Green Skin - Chapter 101

Chapter 101

There was no need for me to bring Lee Wanyong along. Since I was worried that needlessly bringing him out from imprisonment might cause a disruption to the plan. In addition to the fact, that we did not want to act on our plan until everything was prepared perfectly.

If the information Lee Wanyong provided was false, we would retreat.

That was the conclusion I came down to.

Our Blood Dagger Clan departed from the village of Storm Shadow, and began to move stealthily. Being extremely careful with our movements, we travelled at a slow pace so that we wouldn’t leave any sort of tracks or traces. Thus, it was in a state where beginner, and even intermediate level Archers would find it hard to notice.

Though I had a.s.sumed that it was quite a fair distance away initially, there was still enough time for us to arrive there. Despite encountering Humans along the way, we held back from attacking them. As valuable as this information was, it was crucial to be cautious every step along the way.

Two days later.

“I think we only have to walk a bit more, Captain.”

Before Mev had spoken, I could already feel that we were close to our destination. There was a rocky mountain which began to appear within the swamp lands, a setting where it wouldn’t be strange to find a hidden tunnel in.

“We have almost arrived!”

“Great! It’s a rocky mountain!”

Like the Three Goblin Sisters, the others were also full of antic.i.p.ation. At this time, I stopped our forces and decided to send out the Archers out first to stealthily scout the area.

Quietly raising my hand, Mev flew out immediately.

Then, complete silence swept through out the clansmen as they knew that it was time to maintain silence from past experiences. We began to quietly set up camp while waiting for Mev’s return, in order to rest our somewhat exhausted bodies.

After some time later, the day became night, and Mev with her Archers returned back and revealed the precise location of the tunnel.

“I found it, Captain.”

“Though I couldn’t properly investigate it due to the magic surrounding it, but the location that the Human revealed completely matches the one I found. I haven’t discovered any Humans yet… and I could not approach it for fear of being noticed.”

“Good work, Mev.”


Since the location was revealed, now all that was left was to wait for them. I looked over at my clansmen and ordered.

“Mev and Half-Blade will continue to wait on standby at the entrance of the rocky mountain. If you sense or see any Humans, immediately return and report it.”

“For Blood Dagger!”


These two were basically the reconnaissance, one who would inform their colleagues if the Humans were to have revealed themselves. Gark called out my name in loyalty, and Mev nodded her head as well.

“Ragia, Hayeon, and the Three Goblin Sisters will wait at a point not far away and standby without lowering your guard.”


“For Blood Dagger! Ggirik!”

“Finally, we’re going to start!”

These guys would be the main force that would inflict a serious blow to the Humans.

“Lastly, Hakajin and Mirror Blade will move together with me.”

As for our group, we would be the center that would connect the two. Thus we were separated into three groups. Gark and Mev in one, and I in another, and lastly, Ragia will be on standby with the archers and warriors.

So we waited for them. There was still one day left before they would pa.s.s by here. Though we had to rest our bodies in preparation for battle, but since we could not lower our guard, it was quite troublesome. The night pa.s.sed, and morning came once again. The heat of the sun was hot, so everyone became a bit frustrated as a result. Even Ibar began to pant heavily from the heat, for she would find it extremely hot here as well.

Hkajain was waiting for Mev’s message, while Hark was looking around. It was then…

A slightly warm aura began to be felt from the surrounding atmosphere, different from the sun and heat. The Fire Spirit that Mev had was coming over.


“We will wait here.”

Hakajin’s voice was urgent as I immediately rode on Ibar and ran towards the peak of the rocky mountain. If there was a problem, it was the fact that a Fire Spirit had arrived. We had already arranged it so that if there was no problem, Mev, the Sprite archer that she is, would send a Wind Spirit.

The fact that a Fire Spirit had arrived meant that a problem had occurred.

Quickly running through the swamp, I began to see Mev hurriedly rus.h.i.+ng to this side.


“Where’s Gark?”

“He’s currently monitoring the movement of the Humans. But some…something’s wrong…”

The moment she spoke, I also saw the Humans rus.h.i.+ng over towards our direction.


In fact, there was no problem. It wasn’t like the Humans had noticed us, for the approximate number of people was correct to what Lee Wanyong had divulged. There was a black cart with slaves inside heading this way.

If there was a problem…

It was that they were rus.h.i.+ng towards this direction at an extremely quick rate. As if their ultimate goal was to enter the tunnel, they were riding the cart at an extremely fast pace.

It seemed that they had used some sort of Haste magic on the horses and cart for their speed to become faster than a horse could gallop. If they were to push their horses to that extreme, they would surely die after all of this ordeal was over. However, with the amount of profits one could gain from trading slaves, it was also reasonable. I had thought that the route was quite well maintained despite the setting being that of a rocky mountain, but I would have never imagined it was for this reason.

They would probably be able to leave this place in an instant. From their pace, it wouldn’t even take a few minutes.

‘Son of a b.i.t.c.h.’

Whether he had forgotten, was not aware of it, or did not speak about this aspect; I wasn’t sure, but Lee Wanyong neglected to mention the most important thing to me.

I hurriedly looked over at Mev.

“Get on!”

“Huh! Okay!”

She immediately rode on Ibar. Though Ibar disliked it, I stroked her fur causing her to quiet down. In that span, those guys were continuing to rush towards the tunnel. I immediately kicked Ibar’s back and began to rush over.

What we had to do was buy time. If Hayeon were to block the entrance with her roots, then we could be able to interfere with their course, but their high-level wizards would not stand for such a thing to obstruct them. I did not know exactly what to do, but what I did know for sure was that we had to interfere with their plan as much as possible.

The cart was rus.h.i.+ng over at an extremely fast place, and had already pa.s.sed the area where Gark was.

“Mev, send out the Spirits to Hakajin and the main force where Ragia is.”

“Yes, Captain!”

With how fast the Spirits were capable of travelling, we could barely reach the main force in time. If we were to buy some time, they will definitely be able to arrive as planned. I’ll leave the preparations to Ragia and Hakajin.

Mev grabbed onto my waist tightly and as soon as those guys were about to pa.s.s us, I jumped down with Ibar.

“Hold tightly. We’re going down.”

At the same time, a horn sounded.

They had discovered our location as they realized that their plan had gone awry, but this signal would certainly reach out to our clansmen as well.

“It’s a Giant Wolf and a Demon. A monster has appeared!”

“Leave them be and run! Do not mind them!”‘

Though they were taken aback a little, but they had decided to keep on moving as they hurriedly pushed their horses and cart even more.

It was normal to feel a breeze in this situation, but despite all that, it was still quite fascinating seeing how quiet and light the hooves were making with the aid of Haste magic. But, the wind that was flowing onto my face was real wind.

They applied even more Haste Magic, and soon the back wheels of the cart began to jump on the ground, causing stones to flick past me. Due to the scratches, blood began to flow down from my cheek.


Quite displeased from this ordeal, Ibar shook her head before accelerating.


Mev grabbed my waist and began to shout. It was the first time that I had experienced the full speed of Ibar as well, and it was much faster than I’d ever imagined.

It was then.


Then, a rain of arrows and magic poured down from above. Sensing the danger, Ibar quickly swerved her body to the side, and kept pursuing forward by running through the rocky cliff sideways. Though her speed in running on the cliff was fast, it was enough to create more distance between us and the cart as we weren’t able to catch up to it since it was being pulled by six horses.

“Can you catch up?”


She quickly nodded before increasing her speed more by bending her body. Because of her horns, she tried to lower her body as much as possible. Then, the landscape began to change in an instant. Mev was flying in the air barely holding on and I was looking to the side as if I was riding in a car.


I had no choice but to tightly grab Mev’s arm so that she wouldn’t fall off Ibar.

Then, we quickly pa.s.sed the checkpoint where Hakajin and Hark were on standby. Seeing that there was no one there, it fortunately confirmed that the main force was currently heading this way.

But, they will take a bit more time as Ibar surged past. Soon, we had overcame the distance and was nearly beside the cart now, ignoring the arrows that were flying from above since we wouldn’t get hit anyways.

The cart was currently being rushed through a plain roadside while Ibar was running through a rocky, rough cliff. Despite all of this, it was fascinating how fast Ibar was. Lightly tapping Ibar’s waist, she cried out once more noticing my intention.



Ibar leapt down from the rocky cliff towards them.



Mev began to nock her arrow. Not sure if we were able to hit it, but we had to try. Just in case Mev might fall, wrapping my legs tightly onto Ibar’s waist, I grabbed Mev’s waist with one hand.

Usually she would feel a bit fl.u.s.tered, but thankfully she wasn’t in this situation.

All this fairy was focusing on was the horse that was rus.h.i.+ng forward.

Like in slow motion, Mev’s arrow released into the air while Ibar was able to precisely land on top of the cart.



I smiled at those who were staring back at us dumbfounded.

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