Green Skin - Chapter 102

Chapter 102


At that time, the cart shook violently due to a sudden crash from one of the horses. It seems that Mev’s arrow had landed into one of the horses. As a result, the Magician in front must be wondering what kind of scheme we laid out in order to have penetrated the magic, and kill one of their horses.


Funny enough, one of them fell off the cart due to the heavy shaking, but the cart continued to ploughed forward without falling over. Since the horses had been reduced from six to five, I could definitely feel the decrease in speed.

My objective was the Magicians and the executives towards the front of the cart. Immediately, I heard a voice.

“Drop them!”

Unfortunately, it wasn’t us who were falling off the carriage. Just because we managed to board the cart didn’t mean that we had thoughts of fighting on here. With a horse already dead, we held the advantage.

To start with, I threw a dagger at those guys, then injected mana into my skill while activating my Unique Ability. Those with quick reaction times were barely able to hold up their s.h.i.+elds, but the enhanced greatsword broke through a s.h.i.+eld and pierced a guy’s chest.


‘One down.’

“Priest! Priest!”

Though the Priest was hurriedly running over, Mev continued to release arrows into them.

“You b.a.s.t.a.r.ds! Flame!”

In a split moment, a large ball of flame flew at us. There was no reason for us to stand and become hit. Grabbing Mev by the arm, I leapt off onto Ibar and she jumped away.


As if this place was her battlefield, Ibar continued to let out pleased growls. Then, zigzagging through the rocky cliffs, we continued to scramble forward. With me providing a steady balance for Mev, she continued to draw the weight of her bowstring.

The difference that exists between them and us was that they were strictly driving forward, while we were able to switch directions along the way.


Though the Magicians continued to deflect the arrows away with their magic, but the more they expended their mana, the slower their speed would be. Though the ratio of Magicians were high, it was an extremely fortunate matter for us – that they maintained their s.h.i.+eld Magic in the midst of using Silence and Haste Magic.

In the meantime, Ibar continued to avoid the oncoming magic and arrows aimed at her. Despite that, she did not slow down rather, she dodged and weaved while keeping abreast of them.

Soon, the main forces would be arriving here. If they were able to delay the time a bit more, then they will be able to block their path.

‘I will disconnect it.’

I aimed to disconnect the black cart from the horses. Though it was connected fairly strong, it wasn’t bad to have a try.



Understanding my voice, she began to approach the cart. As if they decided to abandon the casting of silence, a large rumble of sound exploded out from below the carts. The Magicians were now beginning to sparingly use their mana.

The sounds of hooves and wheels pounding the ground echoed past my ears. It was then that one guy jumped down towards Ibar and I.

“Die! You crazy b.a.s.t.a.r.d!”

It was a guy with an extremely large axe. Whether he was sacrificing himself for the Guild or because he wanted to simply be a hero, I was not sure, but he was coming down with his axe held high.


Obviously, he didn’t reach Ibar. Ibar leapt onto the other side of the cart and avoided him.

The axe guys momentum carried him over the side rolling onto the ground screaming. It seemed that he had a lot of health as he wasn’t dead yet, but thinking that the axe he held looked quite useful, I switched out a dagger of mine for his axe. Then, the heavy axe soon landed in my hands.

[Giant’s Strength Axe.]

[It is an axe used by Giants that cannot be found in the current continent. In fact, this is a refined axe made by a Human blacksmith that had constructed it by gathering pieces of the axe. Despite that, the axe was able to maintain a part of its original power.]

[Strength +1]

It was quite a nice item. In comparison to the guy who had stupidly jumped off, the item itself was a nice catch. It seems they possessed quite a lot of decent items as if being a wealthy clan. Anyhow, I raised the axe and kicking Ibar, I began to swing down with it.


It was the collision of mana vs mana. As expected, the cart was currently being protected by magic. It wasn’t easy in crus.h.i.+ng it, and the magic that was devised here was definitely casted by a top Magician. Looking in front of me, I then noticed a Magician that was constantly chanting.



Despite the difficult run, Mev began to nock an arrow. The target was obviously the Magician. But, they weren’t about to allow any arrow to hit the Magician. The Warriors stood in front and continued to deflect the arrows aimed at the Magician.

“Block! Block! f.u.c.k, Block it!”

An urgent voice could be heard from above, confirming that the situation was much more troublesome than it appeared to be. Thinking from their perspective, I must admit that it would be extremely frustrating having to deal with Ibar and myself when trying to drive the carriage. To be honest, it was easier for us to destroy their wheels, but in consideration of the slaves inside incurring casualties from such a result, I did not choose that method.

So what I was aiming for were the seams. Avoiding the raining arrows, I continued to slam down my axe onto the seams, but it wasn’t easy. The cart was slowly arriving towards its destination.

It was then.

“Victory! For Victory Only!”

“For Blood Dagger!”

“For Blood Dagger!”

Realizing what the situation was like, it seems that the main force had already dispatched archers. Whether it was the decision of Hakajin or Ragia, I didn’t know, but I truly wanted to compliment them. Though the cart which was already accelerating might be hard to strike at, but that one window of opportunity would be enough to cause them to scream.


They fired all at once, and simultaneously, the Three Goblin Sisters also jumped down towards the cart.

“For Blood Dagger! Ggirik”

“Ggirik! I’m flying!”

That sudden jump was unexpectedly precise as they landed onto the cart, causing me to catch one of them with one arm. Mev grabbed ahold of another, and Ibar received the last one clenching the hammer with her mouth.

“Ahhhk! Ahhhk!”

Scared, she screamed, but there were no injuries.

Sensing that they were sent here by the main force, I kicked Ibar once again as she kept near the carriage once again. Though we were initially busy with deflecting all of these arrows, but with the Three Goblin Sisters, we were able to focus on the arrows now.

“I will be back!”


Then, the Three Goblin Sisters started to crawl onto the cart and move towards the bottom. Similar to an action movie, it was quite fascinating seeing three children-like figures infiltrating inside the cart.

The guys above the cart didn’t even know that the Goblins were crawling upside down below. Soon, the Goblins arrived at the junction and then began to knock the seams out.



“How strong! Ggirik Ggirik!”

The archers soon discovering the Goblins at the junction, they screamed, but the Three Goblin Sisters continued to pound at the seams upside down.

Little by little, the junction was becoming looser, and when I had thought that it was about to break, arrows flew towards the Goblins, but they dangled on the bottom of the wagon just like spiders.

It was then that I rushed towards the seams.

Due to the Goblins buying time for me, I injected mana into my axe and swung down.


After a thunderous sound, the junction was completely disconnected. The pounding of the Sisters was more effective than I had thought.

“f.u.c.k! f.u.c.k!”

A scream was heard from above, and we had succeeded in overtaking the cart with the slaves.

“Good! Ggirik!”


It was then that the horses and the carriage began to rush forwards as the cart slowly came to a complete halt. Though it continued forward for quite some time due to the momentum, it was only a matter of time before it stopped entirely. Then, the Blood Dagger Clan members from above began to fire arrows at them once more.

“For Blood Dagger!”

Thus, the guys above the black cart were now totally isolated. The Three Goblin Sisters had already gone up to the cart it seems as they began to swing their weapons at the Humans. A bit worried, I looked over at Mev, and comprehending my thoughts, she jumped away from Ibar who was slowing down.

“Captain! I’ll see you a bit later!”

“Take care of those guys and check the cart.”


There was probably a serious dilemma for the carriage that was rus.h.i.+ng forward. Whether to stop and recover the slaves or enter through the tunnel. Since our main force was at the entrance of the tunnel, I would say that both choices weren’t viable, but it seemed that they had decided to abandon them. Thanks to the release of all of the load, the horses were able to run even faster.

It was then that roots began to spurt out from the ground. Hayeon and the rest were prepared to confront them. With the sudden outburst of the roots, she had completely succeeded in blocking the path despite them trying to send it away with wind magic.


In the end, it seems that they had desperately used large-scale magic. Suddenly, a large pool of mana began to gather on top of the carriage before soon causing a large commotion as the horses’ speed slowed down. They could not afford to spend any mana on the horses now. As a result, thinking that this was the precise time, I jumped on Ibar and ran towards them once more.

There was no need for me to swing my sword. Ibar accurately bit through the Magician’s left shoulder, and the carriage that was rus.h.i.+ng through soon lost its direction and became totally destroyed after colliding into one of Hayeon’s roots.

“Fu…f.u.c.k!” It was natural to hear such excessive cursing. Then, an extremely loud sound accompanied them as they became totally crushed against the roots. Since they were rus.h.i.+ng at such a high speed, the aftereffect would be just as severe. Countless things flew into the air, and the Humans tried their utmost in safeguarding their bodies with their mana.

In the meantime, Ibar bit the Magician who screamed in pain.


“Ibar, you can’t kill.”


Today, it was this girl who had claimed first place in achievements. Thus, I stroked Ibar’s hair.

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