques such as Harnessing and Conceptualization as a warrior. And there were 3 more techniques to learn.

Soon, Kahn was going to receive proper and top-tier weapons training. Where once he mastered them, he could leave increasing proficiency to his doppelgangers.

Second, Vildred had already proven his worth as the Sage of Preservation who once ranked as the number one magician in the world.

The dragon emperor didn't even start teaching him properly but the very first Elemental Transfusion he performed on Kahn already helped the latter gain the divine weapon Amaterasu's recognition and become its contractor.

And once the Elemental Transfusion for all the elements was done, Vildred would also start teaching him top-level spells, barriers and formations since his entire body was going to transform and with the help of the Chamber of Exaltation, he would progress at terrifying speed as stated by the Sage himself.

So as per their previous discussion, things were in order.

Along with the Reminiscence of Eternal Flame art given by Amaterasu, Kahn was going to be even busier since increasing his Soul Essence was also part of the priority for his future growth.

Now All it needed was time and consistency till the seeds grew up to be a tree and bore fruits.


"Kid, it's time. Since your body is changing, it's also the best period for you to learn and condition yourself for it." said Rathnaar as he stood beside Kahn at the epicenter of Convergence of Reality.

"Time for what?" asked Kahn curiously.

The peak saint heaved a sigh and in the following moments



Suddenly, the s.p.a.ce around them fractured like shattered gla.s.s and a door akin to a void crack emerged.

"Follow me." he said and the other two followed the emperor.



After they pa.s.sed through the void door, all three appeared in a different section of Chamber of Exaltation that was previously hidden from their senses.

A widespread great hall with gigantic pillars and in its center was a 10 meter wide cloud-like wormhole, emanating a golden glow filled with unknown energy.

"Is this Is this what I think it is?" asked Vildred as he glanced at Rathnaar with disbelief.

"Yes. This is where I trained and perfected it." he replied without explaining anything to Kahn.

"This isn't the same as the floor outside.

The first one is for condensing world energy and raising your levels.

Those Convergence of Reality and other sections that are a.s.sociated with different Laws of reality are also great. But they're good only if you practice in particular law.

However none of them can help you like this section as it caters to what you need most." said the peak saint solemnly.

"Perfect it, break it, and master it.

And then you start studying and infusing your law with it." said Rathnaar in a cryptic tone.

"Exactly what are we talking about here?" asked Kahn with a puzzled countenance.

"This region is something every 4th stage saint in the world would give up everything to train in. It is important to decide your future as someone beyond 5th stage saint." he spoke and continued in a grim voice.

"Romulus already showed you how weak and frail the one you possess is. And how much you have downplayed its potential since you never even tried to perfect it." spoke Vildred, agreeing with Rathnaar's judgment after a.n.a.lyzing this great hall.

"It's called the Hall of Sentience."

Finally, Rathnaar revealed the purpose of this hall to Kahn who had no idea.

"This one Is for your Domain.