Green Skin - Chapter 156

Chapter 156

Chapter 156

156 Part 1

Green Skin 156 Hyeji Kim

“Oh? A high-cla.s.s demon? There’s even an alraune…you’ll make good research ingredients . ”

I was looking at the magician in front of me .

‘Kim Hyeji . ’

She was the only magician out of the gatekeepers and the first one I faced who exceeded proportions .

“Hmm…using too much magic is not good for the skin, and there are only a few maidens left in the village . What should I do? I was told not to ambush the nearby small cities…”

I heard from Jang Ye Ri that she was a crazy b.i.t.c.h who bathed in maidens’ blood . While I had heard that she was in the sixties, she looked around mid-twenties at the most . I also heard that she was obsessed with youth, and from her mumbles, it seemed to be true .

We had to face her from the front since we fell from above with s.h.i.+elds, which meant that an ambush was not possible, but the Blood Dagger Clan never picked a losing fight .

Kim Hyeji was surrounded by the soldiers she had brought along with her, and almost all of them were close combat warriors since she probably would not need other magicians . While we would have surprised them, the way they formed formations and protected their magician showed that they were quite strong . They would earn Hyeji Kim time while she finished her spell, and I slowly tapped at the ground with my Ancient Flame .

She was not casting a spell yet, and I was curious whether she was thinking that we were weak, or she really was considering her skin to be more important . We would seem trivial to her, and I was grateful rather than being annoyed . Her carelessness meant our battle would be easier .

“Let’s go . ”

I whispered in a small voice, but it would not be faint for my clan members . Loud shouts rang .


“For only victory!”

“Victory! For only victory!”

“For Blood Dagger!”

The enemies were not intimidated while we shouted, and they were also shouting and raising their s.h.i.+elds, signaling that they would not let us go .

“We will earn time, so Ms . Hyeji Kim can cast her magic!”

“Raise your s.h.i.+elds! Raise your s.h.i.+elds! We will endure until the spell is complete! We will endure until the spell is complete!”


They were well-trained, which would merit warriors that protected a magician .

The first ones to rush were us with a loud battle cry since we had to break them open . Large magic wafted out of my opponent’s formation, and that meant Hyeji Kim had started casting . I felt I needed to move quickly and reached out to my weapons .

I threw one of Issac’s throwing daggers and exchanged it for a longsword filled with magic . This was a method I often used and had an extremely high percentage of striking a critical hit . I calculated it to be nearly one hundred percent .

An opposing soldier’s s.h.i.+eld and armor were ripped with a shout, and the longsword struck his head . I exchanged the longsword again with the dagger and called the dagger back to my hand .

I heard screams everywhere whenever I threw a dagger .


Jung Hayeon’s spells came out each time, and clan swordsman entering inside after blocking the opponent’s movements with plant roots was an ancient battling method . If it worked well, I could strike a head shot on all of them and finish the battle quickly . However, things would not go so easily .

“Dispel . ”

The plants that had been about to wrap around the soldiers crept down as Hyeji Kim’s voice rang .

‘Double casting . ’

She had been casting a spell beforehand like she had expected the magic we would use . While Jung Hayeon specialized in plant spells and was inexperienced in battling other magicians, I thought we were disadvantaged . However, the power difference was quite severe, and while we would have avoided a forced breakthrough before, things were different now as we had a trustworthy charging commando .

“Orbo . ”

“For Blood Dagger!”

I called Orbo’s name quietly, and he charged the soldiers with a giant Minotaur’s body . If a Minotaur pushed in like that without any restraints, it was inevitable that a path would emerge . Gark and Hark were stabbing and slas.h.i.+ng the soldiers on each side . Their swords, which had become stronger, were piercing though the soldier’s strong armor, and while Mev was not here, the archers kept the arrows coming .

Blood, which I did not know which side it was coming from, spread in the air . My eyes turned red, and I felt something hot coming out of my mouth . I stepped on Orbo’s back and jumped in the air . While people would focus on me, their spears and arrows could not touch me . I fell down from the air using a large longsword as a s.h.i.+eld in the middle of the soldiers . That was where I liked the most during battles .


“You b.a.s.t.a.r.d!”

While their swords and spears came at me right after I fell down, I blocked all of the attacks with the Ancient Flame and my longsword . I switched those I could not block with daggers .

156 Part 2


A soldier who stumbled and showed a weak spot after being surprised at his sword changing into a dagger as he struck with full force now faced a rotten wooden spear . While his scream rang in my ears as the spear pierced his eye, I had no time .

I had to move forward, which was the most important thing . The first and foremost was to have Hyeji Kim’s eyes on me and mine on her . I ran in and swung the Ancient Flame .

I swallowed those who seemed to have weak magic resistance with the flames and ripped those who had mediocre armor with the longsword . I threw daggers at those targeting me from afar and pierced with my spear after exchanging weapons, the heads of those who were skilled enough to seriously attack me .


“You…f.u.c.king b.a.s.t.a.r.d!”

They were not weak, and each one would have made me shudder before .

‘I became stronger . ’

I can see how to attack and where to go . While no one guided me, my body moved before I could think . I used a soldier’s corpse as a s.h.i.+eld to block the arrows that fell at me because I threatened them .

I felt that the attack would come from the right, and instead of moving back, I pushed forward to carve a hole in his neck . I felt elevated as the blood sprayed on my face, and I smiled while beheading the next guy’s head with the Ancient Flames . Since each one was a critical hit, I had no reason to strike after calculating each person’s weak spot .

While I did not exchange weapons, the critical hits kept coming due to my job and item effects .

“Catch that demon!”

“It’s the Weapon Thief! Catch him!”

If the focus were on me, it was inevitable that the Blood Dagger Clan members would come flowing in . While I had not swung a sword, the guy next to me lost his head . It was Gark who came out of nowhere with a longsword .

“Me Half Blade will follow Blood Dagger!”

Gark’s brother Hark appeared next to him, who sliced a soldier’s body with four swords .

“Mirror Blade is here! I will follow Blood Dagger!”

They always worked hard to follow me, and they also had become stronger . Those with goals always did .

While we had made progress, there was still some distance . However, Hyeji Kim was entering my sights, and she had finished casting . She must be preparing to shoot the spell .

Actually, in the case of magicians whose attacks were long-distance, Black Spear was at more of an advantage than me . However, the reason I chose Hyeji Kim despite knowing that was because she was the only gatekeeper who had a weapon that had not yet recognized its owner .

‘Weapon exchange . ’


The dagger immediately changed to Hyeji Kim’s staff, and the magic that had begun cannot be stopped .


While the magic had burst out, spells without catalyst would become weaker . However, the first spell came pouring down at me with astounding force . I jumped up and put magic inside the Ancient Flame, and a large magic orb without any a.s.signed properties was flying at me .

‘I can slash it . ’

There was no reason why I could not, and when I struck right after I continued to change weapons, I felt a diagonal line burn up in the air . The magic orb was unbelievably cut in half, and my clan members also opened their mouths in surprise . The magic in the Ancient Flame and the critical hit interacted with each other for an amazing sight . However, I could not afford to be relieved yet .

“You bugs!”

Hyeji Kim must have been casting three spells, including the dispel .


A ma.s.sive pillar made of light came out of her ordinary dagger, and she showed that she truly was strong . It was magic fitting for someone who was partly in charge of this city, and that dagger burst out the strongest magic I had seen in my life .


However, I put in magic, as much as I could, into the Aegis Ring and reached out . Part of a s.h.i.+eld formed in front of me and the effect of this item that unconditionally blocked a fatal attack was beyond imagination . An attack that could not be blocked was now obstructed by the s.h.i.+eld and scattered everywhere .

“F…for Blood Dagger!”

“For Blood Dagger!”

My clan shouted in joy as I continued to show them amazing feats . While I used up a lot of magic, I still had some left . I lowered my hand .

I saw Hyeji Kim look at me in despair, and she looked like how I had faced Park Hyeri for the first time . I smiled widely .


She was shooting magic like she was deranged, but they could be blocked . Orbo was using magic on an enormous s.h.i.+eld, and it bounced off all magic aimed at us . While I was uncertain whether I could summon Aegis again, I enjoyed how she self-destructed in fear . I slowly unsheathed a sword as I faced them . It was Dain’s inheritance .

[Dainsleif – The item effect of Dain’s Inheritance is activated . ]