Green Skin - Chapter 157

Chapter 157

Chapter 157

157 Part 1

Green Skin 157 Indolence


A long-bladed sword came out of nowhere, and I heard a voice as I held it and pushed in magic.

[Dainsleif – The item effect of Dain’s Inheritance is activated.]

While this was the first time that I heard the activation announced, I was not surprised. Actually, I was very excited. As listed in the item explanation, blood was dripping from the Dain’s Inheritance, and the red fragment in the middle was slowly losing its color. It looked like I would be damaged when the fragment lost its color. Eerie magic continued to emit from the sword, and it was not mine but the sword’s magic.

I happily put in a bit more magic at the sword’s whirring sound. As the Dainsleif was also called a bloodsword, I gained some control over the blood that was falling from the sword. While there was only a little now, I reached out to an enemy that was vacantly staring at me. The blood pooling at the ground instantly turned into an orb and poured upon him.


The man’s head broke as he stared at me, and now I could control his blood.

‘This is acceptable.’

It’s a good item. Actually, it was a crazily efficient item, and Kim Hyeji was also staring at me vacantly. She looked surprised at the situation, not going in her favor despite having high skills and much experience. I knew people like that very well.

‘Those that remained still.’

There and been similar people in the west who had given up becoming stronger or rising higher because they were satisfied with their current place. They had no or faint goals.

They were those who were left in the past.

I ran towards the enemy as I controlled the blood continuously falling to the ground from the Dainsleif. While someone with a s.h.i.+eld tried to block me, it was not possible.

As I controlled the blood of the one headless from my first attack, thorns made of blood sprang from the ground.


While the soldier next to me quickly raised his s.h.i.+eld, he died as the thorn pierced his side. There was already a pool of blood when I reached them, and as the screams rang, my magic was decreasing. While Kim Hyeji shot magic or used strange spells to obstruct my path at times, Orbo, Gark, and Hark blocked all of them.

Since there was almost no casting with magic, it was not strong enough. It had been a long time since Ragia was on the battlefield, and her performance was nice as she confused the enemies.

I felt like a demon king, and the enemies were clearly losing the will to fight. There was no need for me to grab the Dainsleif and jump into the enemy troops, as controlling their spilled blood kept the screams coming.

Those that came near me were pierced all over from the blood thorns scattered on the ground, and I increased the amount of blood I could use by cutting off his head.

I began to know a bit about this weapon, and it was a type that became stronger as the battle lengthened. The blood from the wounds I made became a weapon. While my magic continued to flow out, and I would be damaged if I could not fill the necessary amount of blood, they were nothing compared to the Dainsleif’s usefulness.

As I saw the front, the Blood Dagger Clan members were beginning to chew and feast on most soldiers. They seemed to think that the battle was over, and the three goblin sisters were playing with the arms of the humans they had hunted, and Jung Hayeon was playing as long as she could with the toy she had gotten in a long time.



Jung Hayeon was always where screams like those were, and her putting in roots to burst bodies or crush people to death was grotesque despite the fact I had seen that in a long time. I had to turn my eyes at the smaller roots going into the soldier’s eye sockets, even though I would not criticize her.

Acts like those lowered the enemy’s will to fight. Strong people or those who have maintained authority over a long time could be afraid, and those that had remained still felt the emotion more acutely.

Actually, they were even more afraid to lose what they have or have everything they had achieved come down in ruins. As I slowly moved forward, the Blood Dagger Clan members began to make a path for me. I saw Kim Hyeji with a scowl as she maintained a protective barrier with a raised hand. She was too shabby to be seen as one of the members who had founded Hadum.

“You wuss…”

As I mumbled in human language, Kim Hyeji immediately looked at me and sent me a hopeful expression. She did not seem to be curious about how I could speak the language and was only trying to protect herself.

“Please…let me live. I…I will be useful.”

“You’re not.

157 Part 2

Even Lee Wanyong, who was in the village, worked ceaselessly to survive. As he felt a sense of crisis at Hakajin learning the human language and absorbing his knowledge, Lee Wanyong now worked and studied until his head would burst for the village. The reason I was keeping him alive was that.

However, this woman was different.

“Please, I’ll do anything…If you like human beings…uhhh….”

I had stabbed her neck because I did not want to hear her voice, and she died in mid-sentence. While the battle had been blander than I had expected, but it had given me a lesson as I now had reached a somewhat high place.”

‘One dies by remaining still.’

If I became lazy and did not work hard, I would die. While I had become stronger, it still was not enough. The victory was not due to my skills, but luck and item effects. If Kim Hyeji had not become panicked due to the fear, the battle would have gone on longer.

One could say that working harder meant survival. I unsummoned the Dainsleif and slowly looked over Kim Hyeji’s corpse. I did not let out a victory shout. Instead, I ran quickly to where Black Spear was with heavy feet, and all of the Blood Dagger Clan members followed me in silence.


Jung Yeongsoo, who had been Kim Donghyun’s close subordinate for years, was looking at his boss’s demise with vacant eyes.

“Ahhhh! f.u.c.k!”

A large ogre was chewing and swallowing Kim Donghyun’s arm with sharp teeth.

‘It…it can’t be true…’

They, of course, had met ogres before, and while it had not been a named monster, they had faced an ogre herd when they went human hunting in the jungle. Yeongsoo Jung had seen Kim Donghyun easily kill an ogre.

Kim Donghyun had been the strongest being Jung Yeongsoo knew, as he was always above others. However, now Jung Yeongsoo could not understand who it was, the person lying facing down in a humiliating pose while grabbing his arm.

Kim Donghyun had been at an advantage at first, and he had pushed away from the ogre that ambushed him with his s.h.i.+eld as loud drum sounds rang and he stomped the ogre’s feet with his mace.

Since the ogre had met the mace that hit with the power of a monster face on, the monster had to be damaged. During the next attack, Kim Donghyun had visibly crushed the ogre’s shoulder after making the monster lose his balance with the s.h.i.+eld.

Jung Yeongsoo had been certain that they would win at that point, but the situation changed after a while when the ogre’s eyes became bloodshot. The monster had begun to strike down at the s.h.i.+eld with the ma.s.sive ax he was holding and now came at them with more persistence.

Monsters could feel pain. Jung Yeongsoo knew that they could feel fear and pain from handling several monster slaves, but that ogre did not avoid anything.

If Kim Donghyun rushed at him with the mace, the ogre roughly pressured Kim Donghyun to come at him more fiercely. He continued to swing the ax sometimes roughly and sometimes smartly and wore down Kim Donghyun and would rush at his boss like he would rip him open while swinging his injured arm. The ogre did not seem to feel pain and was literally like a beast.

Only one mistake. The slight flinch Kim Donghyun showed at the monster’s force made this h.e.l.lish scene possible.

“Boom! Boom!”

The eerie drumroll continued to ring, and Jung Yeongsoo could see that no one had survived with their bodies intact. People he had considered family were rolling with ripped limbs and screamed.

The twin-headed ogre was also ripping human heads as they held a body in each hand.

While there were those gathered together to resist and fight, as the magicians and priests have been killed at the beginning by the ogres, everyone knew that the situation was hopeless. While a few archers had survived, they had run away the moment Kim Donghyun fell.

It was then Jung Yeongsoo thought that the monsters understood human troop formation. They were clearly different from normal ogres, as they knew who should be killed first and understood how to lead a group battle.


Another scream rang, and the big ogre was now ripping Kim Donghyun’s other arm as the monster pressed him down with his feet. He chewed on it a few times and then threw it away like it did not interest him. It was something Jung Yeongsoo had often seen, and he now realized how his side would be seen as he stared at the absurd sight with scared eyes.

They had watched frail women and children being thrown into monster cages and watched them being eaten. Now Jung Yeongsoo what position they were in. They were the same as the women and children. He and his comrades were the weak, and the ogres were the predators.


Jung Yeongsoo closed his eyes as he grabbed his shaking hands because he could not stifle a curse. He felt a burning pain all over his body and thought as his mind turned black that he might not have died like this if…just if… he had not done such things here.

He closed his eyes like that.