Green Skin - Chapter 158.1

Chapter 158.1

Chapter 158.1

158 Part 1

Chapter 158 I’ll be back

Jung Huicheol, Black Spear’s opponent, was also quite strong . He was an agile archer that used a bow . Their battle styles did not put one at an advantage, and while Black Spear might have better chances at winning if Jung Huicheol was like Kim Hyeji, I was a bit anxious .

Since it was a long-distance fight where the warriors of each clan protected the frontline, I thought the fight might take long, but it had been my mistake .

I heard Black Spear throwing his spear through the air as I ran and felt ma.s.sive magic .


I heard a human scream, and I had to smile . Black Spear managed to succeed in catching the guy . The scene before me was quite gruesome . Human beings were pierced by black spears and were stuck on the wall, and they looked like insect specimens . I heard some beg for their lives, but the Black Spear Clan members could not understand what they were saying . The voices of those who were not on the wall but who formed a defense formation were becoming smaller .

“Please…don’t kill…”


Jung Huicheol would be the one who had the most spears stuck in him, and they were through his hands, feet, and body . The damage was fatal for an archer who was vulnerable, and he did not seem to be breathing . While he did let out rough breaths once in a while, it seemed that he would die of blood loss soon .

I watched the rest of the enemies being cleaned up by the Black Spear side and had to rea.s.sess Black Spear again .

‘He’s strong . ’

Since he would step back and let Goff and I have all authority over things, I seemed to have underestimated Black Spear . Come to think of it, he came here three years before us . While I managed to follow him to a similar level, Black Spear was undeniably an experienced warrior . I slowly approached the Black Spear Clan since I did not need to rush things after seeing that the battle was almost over . Black Spear seemed to have seen me and opened his mouth as he placed his hand on his chest .

“You finished quickly . ”

I nodded and stared at Black Spear . While I thought that he had to be injured, I did not expect so many arrows would pierce him . The opponent must have wanted to slow him down, as there were arrows on both his legs and stomach, and one had gone through his ear and remained there . It seemed that he had turned his head to avoid a head shot and the arrow struck there .

Since the Clan sorcerer continued to use healing spells on Black Spear, he would recuperate soon . However, I thought he could not battle again . Black Spear was looking at my uninjured body with slight surprise .

It seemed that he was curious why I was without a scratch when the three had been of equal strength . However, I could see him nod satisfactorily, and I spoke to Black Spear since I wanted to know about the battle .

“How was the fight?”

“He was a worthy opponent . I wanted to respect him . ”


It seemed that Kim Hyeji had been a unique case . While I had heard that Jung Huicheol was a bad person, he seemed to have continued to train and hunt . Black Spear opened his mouth like he was amused when I said with my eyes to explain more specifically . No Green Skin disliked boasting tales like these .

“He had shot arrows to us when he first fell from the sky . Some of us died, but we threw spears to kill our opponents, and the strong human and I struck at each other a few times . That was when the battle began . ”

“While it was tiresome to avoid the attacks, he was as strong as you have said . I stuck a spear in the human’s leg only when my own legs became useless, and that was when the battle ended . ”

Black Spear said that he had endured and waited until he could finish the battle with one blow . Since Jung Huicheol had been hit with a spear that could crush the head of an Eastern monster, he must have felt that his leg was gone . It was like Jung Huicheol had been hit with a missile after hitting the opponent with a few shots .

I moved my gaze to Black Spear’s right hand that held a small round s.h.i.+eld . I had recommended it to him before the battle, and it seemed to have been effective . I could see that there were countless arrows stuck on the s.h.i.+eld .

“It was quite effective . While it’s a little burdensome, it’s useful for protecting myself against opponents like him . ”

“It’s a relief if you think so . ”

He spoke to me again as the situation was wrapping up .

“Has Goff won?”

I smiled as I opened my mouth .

“He can’t lose . ”

I heard a ma.s.sive drumroll that rang underground when I strengthened my ears with magic . The drumroll was coming closer, which meant that Goff was heading to us after defeating Kim Donghyun .

“So, everyone’s safe . ”